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UBS KeyInvest bietet Analysen zu aktuellen Anlagethemen sowie Trading-Ideen und die passenden Produkte dazu. Mit KeyInvest TrendRadar steht eine exklusive Chartanalyse-Plattform zur Verfügung.

I am having a instrument work million usd ,shyam sunder wasted our 1 month and rs 5 lakh. Seshadri have a lot of credibility behind them and we have greatly benifitted from the organization from IT suppoort to Loan and Trading. Despite the portrait the media may paint, all hedge funds are not the same. Throught them, because we deal with our commodity products.

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In , there are now more people than ever who are looking for private placement programs. Even with such a small and “private” niche, approximately prospective brokers/investors type “private placement program” into Google every month.

Upon completion of the CC call. Trader will issue a full set of structure of the trade and the profits. Trade contract will be issued directly to the clients email. Clients if accepts the trade structure and the proceeds to sign scan and sent back the trade contract directly to the traders email. The trade contract is a very confidential document and the client is not allowed to float it around.

If the client does any circulation of the trade contract , the trader will cancel the contract and blacklist the client. The client will not be able to enter into a trade group with anyone in the future.

The trade groups are linked and the client cannot shop for the CIS documents. If" the client is able to travel, the client maybe invited to the trade bank to sign the trade contract. The trader is also able to assist the client open a trade profit taking account in the trade bank.

If the client wishes. If the client wishes to receive the profits in a trust account outside India, we are able to assist the client. All the above is done with full confidence and the clients are always protected. I trust the above should give you a rough idea on how the PPP is conducted. Trade program manager or trader will initiate a window time for a conference call with the client.

Have you succesfully completed ant dal? RegardsDas M Please send your reply to arian gmail. Hi, I am trying to know whether this PPP actually performs or not? I am having a instrument work million usd ,shyam sunder wasted our 1 month and rs 5 lakh. Has never happened, but is there for your security. International Clients are welcomed. Our attorney also assists us with legal compliance when receiving and sending international funds!

This program is for the small guys with experience looking for different avenues, and alternative investment solutions. We hope to do business you very soon, helping your increase your current net worth, create wealth, prosperity, and live the American Dream. We offer a 30 day program using non-leased SBLCs. A copy of the SBLC is also sent to the client as proof it was issued.

The SBLC is monetized. And what about you Mr. You your brother Karan Chawla, your friend Hempreet Singh all are big frauds. And you all are big Jokers. You too did the same thing. So dear readers dont do faith on anyone.

Can u provide me your contact number, I want to speak to you regarding these loan matters. Chawla, can u plz send me any proof of the work u did previously…..????????

Where are you from Sunita. I have received my returns from Mr Ahmed and Mr Seshadri.. I could not provide some documents which I later produced and got my returns. Most of the client fail to provide a original MT and give away FD and simple cash statements which are fake or fabricated. It is advisable to contact them personally.

I have brought in some customers and they are taking some benifits of the same. Ahmed's credibility can be checked any time and also of Mr.

If someone is wasting your time its better to approach them directly. When you will see the results directly you will be in a better condition to make a correct decision. Seshadri have a lot of credibility behind them and we have greatly benifitted from the organization from IT suppoort to Loan and Trading. It failed because MTN 's are not happening for now as there are restrictions made because of problems in greece.

I also aggree with Mr. Sarwar Reitiwala, I am a Sr. VP of an American company and we are into eco green funding. Ahmed has funded my Indian Company and my UK company. VP I think it is very important to have all our papers in place to qualify with various things. With so much of money laundering and wrong funds flowing in we have to take necessary actions to avoid any glitch in financial transactions. I strongly recommend Mr. Ahmed for any financial solutions.

Hello, from early december to worry about the ppp program. We received an invitation to sign a contract that was to be third january Invitation came on december A week later the term were canceled us because he had moved and it is happening today. It is possible that they are cheaters? Already received from our 10 euro as fees for travel, accommodation and so on. Throught them, because we deal with our commodity products. If only I could be wrong, but I feel that our deception.

Very good post, I was really searching for this topic as I wanted this topic to understand completely and it is also very rare in internet that is why it was very difficult to understand. Private Equity Deal Origination. If you are a real investor you should expect to receive a contract within short period of time after due diligence is made. Payment of travelling fees etc.

To get a contract after approval may take a few days and not longer. Ahmed and seshadri are cheaters… dont trust them.. Want to be associate or coder of a trader. I will provide credit lines from India. Have great contacts with a large no of HNIs and corporates. Pls respond in strict confidence with a concrete proposal to. Add your comment below, or trackback from your own site.

You can also subscribe to these comments via RSS. Mail will not be published required. You can use these tags: This is a Gravatar-enabled weblog. To get your own globally-recognized-avatar, please register at Gravatar. Financial experts recommended portfolio diversification for two reasons: Firstly, a diverse portfolio allows investors to minimize their losses should the prices of some of their assets go down.

Secondly, it makes for an effective long-term …. Despite the portrait the media may paint, all hedge funds are not the same. In fact, every hedge fund has its own secret sauce which defines its goals, strategy, and risk tolerance. Though this seems …. Recently, futures trading has grown immensely, and the great thing is, it can only get bigger. Well, the answer is obvious, …. In recent years, with the innovation of technology and the development of a global economy, there has been a tremendous amount of wealth which has been generated.

Today, we now have far more millionaires than …. Top 10 Tips for Private Placement 1. NEVER tolerate long broker chains in a private placement program. IMPORTANT Remember, for every successful investor who completes a private placement transaction, there are another who waste time following their hopes and dreams, rather than common sense.

But now I am not so sure about this group…. Dear Gaurav Chawla, It's not like that. Dear Snehal, It's not like that. Retiwalla , how does one get in touch with you? Contact us at lakshmiganesh gmail. You can send me PM on the forum. Nobody can give You any evidence,becouse it is private. Yes, very comprehensive article.

Client will also receive monthly payout from alternative investments that are paying such as: What is your risk, and how is your risk covered? Thank You in Advance! DO NOT waste your time sending fake documents because you will not receive an answer. Hey Gaurav, Can you pls. Reply me the returns of this program. Marktkapitalisierung in CHF Die Fundamentalanalyse von Novartis ergibt 4 von 4 Sternen bei mittlerem Risiko.

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