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I especially like that they also help with pest prevention in our lawn and they also get rid of the pesky bee hives up in the eves of the house. We have no pests and they seem to take care of the rodent population which is spurred on by the next door chickens. Find your local Natura Office:

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Natura uses raw material from the chosen and best spices from Indonesia, which are processed appropriately & using the best technology to produce high quality products.

Our latest challenge is moles and they had a solution for that. The price per application is very reasonable. I would recommend this service to everyone. Natura has been servicing our house for over a year. Prior to that, we had experienced a great number of ants in our home and we are very happy to have them gone.

We once had a mouse in our attic and Natura was at our house the day after I called free of charge and, as we have pets and small children, chose the safest method of removal.

Having a safe and reliable form of pest control has made a significant difference in our enjoyment of our home and yard. Been a customer for over a year now. Use services for ants and spiders. If they should appear between services, Natura will provide additional application free of charge. Have passed their number to friends without hesitation. We love our pest control service, they go the extra mile making sure that they get all areas covered. I especially like that they also help with pest prevention in our lawn and they also get rid of the pesky bee hives up in the eves of the house.

Natura Pest Control has taken every step necessary to ensure my back yard flea infestation is eradicated. When the standard procedures were not successful on my superfleas, the owner, Jake, specially ordered a different product to see if the fleas would respond. In addition, they continue to reschedule my appointment based on the weather report in order to apply particular products during their required rainfall. I could not be more pleased with the customer service at Natura Pest Control and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Excellent service and very professional staff. We have never had an issue with Natura Pest Control services. If we have a question or special need, they are willing to help us out. Very Nice, Pleasant And Courteous. Very Friendly And Super Fast. Find your local Natura Office: Please Enter 5 digit Zip Code. Sorry we don't serve that Zip Code. We do it right! Up-to-date technology keeps things simple. Our trained, reliable service technicians are effective. Thorough service provides superior pest control.

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