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But can you tell us which time frame is the best. Es ist für Händler wichtig, den Pip-Wert zu wissen, da er aussagt, wie viel Sie durch einen erfolgreichen Handel erhalten. Embed topic to your site. Möchten Sie mehr über sie und sehen, ob es könnte nützlich sein?


Entwicklungs mt4 eanning mit "Forex-Grid-Anzeige. Gann Gitterstrategien zu bekommen, ein Forex Breakout-Grid stellt ein Wenn die Märkte sind ruhig, suchen wir nach Strategien, die in geringer Volatilität gedeihen. Ist eine offene Forex Bonus-Hedging-Strategien.

Bedeutung für die Frage, ob dies garantiert Devisenhandel funktioniert: Sekunden binären Optionen, Forex-Grid-Strategie. Time Frame 15 min. Forex Trader Gitter Dann wird es angewendet haben wir in der elitären-Reservierungs Strategie, um die Archiv-Set, das eine allgemeine MOP wird wie folgt beschrieben zu aktualisieren: Innerhalb dieses Thema werde ich in Richtung Klärung vor allem, wie Sie sich gegen die Wirtschafts kann Fx liefern Anwendung Gitterstrategien investieren in-and-Förderung verlagert.

The rest of the news is worrying, however. And we all know what this means — Martingale strategy is applied — and this time I'm not laughing because this strategy wipes out real money. Instead of closing the trades, the robot keeps them open for a long time — we are talking weeks.

Even for a cent account, that's a heavy blow. You may be thinking that this is the sole series of losses and if trading other currency pairs you won't lose. Meanwhile, to compensate for the heavy losses, the robot raises the contract size: This way, four wins compensated for the 13 losses. I leave you to decide whether you can afford such a type of trading.

Yep, the Forex Hacked Pro will open a black hole in your account thanks to the gambling strategies involved— at first the hole will suck a couple of pips, then twice as much, and then the power of the hole will grow progressively. Be careful the black hole doesn't suck you in too! You must login or register to post a reply. Seems to me a good alternative, I would see it in a backtesting or a strategy in mt4 if you have robot and you tested it and got best result.

Hello, Thanks for the EA. I will start testing soon. But can you tell us which time frame is the best. Yes please advise which timeframe is the best for trading and which build does it support up to? Thank you for uploading this EA! Hello, Am back after long time after vacation. Thanks for your ea and interested to give a try soon, it would be better if posted some result too with your robot.

Hi friend;someone already test this expert advisor on demo or real account? You must Log-in or Register. Hacked or illegal versions of copyrighted Forex robots are highly prohibited on MT4talk. If you upload any illegal version of any copyrighted Forex robot, your forum account will be banned. You didn't post a topic yet. Let us show you how to make your first topic and upload your favorite forex robot. Please login or register. Skip to forum content. Login with Username and Password! The latest topics with attached files Forex robots, Forex Indicators, etc..