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The latest Tweets from FOREX SIGNALE (@forex_signale). Die von Forex Signale verbreiteten Tweets, Nachrichten u.s.w. stellen KEINE EMPFEHLUNG dar sondern lediglich eine persönliche Meinung.

They now also have a Trade Room where people can learn to trade from interacting with professional traders and fellow retail traders, which is really valuable for those who would like to learn to trade manually themselves. When ForexSignals get some new traders in I think that this time will be better but it seems to be the same result every time. Suggest this website for beginners and advanced forex traders. I personally have met some great contacts around the globe, I am based in the UK and speak to people in different time zones including that of my own.

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May 17,  · INDIKATOR DOWNLOAD: Instalation Einleitung und Beschreubung. Indikator geignet für DAX, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF.

We haven't introduced a new trader to the site in over 18 months. Are you sure you're referencing ForexSignals. SteadyCapture remains our cornerstone strategy the managed account side of the business, having let go of FX Viper and GoldStar last year. But overall we've still been remarkably profitable; as you can see from my live accounts updates on YouTube: This lineup hasn't changed since we launched the revamped room late last year it used to be free, but didn't include the live streaming.

So you can see why I'm confused by your statement above. Can you please clarify? I have been with ForexSignals. Everything is transparent here and there is no hype or get-rich-quick scheme. Nick is very helpful and has done his due diligence in selecting his traders. Currently we have SteadyCapture who has proven himself as a very reliable and profitable long term trader.

A lot of other traders have come and go, and there has been some ups and downs over the years, but Nick has always kept everyone well-informed.

He also does not hesitate to cut tie with traders if they don't stick to their rules or if their strategies no longer seem profitable.

They now also have a Trade Room where people can learn to trade from interacting with professional traders and fellow retail traders, which is really valuable for those who would like to learn to trade manually themselves. Overall I would greatly recommend ForexSignals. I would not have been as successful as I am now without it: Really a amazing platform to me. Here we can post our trade idea too In the trading room there is Trading academy.. The next one is forex tv. Trading contest and podcasts, global new stream and we have a top trusted brokers too.

Mentors like Tony, Sean lee, Jason , and now new young man Joel krugger is doing a wonderful passion able job in his live stream. This forexsignal is a amazing, wonderful and speechless for me. Thankful to the GOD to find a real platform to me. Looking to open a Forex account? Open Live Open Demo. Continue Browsing Download App. Previous 1 2 Next. Quote Message Report What goes up must come down!

The money back guarantee will also applicable for all others packages. To prove our confidence in the signal analysis we provide satisfaction guarantee!. Our guarantee is what we say it is! This means no hidden small print! If you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason whatsoever you will get a refund! There's no real secret to getting your customers to come back. All you need to do is provide excellent customer service - the shiny kind of customer service that exceeds your customers' expectations and outshines your competitors' customer service.

First register with us. I can assure you that those high promises are gimmicks created by marketers that will not be fulfilled. What I am doing with my blog and course is to serve as a wake up call for new traders before they lost big sum of their hard earned money after seeing those promises which do not deliver.

Sad to say that most people who came to my website has already lost some money after going through those lousy courses and most of them lost their money from those so call Forex robot created by marketers. Therefore I decided to come out with my Forex BTB Copier Service to help my students recoup back their previous losses and grow their account while they are learning how to trade from me.

There are 2 main purposes for setting up this service. For this service, it comes with a "Pay Only For Profitable Month" policy that is only available on my website as I am very confident about my trading skills. There are far too many forex signals in the market that are created by marketers simply by generating random signals which causes a lot of new traders to have their account wiped out.

That is why I decided to come up with this service to help new traders make money in forex. I dare to say that this is the only signal service that dares to give such a promises to its users. This is strictly because every user of this service is a student of mine and I want to help you grow your account while you are still practicing what I taught you in the course.

This is to ensure that your account grows as the month goes by as the purpose of this service is to help my students grow their account while they learn how to trade from my course. One common problem with signal service is the lag between the sending of signal via the entry by the user Therefore I have decided to use a trade copier software which will help to connect your trading account to mine.

Do note that I do not have access to your account nor do I know how much you have in it. What the trade copier software does is it helps to copy the trades that I have taken on my platform to your platform with the same stop loss and target profit.

As I have the habit of shifting my stop loss to breakeven when the price has moved certain pips in my favor, you will also see the shifting of stop loss on your side as well.