You can activate and deactivate the sensors as often as you like.

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When you first open RoboPaint you will likely be greeted by this welcoming screen. If RoboPaint has managed to find and connect to your WaterColorBot, you may also see a message flash by quickly "Port found, connecting What do you want to do? If trouble persists, please see our troubleshooting guide for additional assistance.

When the WaterColorBot is unable to connect, you will have a choice presented, to either "Continue in Simulation mode" or "Try to Reconnect. You can use this mode for opening, creating, and preparing files, or to try out the whole WaterColorBot process when you do not have the machine handy. Most commonly, one begins in Create mode for example, to open and prepare a file , and then switches over to Print mode when ready. Please note that the home page in RoboPaint 2. Here is what it looks like when you first enter Create mode: A blank canvas, with a basic set of tools and commands.

We generally recommend http: Inkscape is a free program that can import artwork in many vector graphics formats including PDF. It is excellent for creating new artwork as well. The WaterColorBot does not directly paint bitmap pictures e. You can also open one of several included sample files, to test out the process. The "Earth" and "Tree" examples are two of our favorites.

Once you have opened a file, you normally need to do some simple prep work to prepare it for printing. When switching to paint mode, you may be presented with a dialog box prompting you to save before "quitting" create mode. It is only possible to open and save files from within Create mode, so we recommend that you save your file before moving to print mode. In Print mode, you have a simpler set of controls: The big "Start" button that begins painting, and three other buttons:.

While painting, the Start Button turns into a "Pause" button. If you click the "Pause" button, the painting will halt, and the top button now reads "Resume"; you can use it to resume your painting. You may also notice that the lower part of the controls indicates the status of the WaterColorBot:. Spiral paint is a mode which takes the input of an image file and creates a spiral path of varying width which produces the image.

This mode works best with markers and pens with variable width depending on pressure because they can paint the spiral in a continuous line. Here's a video tutorial on how to use this feature: This mode allows fine tuning of the pathways with which the WaterColorBot paints an image by allowing the user to choose what part of the image the robot paints and which fill it uses after each step.

This mode allows the user to type in text of their choice and modify the style and format of it before saving it or printing it. This mode allows RoboPaint to communicate remotely with external applications that are designed for working with the WaterColorBot.

To access the RoboPaint settings dialog, click the "gears" logo in the upper right corner of the screen. Settings are available from the home screen, and from both Print mode and Create mode. There are three tabs within the Settings dialog, and we will go through their contents in detail. The first tab is is "Painting Style," which contains the most frequently changed controls and settings. The first control is for the Carriage Movement Speed: That is, how fast does the carriage go?

Your individual sensor code is calculated by the order in which you have activated and deactivated the sensors and in which way the sensors have been activated and deactivated: Security Security is of greatest importance! With this state-of-the-art encryption algorithm your private data is protected from unauthorized access - even in the case your device gets into the wrong hands.

So the focus is on simplicity, clarity and high level of security. Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding any questions, comments or feature requests - just send an email to iPIN ibilities. You think this App is useful? Well, write a review or tell it a friend: Including review updates ;- If you have any technical problems, please contact the support.

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