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SpyAgent's all-seeing eye can bring an array of benefits to your family or business environment. With the ability to log all keystrokes, track web and program usage down to the second, and show you everything that has happened with screenshots, SpyAgent helps you learn the truth and put your mind at ease! SpyAgent's main purpose is to record everything your child or employee does. Here's what it records. SpyAgent is not just a full-featured computer monitoring solution; it's feature set goes above and beyond just monitoring and includes many more useful features - like comprehensive activity filtering, real-time behavior alerts, cloud access, smart logging, self-destruct uninstall, graphical log reports, and more!

SpyAgent can block websites, chat clients, and applications used. It can alert you in real-time when filters are triggered, and when keywords are typed. Activity triggered monitoring and screenshot captures provide flexible logging. SpyAgent's report generator provides useful Top and 'Most Popular' reports.

SpyAgent provides powerful built-in log viewers for local access and management, as well as log deliveries via email and FTP for remote monitoring. Besides being the most full-featured computer monitoring solution available, here are some more reasons to choose SpyAgent.

SpyAgent is developed and supported by Spytech Software, Inc. It was first introduced in and was immediately a popular choice for computer monitoring needs. Years of listening to customer feedback and refinement has made SpyAgent into a world-class security solution that parents, families, schools, institutions, and corporations benefit from. SpyAgent has consistently proved to be a cutting-edge solution with its easy to use graphical user interface, innovative feature additions, and vigilant updates.

Spytech SpyAgent will continue to be a leading computer monitoring solution for many more years to come. Should you have any questions or troubles with SpyAgent, Spytech is here to help you. SpyAgent can operate on older machines with as little as mb RAM and only needs 3mb of disk space for its installation. For Mac and Android monitoring please check out our Realtime-Spy software here. No - you must own the computer you want to monitor, or you must have the owner's permission if you are not the owner of the computer.

Monitoring a computer you do not own without authorization is potentially against the law! You can monitor one computer per license purchased. If you uninstall SpyAgent you can install on another computer you own and reuse the same license. SpyAgent is not designed for remote installation.

Our Realtime-Spy software is ideal for remote installation, however. To read more click here. Absolutely not, and no. Your purchase is a one-time charge that allows you to use SpyAgent as long as you wish. There are never any recurring charges to continue using SpyAgent, and you get minor updates for free as long as you are using SpyAgent. The animal is an adult about 3. Maisch referred to this species 10 additional specimens, all came from Holzmaden. They were collected from the Harpoceras exaratum to H.

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Popular Activities Overview Generate a report that shows the most popular activities performed on your computer. Daily Activity Reports Generate a daily report showing what users did each day. Top 10 Applications Used Generate a report that shows the top 10 applications used.

Top 10 Websites Visited Generate a report that shows the top 10 websites visited. Top 10 Online Searches Generate a report that shows the top 10 online web searches performed. Top 10 Files Used Generate a report that shows the top 10 files used. Top 10 File Transfers Generate a report that shows the top 10 files uploaded and downloaded.

Top 10 Chatters Generate a report that shows the top 10 chat messaging users. Top 10 Email Senders Generate a report that shows the top 10 email senders. Top 10 Email Recipients Generate a report that shows the top 10 email recipients. Top 10 Active Users Generate a report that shows the top 10 active users. Invisible Stealth Mode SpyAgent runs invisibly in the background without users knowing. Password Protected Password protected so only you can control monitoring and settings. Log File Encryption SpyAgent can be set to encrypt log files to prevent unauthorized viewing.

Disables Spyware Detectors SpyAgent can disable common spyware detectors while it is monitoring. Backdates Log Files SpyAgent can backdate log files, concealing them from users. Invisible Log Files SpyAgent can make its log files and program files invisible so users cannot see them. Monitoring Scheduling SpyAgent can be set to monitor during specific times of the day. Lockdown Scheduling SpyAgent can be configured to lockdown your computer during specific times. Idle Timeouts SpyAgent automatically pauses monitoring when the computer is inactive.

Optional Monitoring Notice Optionally inform users that they are being monitored. Self-Destruct Uninstall Configure SpyAgent to 'self-destruct' and automatically uninstall itself when you want. Log Archiving and Clearing SpyAgent can be configured to automatically archive and clear its logs. Quick Installation SpyAgent installs in less than a minute so you can start monitoring immediately.

One-Click Report Access Generate activity usage reports with a single click of your mouse. One-Click Activities Overview Generate a most popular activities overview report with a click of your mouse.

Easy Configuration Wizard SpyAgent's configuration wizard can walk you through setting up its monitoring options. Built-In Log Viewers SpyAgent's built-in log viewers allow you to easily view, search, and manage activities logged. Screenshot Slideshow SpyAgent's screenshot slideshow playback can automatically play back captured screenshots. Log Searching SpyAgent's interface allows you to easily search and cross-reference logs for specific actions.

Cloud Access SpyAgent's cloud access allows you to remotely adjust settings and perform on-demand log deliveries. Filter Logs by Date Filter logs by specific dates for quick and easy log viewing. Help Documentation SpyAgent's help documentation covers all features and provides usage instructions.

Help and Usage Tips SpyAgent can display help and usage tips when you first start using its features. Learn the Truth - Put your Mind at Ease! Secure Your Computer and Information! Screenshots Take a quick tour of some of SpyAgent's features - click on the screenshots below to view SpyAgent in action. Keystroke Logging and Viewing. Screenshot Capturing and Logging. Website Visits and Usage Logging.

Application Usage and Activity. Activity Filtering and Alerts.