564# Guppy Trader Trading System

TRADING WITH THE GUPPY MULTIPLE MOVING AVERAGE By Daryl Guppy © Director kantieremisto.tk Author Market Trading Tactics, Better Stock Trading This Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) indicator tool .

This website uses cookies. While charts in the tech sector show some of the strongest uptrends in the public markets, the run may have gotten ahead of itself. Hello and good morning from Nigeria. Super Guppy Trading 2.

What is the 'Guppy Multiple Moving Average - GMMA'

Guppy Trader Trading System is an trend momentum strategy based on Moving Average, Stochastic and RSI.

Guppy Trader color red. Three or four bars of the indicators in the subwindow red. Exit position is discretionary. This system work very good in trend following and in the sideways market filters false trend. In the picture Guppy Trader in action.

Damond Wednesday, 28 March I love this strategy! I also want to contact Mike Trader because I use Thinkorswim and I want to get this strategy for trading futures. Alvin Thursday, 20 July Samuel Audu Saturday, 22 August Hello and good morning from Nigeria.

I am very happy about the above indicator which is the guppy trader indicator as i like how it changes color when there is a trend change. Please can i have a link to the person Mike trader who created it? Thank you and blessings. Auto Fib Trade Zone. Simple example of trading Rules for Guppy Trading. Price above kiun Tekan,. Price above MA 55 yellow line,.

Price above 50 level of Color Stochastic,. Trend CCI green bar,. Waddah Attar histogram above yellow line. Price below kiun Tekan,. Price below MA 55 yellow line,. Price below 50 level of Color Stochastic,.

Exit at the levels of Fibo pivots. This is a example for trading with this template. To interpret this system refer to other strategies on the site. Another example of this strategy.