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Catamarans in the database having a BdCl v. Nom result that is a negative number, such as -2, means that their Bridgedeck Clearance is 2 inches below the Nominal height for .

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Loa - Length overall. Lwl - Length at waterline. SA - Sail Area: Boa - Beam overall. Hull beam width at waterline of a single hull of a catamaran or main hull vaka of a trimaran. Unless provided by the Designer, it will be approximated by the formulas: Bcl - Beam centerline: Distance between hull centerlines: Distance between outrigger centerlines: Nom Bridgedeck Clearance v.

Less than 40 feet. Greater than 40 feet. Catamarans in the database having a BdCl v. Nom result that is a negative number, such as -2, means that their Bridgedeck Clearance is 2 inches below the Nominal height for that specified Waterline Length Lwl. Designed Displacement, the Designer's target weight for the boat expressed in Long Tons. Lacking this information, the actual weight divided by lbs. The ratio of the Beam centerline to Length of waterline.

The ratio of the Length of waterline to the Beam ratio of a single hull for a catamaran, or the center hull vaka of a trimaran. The following ratios indicate boat design: The narrower hull will be faster.

The fuller hull will be slower, but can carry more payload, for a given boat length. BSpd - Base Speed: An empirically derived indicator of the speed a given boat could average over a 24 hour period Best Days Run under a variety of conditions. It can be used to compare speed potential of one or more boats. It has been used for handicapping boat races involving a variety of boat types. Richard Boehmer, Multihull International, No. A measure of relative speed potential of a boat.

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