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And in spite of that remarkable track record, his scalping activity gained him a net loss. If you would like to go this route or just find out more I would recommend going to https: As news releases often cause extra movement in the market it allows for some good forex scalping opportunities. If you have basic coding knowledge it is actually very simple to write your own trading robot. What we can do is tell you what Forex Scalping Robot has for release in

Low Spreads

Well, not so much. And the small remaining net position the net long short or position that remains after the broker has netted out client orders against each other , is usually a losing position which can be counter-traded by the broker safely, because it is a well-established fact that the overwhelming majority of forex traders lose money.

Now that we understand that scalping does not necessarily constitute a problem for a competent broker just like the occasional winners are not problem for casinos , we are ready to understand why some brokers dislike scalpers so much. As we said, the broker needs to net out trader positions against each other to guarantee that its liability against banks is minimal.

Scalpers disrupt that plan by entering trades all over the place, at awkward times, with difficult sizes which not only forces the broker to commit its own capital at times, but also ensures that the system is bombarded with crowded trades. Since scalpers enter many small, rapid positions over a short period of time, an incompetent broker is unable to cover its exposure efficiently, and sooner or later kicks the trader out by terminating his account, or slows down his access to the system so much that the scalper has to leave by his own account, due to his inability to trade.

All this should make it clear that scalpers must trade with innovative, competent, and technologically alert brokers only, who possess the expertise and the technical capability to handle the large volume of orders arising from scalping activity.

A no-dealing desk broker is almost a must for a scalper. Since trades are mostly automated in the system of a no-dealing desk NDD broker, there is little risk of external tampering as the system is left to sort out client orders on its own still profitable of course. Scalping involves technical trading. In the very short time frames preferred by scalpers, fundamentals have no impact on trading.

And when they do have, market reaction to them is erratic and entirely unpredictable. As such, a sophisticated technical package which supplies an adequate number of technical tools is a clear necessity for any scalper.

In addition, since the trader will spend a considerable amount of time gazing at the screen, reading quotes, opening and closing positions, it is a good idea to choose an interface that is not too wearying on the eyes.

A bright, graphically intense platform may be pleasant to use and look at at first, but after long hours of intense concentration, the visual appeal will be more of a burden than a benefit. Also, a platform that allows the simultaneous display of multiple time frames can be very useful for a scalper as he monitors price movements on the same screen.

Although scalping involves short term trading, awareness of the price action on longer timeframes can be beneficial for money management, and strategical planning.

But timely execution, and precise quotes are also important for ensuring that a trader can profit with a scalping strategy. Since the scalper trades many times in the short time frame of an hour, he must receive timely, correct quotes on a system which allows rapid reaction.

If there are misquotes, he will suffer losses so often that trading will be impractical. And we should not neglect the emotional pressures which will be caused by such a stressful, difficult, and inefficient trading environment either. Anything less will diminish your profits, and increase your problems.

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