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Johnson Eugenia Kharlampieva Aaron L. IP addresses are logged. His accent really isn't an issue. By interrupting bacterial adherence, the initial step in the pathogenesis of bacterial infections, S.

Sadanandan Velu

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The ongoing research projects are:. In spite of the recent advances in computational approaches for lead identification and drug discovery, natural products remain as an important source for novel anticancer agents. In addition, natural products provide drugs with unprecedented molecular structures and bioactivity that are often inaccessible by other methods, and provide templates for future drug design. Our laboratory has focused recent research on the development of novel marine natural products and their analogs for human breast cancer therapy.

As bacterial pathogens develop resistance to conventional antibiotics, inhibition of bacterial surface protein display offers a novel strategy against S. By interrupting bacterial adherence, the initial step in the pathogenesis of bacterial infections, S. We hypothesize that the inhibitors of the surface enzyme, sortase will render S.

The ability to prevent or slow down metastasis would represent a major breakthrough in cancer therapy and dramatically improve life expectancies of cancer patients. Chagas disease is caused by the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi T.

In order to facilitate the design of selective inhibitors of TcDHFR we have initiated a structure based drug design using the X-ray crystal structure of T. Velu teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses in the Chemistry department of UAB. The following is the listing of all courses currently offered by Dr.

The main focus of this lab is Drug Discovery and Development. There are also a few other drug discovery projects that we are currently working on. Ongoing research projects are listed below:.

The students who work on these projects will be trained broadly in the areas of Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. People Faculty Directory Venkatram R. Atigadda Scott Brande Richard A. Dluhy Mitzy Erdmann Gary M. I got an A in his Orgo I class! Now I dread going to his class, because I am afraid. Also, he will call on you every class meeting just to pick with you! I would definitely take Dr. I have taken both teachers for the same course the first time I didn't pass with Nikles, but the second time I passed!

Doesn't show that he cares. I am scared to see him in the hallway because he can be mean. He is very boring and has no sense of humor as well. Great teacher, will work and meet with students. One of the best professors at UAB.

Velu, however, I only paid attention in class and the lowest test score I received was a Teaching style is very straightforward and he explains all you need to know very clearly.

V has a very linear teaching method. Study the notes and attend SI if you can. His mock exams helped me and I rarely used the book.

OWL homework is extra credit. Velu seems to be easier than Nikles according to my peers in her class. His test is straight from his notes and thus the textbook is rarely opened. That being said you really need to know your stuff before you go into the test, challenging questions are asked. His accent is a non-issue if youre fearing that. Homework is extra credit.

Tests are hard but it is O-Chem. Most of the concepts come from his powerpoint. You really can't ONLY memorize the material. If you understand it first, memorization will come to you very easily. Go to office hours and SI and always ask for help. He is very nice and does not make you feel stupid if you don't understand something. I preferred how he taught. Make sure you have his slides already and make updates and side notes. Participate during practice problems and try to do them yourself.

For exams, write out general reactions seperately so it's easier to see them all. Ask him questions if needed. Don't bank on acing the ACS final to help your grade. The first test is the hardest aldehydes and ketones. The final is ridiculous. I was fortunate to have had an excellent SI leader. Velu was simply the best teacher I had over the course of my college career.

Be prepared to study a week in advanced for every test. Understanding the lecture notes is critical for making an A on all three exams.

Velu is always in his office if help is needed on anything. He is extremely helpful and wants students to do well in his class! Had him for both Summer and Fall A's. Velu is possibly the most knowledgable professor on campus. He is a fountain of information and is always willing to assist a student with questions.

His accent really isn't an issue. Tough and time consuming class if you want an A. You must follow and actively read. Velu is an excellent professor. Once you get used to his accent, he explains every little detail and wants you to do well. His tests are very similar to his problems in the notes. I never did the homework and only studied a couple days before the test.