EURUSD - classic 2618 trade

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Basically we see price is being rejected at a key structure zone and therefore we can utilize this technique in order to catch a bigger move toward the daily lows second target. This should be fun. USOIL went for a deeper correction and reached

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trade opportunity on NZDJPY Hi guys, here on NZDJPY we've just tested a very important level on the daily timeframe, while creating a double bottom with RSI divergence on the lower timeframe (4H).

The above conditions are trending movement Do not forget to stop loss May be useful for you all There is always the easy way Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

Muhammad Asif Monday, 16 February Write a comment Comments: This website uses cookies. Additionally, the good Weekly Demand Zone is at 1. Lookng at Ethereum 1h we see a double bottom and a possible pullback to 0. Also, there were strong structure at before and it never been pulled back since the breakout, that makes this long more conviction!

Let's see how it goes! On the weekly chart we can see price rejected on resistent level which is structure neckline. Previously we've seen a double bottom form and the neckline has since then been broken.

This means a trade is in alignment. Price has formed a high at I take aggressive approaches to these trades, so i had buy orders set directly at the Double top with a pull back into the looking for a rollover and possible downward trend continuation Lots of support structure at this level as well which in a bearish trend should become resistence Plan your trade trade your plan! At the end of last week, this pair closed forming a double top yellow triangle. As we came into the beginning of this week today obviously , price action has confirmed the double top shorting opportunity and retraced nicely into Hey guys, EURNZD is in a very strong upward trend, you can see that by looking at the daily chart over the last month or so.

A series of higher lows and higher highs certifies that trend and i want to take advantage of that by looking at long opportunities down on the lower timeframes, but only in the zones that i think are most important, like daily structure. Hi guys, if you want to find out why am i looking to short this market, you can go ahead and watch my weekly videoanalysis by clicking the link down below.

Basically we see price is being rejected at a key structure zone and therefore we can utilize this technique in order to catch a bigger move toward the daily lows second target.

Hi guys, this is a crucial zone on AUDJPY and i was monitoring this specific price level because we've had multiple structure points on the daily. Therefore i was looking for a buying opportunity, since the overall trend is bullish. When i went on the hourly chart i noticed a double bottom formation followed by a break of structure to the upside.

Overall I'm looking for some relief on this pair given the recent rally. One potential opportunity to get involved on the short side of this pair could be a trade entry as shown on the chart. Definitely not the cleanest double top here, but matched with the bearish RSI divergence could be setting up a nice short.

If price can come back up into that Its been a while since I entered with this setup, but this one had a case with historical support and resistance area coinciding with the A clear double bottom, right at the level.

With a break to the upside break of the "v" point of the double bottom followed by a 0.