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When running a training or mentoring session, people often ask what runtime settings they should use; as if there is a magical list of settings .

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When running a training or mentoring session, people often ask what runtime settings they should use; as if there is a magical list of settings .

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Internetangebote zum Erlernen der deutschen Sprache für Flüchtlinge. I was aware of most of this, but I still managed to pull a few gems from here. I have been advocating this for years. As we consult for new clients, and help them improve their performance testing processes, this is one of the items that I advocate under performance testing.

I usually find they create one script for each click-path or BP, and these dozens of scripts at the same time, or worse, one at a time. Using a single script with action-weighting helps force the tester to get a thorough load on his system, simplifies increasing user load you only need to increase VUsers on one script, not 30 , and simplifies test management. For download the file it will work by load runner.

You do onething first check manually the size of the file. Check manually in output log in that transaction the file size. Great post, but I have an unrelated question. When purchasing a load testing software package, how do you decide what number of vusers you should get a license for?

Is there some rule of thumb I should use to calculate this number? Our highest volume app is a student portal, with a max of successful user logins with in an hour. Our total student population is K. Based on these numbers can you determine a good number of vusers we should purchase. Any help would be greatly appreciated. What constitutes a Network Buffer Size? What dictates the Network Buffer Size?

For a best practise, how will we know what the size should be, before test execution? My website to complement: It does not record GUI actions. The download box is a GUI feature of IE and selecting the save or open options have no impact on the client-server communication. This means that you cannot record the download box and it has no impact on a recorded load test script. I want known that which Language is use for LoadRunner. And How knownlage required for that Language.

Hello, I am trying to simulate a realtime scenario where I need to open multiple browsers using different users in the same script. Is it possible using loadrunner? In standalone mode only we can choose the browser what ever we want to reocrd the script. Hi, can u tell me how to run QTP sripts from Loadrunner, and for doing this what r the things one need to takecare. May I ask a question?

I want to know how loadrunner calculate the data to generate the graphs. When are you going to fill in all the TODOs: Hi, you all here seems to be very good in Load Runner. One thing is not working may be you can help me… i tried to use parameterization so as when my test run it will pick the values in the data grid which contains three values e.

Aisle, Window and None However in my log i cant even see the word Parameter to check whether it is working or not. I am getting the warning. If you want to see the parameters as you have done in the script then do one thing go to the runtime settings-log-extended log-then check the radio button prameter substitution.

Hi, I am using LR 9. Can anyonep lease clarify my doubts. I need to browse some static content and then select some dynamic item from web page and from there i need to download pdf. I have to calucate time to perform this action. I have recorder and its giving problem at the time of replay. Hi, I am new to loadrunner. But I am facing a wierd problem while recording.

So I would appreciate any help regarding this. I have downloaded the LoadRunner 9. I am trying to record opening a report in a new window in a Reporting platform. But looks like only the frame of the report is getting recorded but not the tabular content in the report.

These are the step I followed: I stopped recording when the report came up with all the data, in the new window 4. When I replay it on the report frame come up but not the data. Is there any initialization or any extra setup I can do to solve this. How to calculate the think time for user and 1 hr testing wid ramp up of 5 users for every every minute. Run the scirpt in standalone mode and calculate the total time taken for 1 user and according to that calculate for users that depend on total number of vusers assigned to that particular script.

I may have missed to read this part. But regarding the Content Check. Once I have it enabled, then how can I control the script or to put a trap when an error occured and have the script to go to the next iteration? Hi , Very nice article!!!! Thanks For sharing it!!! Sometime it happens that error comes when load is there on application. But when you check manually then application works properly.

Hi, I am beginner and found this pot very useful which really inspires me to learn and explore more. I have a question for you at this moment. I have a script, login action, iteration part Action, and logoff…means I need login then iterate the main part of the script and then logout. When I try to iterate the part of the action, it does not take a different value, but is taking the same value each time. Please help me with a solution.

Every person who asks a stupid question completely unconnected to the subject of the original post on a six year old! I am seeing the following error when running a webservice script from the controller i. Can somebody help me on this. I mean if i provide runtime settings in LR script then do i nedd to provide runtimesettings in controller also?

Please tell me, how to give this percentage to actions. I tried to give percentage in proties of block but I am not able to give percent. I have a doubt, about is possible in CITRIX Protocol evaluate the response from emergent screen and continue with other actions and return to the original script code, I tryed this based on if is succesful the transaction and write in a file errors, but the request is. If error take actions and restart with the next iteration and test record.

If i parameterise the places and dates the values will differ. Yes it is possible.. While running the load test, select the number of vusers in running state. Click on the Vusers button. Now right click the specific Vuser which you wanted to view. Hi All, Am getting internal server warning message is coming when application launch. Do u hve any solution? If you are getting the HTTP error when you run the script with a single user, then there is something wrong with your script missed a value that needs to be correlated, bad data, etc.

If the HTTP error only occurs under load, then ask yourself if the load you are running is realistic hopefully you did a Workload Modelling exercise. If it is realistic, then there is a load-related problem with your system under test. If your Peak Load workload model is not realistic e. Stuart Moncrieff is a performance testing consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. Read on… Whenever I am using a vuser type that allows multiple actions in a single script, I will create a separate action for each business process and put appropriate percentage weightings on each action.

Why would you want to run an unknown number of transactions per hour against the system?