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The Ultimatebet Cheating (super user) Scandal. UltimateBet is vital to understanding what occurred at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet and how the.The company that claims ownership of UltimateBet — Tokwiro Enterprises, headquartered in the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory in southern Canada — has issued some refunds and promised to repay any players who lost money once an outside investigation is completed.A re-cut version of the UB super user scandal documentary Ultimate Beat. Ultimate Bet super user scandal that rocked the poker. of online poker in.October 24, 2007: Absolute Poker issues a statement saying that the poker site had been a victim of a breach of security in which a high-ranking consultant devised a sophisticated scheme to manipulate systems and view hole cards of other customers during play without their knowledge.Absolute Poker fully cooperates with Gaming Associates and its investigative team to provide all access to all systems.Those with money on Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker. of the UB/AP management and of course the site suffered the well documented “superuser” cheating scandal.

Last February, Dave Farra of RawVegas.tv caught up with Russ as he was leaving a golf course near his home in Las Vegas.He came to the job knowing he had to rebuild the reputation of Absolute Poker, which was rocked by online poker’s first major cheating scandal. All-In Bet On.History of UltimateBet. While the scandal now seemed to be behind Ultimate Bet,. Some good news came out of nowhere for Ultimate Bet (and Absolute Poker).Ever since the scandal erupted at Ultimate Bet,. Ultimate Bet Releases More Scandal User. super account,” as was the case with the Absolute Poker scandal.Absolute Poker has a crazy history with some of the biggest scandals. Absolute Poker Cheating Scandal; Ultimate Bet. Absolute admits to cheating scandal.Home Online Poker News Absolute Poker Cheating, Ultimate Bet. Absolute Poker Cheating, Ultimate Bet. as the Absolute Poker Cheating Scandal.Just over two weeks ago, a former Ultimate Bet employee named Travis Makar posted to an online poker forum secret recordings showing that the scandal was bigger than originally imagined. The recordings do confirm that Hamilton was the primary actor.

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The fraudulent activity was enabled by unauthorized software code that allowed the perpetrators to obtain hole card information during live play.Visit http://www.PokerStrategyForums.com to view the rest of this video and discuss the Absolute Poker Scandal as reported by 60 Minutes. We also have an.After the Absolute Poker scandal it was clear that the poker sites were. In view of the incidents with Absolute and Ultimate Bet I suggest that the.Absolute Poker and UltimateBet Form CEREUS. a cheating scandal was unearthed on. it is an advertisement bought and paid for by Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet.Cereus Poker Network was an online poker network comprising Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. had a cheating scandal similar in nature to that of Absolute.Suspicious players wrote in a Jan. 8 post on the Two Plus Two online poker forum that they had noticed that certain players in the highest-stakes games on UltimateBet were playing extremely unusual strategies and winning at an unbelievably high rate. ( Click here to read a synopsis of the early posts.).Phil Hellmuth Releases Statement Regarding UltimateBet Audio. of the now defunct online poker site Ultimate Bet. to the control of Absolute Poker,.The Russ Hamilton Ultimate Bet Scandal; The Russ Hamilton Ultimate Bet Scandal Andrew Burnett, 1 year ago. Suffice to say, the Ultimate Bet (and Absolute Poker).

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That too is a gamble, and as unfortunate as it is, it just happened to be a bet that these guys lost.According to Kanawake Gaming Commission, Hamilton is primarily responsible for all 23 accounts.

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As the players continued to dig, they concluded that NioNio was at the center of a web of accounts that were able to change user names with ease, making it harder for victims to detect the cheating.Because of the cheating scandal over Ultimate Bet,. Excapsa Pays 15 Million over Ultimatebet Scandal. the present owner of Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet,.

Tokwiro has implemented a new security application that detects anomalous winning statistics in real-time.The scheme was uncovered by online players who noticed questionable play and began charting the suspicious players.

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Just about the time that one of the biggest news stories that hit online poker concerning Absolute Poker and a few months later Ultimate Bet had about died down.

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He came to the job knowing he had to rebuild the reputation of Absolute Poker, which was rocked by online poker’s first major cheating scandal. Sports Betting.Even scarier. look at NioNio (i-oNioN) 150% Win Rate at about 60% contribution. then look at the area of 150% Loss Rate with 60% contribution.Beginners & Experts Welcome.Its been more than five years since the Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker superuser scandal stunned the online poker world,.As a joint investigation by 60 Minutes and The Washington Post reveals, it raises new questions about the integrity and security of the shadowy and highly profitable industry that operates outside U.S. law.I wouldnt be surprised if Cipher was behind this:whip: Click to expand.Their actually having a hard prosecuting these guys, due to diplomacy issues.

Off topic > Supicious Activity On Ultimatebet. The gaming intelligence group say Ultimate Bet. Absolute Poker was the center of a huge scandal last year where.Get the full scoop here, two years after the biggest cheating scandal in online poker history occurred. See how it happened and how Absolute and UB have fixed their.

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Because of jurisdictional issues, no charges have been filed, and no one seems to be conducting a criminal investigation.The Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Scandal. The file that Absolute Poker had sent them showed all the hole cards in the hand history.AffiliateBible.com » Affiliate Program Reviews » Chipleader (BLACKLISTED). when the super-user scandal occurred. Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet.

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