These are the most famous forex traders ever

Bruce Kovner Forex He confesses the great problem a big trader has to face: when you manage hundreds of millions or billions, the futures markets do not provide enough liquidity to trade in a big way.

Mistakes are okay According to Kovner, mistakes are not something that you should go out of your way to avoid. The market will give you losses its nothing personal and doesn't mean your a failure. Bruce Kovner interview in the book The Market Wizards by Jack Schwager Kovner is one of the most succesful trader and hedge fund managers of all time.

Bruce Kovner Net Worth is $4.3 B.

Mar 01,  · Bruce Stanley Kovner (born ) graduated from Harvard College in but left the Kennedy School before he completed his Ph.D. He drove a cab in New York and learned harpsichord at Juilliard.

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