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Where visit information is used in place of purchase information, the identification information and the visit information is combined into the marketing data record.System and method for processing trip requests US8090626 Jun 13, 2007 Jan 3, 2012 Ipventure, Inc.Transport vehicle capacity maximization logistics system and method of same US8744906 Aug 30, 2011 Jun 3, 2014 Visa U.S.A. Inc. Systems and methods for targeted advertisement delivery US8751238 Feb 15, 2013 Jun 10, 2014 Apple Inc.Each award level qualifies the consumer to choose an award from a class of awards.r JClVff!'l "M)B k fair WEATHER FORECAST. tilt. to-la-y and moderate, variable winds. PfcSlaUed weather reports will be found on page 13. VOL. LXXXI. NO. 180. NEW.

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JPMorgan Chase ocupa primul loc in topul bancilor americane de investitii in. jucand poker: "Cand ai gambling-ul in sange e clar ca esti competent sa fii mare.Method for supporting dynamic grammars in WFST-based ASR US9508092 Nov 26, 2013 Nov 29, 2016 Experian Information Solutions, Inc.If the consumer makes five visits to the XYZ Fast Food Restaurant during a three month period, then the consumer is awarded a certificate that can be redeemed for any sandwich at the XYZ Fast Food Restaurant.Swiss authority FINMA crackdowns on JPM for money. effect of ZIRP forever - though we get nice LOC. the value except that it is a gambling.Crowd sourcing information to fulfill user requests US9300784 Jun 13, 2014 Mar 29, 2016 Apple Inc.Businesses and establishments such as retail stores, malls, and restaurants often have a need to accurately record the identity of customers or visitors for marketing, security, and financial purposes.

13 Bankers The Wall Street Takeover & the Next Financial Meltdown by Simon Johnson available in Hardcover on,. JPMorgan Chase,.

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More frequent purchases qualify the purchaser for a larger soft drink or additional awards.Instead of automatically reading the bar code, the retail clerk typically can manually type into the cash register the product number that the bar code represents.This could be done by printing an award certificate and mailing it to the consumer.Merchants and restauranteurs may also be reluctant to engage in loyalty marketing programs because of the significant cost of issuing cards and purchasing the necessary equipment and materials.

The data is then analyzed to determine whether it is in the proper format.The consumer database 47 is used to store information about the consumers who purchase items at various retail outlets. FIG. 5 is a representation of a data structure that shows the organization of a consumer database in one embodiment of the present invention.At the check-out line, the equipment shown in FIG. 1 gathers the appropriate information that is assembled into a marketing data record as shown in FIGS. 2 and 3. ABC Grocery Store has a direct connection to the central processing system in FIG. 4, so the marketing data record is transmitted to the central processing system while Joe Smith waits.This information is used to tap into third party databases to gather further identification or demographic information about consumers.

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Systems and methods for providing an integrated identifier US8966649 Jan 23, 2014 Feb 24, 2015 Experian Marketing Solutions, Inc.Electronic devices with voice command and contextual data processing capabilities US8677377 Sep 8, 2006 Mar 18, 2014 Apple Inc.Wire transfers are the fastest way to send 'cleared' funds electronically. See how to send or receive money with a wire.System and method for providing an aggregation tool US8612341 Jan 16, 2004 Dec 17, 2013 Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Computerized funding of a second financial account by a first financial card US8615406 Mar 24, 2008 Dec 24, 2013 Ldm Group, Llc Systems and methods for content provision with a pharmacy transaction US8626333 Mar 13, 2012 Jan 7, 2014 Ipventure, Inc.

Multimedia engagement study US8306907 May 30, 2003 Nov 6, 2012 Jpmorgan Chase Bank N.A. System and method for offering risk-based interest rates in a credit instrument US8312033 Jun 26, 2009 Nov 13, 2012 Experian Marketing Solutions, Inc.Wall Street is an eight-block-long street running roughly northwest to southeast from Broadway to South Street,. Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup,.Purchases credit the balance in the bank account, and redemptions debit the; Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, Blythe Masters, JPMorgan Chase and Co., and. and H.R. 2267, Internet Gambling Regulation.

Text correction processing US9799078 May 2, 2014 Oct 24, 2017 Visa U.S.A. Inc. Systems and methods to enhance search data with transaction based data US9818400 Aug 28, 2015 Nov 14, 2017 Apple Inc.Get inspiration for you next vacation, plan your trip and choose the places you can't miss, then share your experiences with other travelers.Server architecture for electronic data quality processing US9535906 Jun 17, 2015 Jan 3, 2017 Apple Inc.

Various types of messages are appropriate, depending on the context and circumstances.Other programs may have a catalog of prizes that the user can select from, or may involve a stepped discount procedure.FIG. 8(b) represents slightly different loyalty marketing criteria, where the award criteria is more complex than that shown in FIG. 8(a). There are two ways to receive an award at the XYZ Fast Food Restaurant.If there are duplicate matches, additional information from the marketing data record is compared to the multiple matches in an attempt to identify the appropriate match.For example, FIG. 7(a) is a representation of one possible format of the data, as received from the governmental agency.

Intelligent text-to-speech conversion US9031860 Oct 7, 2010 May 12, 2015 Visa U.S.A. Inc. Systems and methods to aggregate demand US9053089 Oct 2, 2007 Jun 9, 2015 Apple Inc.What is needed, therefore, is a system for more effectively administering frequency marketing programs at a lower cost, and with greater participation of consumers, while at the same time avoiding the drawbacks of prior marketing programs.

Audio user interface US8903716 Dec 21, 2012 Dec 2, 2014 Apple Inc.A marketing data record similar to that shown in FIG. 3 is transmitted to a central processing system, shown in FIG. 4, either in real time or on a periodic schedule, depending upon the needs of the application and the retailer.Coverstone Wireless communication system and method for sending a notification of proximity of a first wireless communications device to a second wireless communication device US9141967 Mar 1, 2013 Sep 22, 2015 Visa U.S.A. Inc. Method and system for managing reward reversal after posting US9147042 Nov 22, 2011 Sep 29, 2015 Experian Information Solutions, Inc.A credit card payment system and method includes a zero-LOC card having a unique identification number and a zero line of credit issued to an individual or a small.The Poker Face of Wall Street by Brown,. JP Morgan, Rabobank, and. he says in “The Poker Face of Wall Street.” Gambling lies at the heart of economic.System and method for processing trip requests US7792522 Jan 16, 2007 Sep 7, 2010 Positive Access Corporation Software key control for mobile devices US7792712 Oct 5, 2005 Sep 7, 2010 Ipventure, Inc.Method and system for making donations to charitable entities US8160960 Dec 11, 2009 Apr 17, 2012 Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.A. System and method for rapid updating of credit information US8170915 Feb 12, 2007 May 1, 2012 Ipventure, Inc.Also shown in FIG. 11 is the step of transmitting an advertisement to the point of sale for display to the consumer.

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