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Las Bolsas de Valores. Las bolsas de valores son organizaciones formales con establecimientos físicos y tangibles que dirigen los mercados de subastas de valores específicos.

Convenio con Colegio de Economistas de Lima.

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Las Bolsas de Valores. Las bolsas de valores son organizaciones formales con establecimientos físicos y tangibles que dirigen los mercados de subastas de valores específicos.

That said,gold is hanging by a thread for a nosedive. HYG gets above Gold under is not bullish. Hopefully inter iv completed at with i complete at and ii completed at Original Bullish Count stays Valid as This has been the count since Feb 10, low at with extended targets. You make go back look for this chart or may post few old ones in reply 2 this Tweet. See forward targets projected. April 4, at 7: Something big is about to unfold. Which way I Dont know for sure.

Dont fancy that sovereign bondholders are given the green light.. This market looks really sick to me. My SPX lotto crash number is There is a baby shoulder on the left side of the chart. Also this is a point move up from And everyone knows the big boys like the number and pizza.

Charts of the Week. Seems like consensus on Twitter is that was it and up and away now. However, the price action was choppy until the last hour when we ramped.. Can we count, the W4 low is now in place? Received a nice Buy signal today…. How can you not love this market? Nice to see it labelled on a chart though. Agree, it had a nice corrective look and symmetry was working great. Gap from while back at should fill that and then head for Phil Got anything at or there abouts.

Leading sheep to the slaughter…. A closer look of the setup for a smash down from E on the triangle https: For those who follow Ira, Higher high and stochastics not embedded below 20 anymore. Anyone remember that one? Is everybody nice and long now. If so, we crash tomorrow. The big up you are seeing is just to squeeze the short from futures.

Hi lunker1 DH has been bearish for quite some time. At times his personal bias gets in the way of him objectively looking at the markets…. I should turn off the volume and just look at the charts and trade of them. Although I have been in and out of the house during my house renovation project, I can tell you DH talked me out of a few trades I might have taken.

They tie the markets to the Nikkei to get the volatility to distribute the stock before they crash it down….. You betcha…I expect a big down in the futures tonight …possibly a flash crash limit down SPX. Be like today never happened still bearish. Just came back…frustrating for me to miss all this action over the past few weeks.

I expect a powerful rally. Could start as early as into the close or in the overnight session. I just think that the upside is much greater than the downside at this point unless THE top is in. Definitely worth a reload up here.. But getting hard to know where to place a stop with all the vol.

Tuesday update Posted on April 3, by tony caldaro. This entry was posted in Updates and tagged elliott wave , investing , markets , OEW. April 5, at 9: April 5, at I have as hwb for downtrend, syncs nicely with 15 min extension target. April 5, at 8: There are lot of pivots up and down. Question is which one matters.

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