IDEAL Finance Limited is a financial institution licensed by the Bank of Ghana under the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Act, (Act ) with a vision to be a standard of excellence in financial services and committed to providing expeditious delivery of finance and quality corporate advisory services using motivated, goal oriented and innovative approaches.

Ramai juga boleh membran semakan dengan agensi penguat kuasa lain untuk pengesahan aktiviti-aktiviti yang berkaitan:. Ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial ial. Obviously, this is just one example and in no way suggests or constitutes a standalone trading strategy or methodology.

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This is the updated post for that post. We were looking for sell from top and price is moving in our favour so far. Those who are already manage to get in perfect But those who dont you still have a chance to catch this move. How you can trade on this chart.

Sell the breakdown Or 2. There was a false break out to the upside, that was silenced by USD strength. Currently this pair is now trading beneath both trendlines, which i have removed from this chart to prevent over crowding.

The 4hr bullish trendline is still showing, with the pair now trading below it. The pairs is printing lower highs, and the sellers are in control. Watch top for sell and add on rallies. In case if we are going to see strong break up and it is going to reverse for longer term then we will look for buy after having a correction.

We are looking for one more drop before longer term reversal. Continuation of channel 1H break of trend line https: D S Anand, owner of the companies is involved in exchanging huge foreign currency without proper documentation. Earlier, Anand had undertaken hawala transactions for Moin Akhtar Qureshi who is also facing a money laundering case being investigated by the ED. From the office premises of Anand, the agency seized Indian currency worth over Rs 6.

In addition, incriminating documents and electronic devices were also seized during the searches. Likewise, the agency also seized Rs We respect your thoughts and views! But we need to be judicious while moderating your comments. We will assume the most conservative profit target set just above the Depending on exactly where we enter the market we are able to determine 1 the risk vs.

The risk itself will help determine the appropriate size trade to place. Assuming the risk vs. Obviously, this is just one example and in no way suggests or constitutes a standalone trading strategy or methodology. However, the real point here is that profitable trading is not about complex indicators or systems.

Above all is good risk and money management. This example demonstrated an opportunity with just over a 1: Understanding this in and of itself gives you and edge or advantage against a majority of traders out there.

Let go of you ego, play the numbers game, and you have a good chance of reaching your goals. The market may turn at these at these predetermined logical profit targets, or in many cases move way beyond them. A trader will never know this information in advance. I got out too early! Look at how much I could have made, or should be making.

Emotions lead to irrational, illogical decisions—especially when money is in the equation. Over time, making trading decisions based on emotion leads to trading suicide i. So all a trader can do is decide what is logical, understand why those levels are logical, and never look back. Please let us know how you would like to proceed. The Doji Candlestick Formation. What is A Doji?

Doji form when the open and close of a candlestick are equal, or very close to equal. Considered a neutral formation suggesting indecision between buyers and sellers—bullish or bearish bias depends on previous price swing, or trend. Length of upper and lower shadows wicks and tails may vary giving the appearance of a plus sign, cross, or inverted cross.

Why are Doji important? Completed doji may help to either confirm, or negate, a potential significant high or low has occurred. Doji may also help confirm, or strengthen, other reversal indicators especially when found at support or resistance, after long trend or wide-ranging candlestick. Long-legged doji represent a more significant amount of indecision as neither buyers nor sellers take control.