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In a very surprising move Deutsche Bank, a very large forex liquidity provider, and one of the few ‘retail fx banks’ has announced that it is ceasing to provide dbFX (its retail forex arm). This effectively leaves forex traders with only one forex bank trading option – CitiFX Pro. .

Their platform is user-friendly and includes all the market standard features including stop losses, trading history, detailed and precise charts and graphs, as well as the ability to trade commodities. I want to give you one example form few days ago:


DBFX Forex Broker rated by 7 criteria - Spread, Slippage, Requotes, Platform, Price Feed, Deposit/Withdraw, Customer service.

Please visit our frequently asked questions page if you require additional information on this process. Nothing in this letter should be construed as tax advice provided by Deutsche Bank or any other party. Lots of action today. This is quite a big move. I wonder how many US clients dbFX has. This will probably be reflected in the next quarterly reports by Gain.

Why do you think this is bad for retail FX customers? Both firms wont take american customers. I agree with Michael that this will leave the fx market a little less competitive and retail traders worse off because of it. Michael, are you suggesting that Dukascopy will no longer be able to support US clients? What new regulation would prevent them from doing so? This is quite scary, big losers seem to be FX banks and retail traders, I guess only big brokers are winning from this.

There is also Swissquote Bank which is a full bank and you can trade all products besides FX. Also I have a bank account, not a margin account like at dbfx, citifx,dukascopy and mig. Now Forex houses seem to do the same. With anyone who has ever had unfortunate task of dealing with these bodies, one cannot but think that in most cases this may be a sensible decision.

Mike, is this rule that bans us citizens from opening overseas account at banks or brokers also applies to ECP? If I understand this correctly, anyone with a floating loss who is waiting for the market to turn-around will need to realize their loss by May 13th. If so, how on earth is this fair to give a client with a floating loss 2 weeks without any prior notice? I suggest to all dbFX clients which will lose money from unexpected closing positions to make common claim agains dbFX because they inform us in very short time.

So, they have to cover our losses for positions which where opened before this notice. We can win only in case if we make one huge pool and claim together against this monster. Yes I have floating loss, I am not going to cover my position. Let them close and I will join the group and fight the legal battle. I also have floating loss… And I still have not give any consent about the transfer to Gain. I have just received e-mail from Forex.

On the day your account will be transferred, we will now be able to carry your opened positions over in your Forex. You would just need to let me know if you wish to leave the positions opened and I can then make the necessary changes in our system to reflect this.

They have said same thing to me, after getting written assurance from them i have sent my consent to them. Deutsche Bank also lost 1. Michael Greenberg Share this article. There is often no information about credit ratings, share capital, ownership, management, etc and some even don't have a phone number you can call.

To find out that Deutsche Bank has a first class retail Forex broker business in London is such a relief. They are regulated by nearly every regulating authority in the planet, they have employees in 72 countries and 2. They have won the most prestigious price in the Forex business on all accounts five years in a row now.

DBFX is simply the best in it's business and that is the fact. DBFX is not only number one in it's business, it is also the safest and most secure Forex broker in the world.

Your account is guaranteed for over a billion Euros. DBFX has variable spreads, about 1. It is nice to know if your Internet connection goes down in the middle of a trade there is actually someone there to take your emergency call. DBFX should have 5. Welcome to experience the Broker Search on a whole new level!

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