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The FED still has a long way to reach neutral rates, they are still in the accommodative phase. Words are known to have tremendous power, and can even become weapons in a political or other confrontation.

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In this case, the goal is The potential value for the bottom is considered the level of The short-term upward movement is possible in the range of Here, the goal is Its breakdown will have to develop the ascending structure. In this case, the potential target is Here, the situation is in equilibrium from October 1 and the local potential is formed for the downward movement.

The continuation of the downward movement is expected after the breakdown of The break of Selling pressures are expected to soon stop and prices to reverse to the upside. Technically we remain in a bearish trend but I believe that the bullish divergence signs will play out this time. Bullish reversal confirmation will come with a break above 1. This is support area. Resistance is at 1. I'm bullish at current levels. See also Forex tick charts Forex informers Currency converter Forex symbols.

See also InstaForex Cinema Festival. Forex charts and quotes. Housing Equity Withdrawal Period: Profit falls compared to the previous auctions generally have a favourable influence on the currency.

Bonds with the longest maturity. The bid-to-cover ratio represents bond market liquidity and demand, which can be used to gauge investor confidence. Challenger Job Cuts Period: It's extremely early data, but historically has limited short-term correlation with overall labor conditions.

Federal Reserve FOMC members vote on where to set the nation's key interest rates and their public engagements are often used to drop subtle clues regarding future monetary policy. Figures are reported in billions of dollars and also in percent change from the previous month. Ivey Purchasing Managers In Ivey Purchasing Managers Index Period: Member of the Executive Boa Survey of about construction companies which asks respondents to rate the relative level of business conditions including employment, production, new orders, prices, supplier deliveries, and inventories.

Get code of Forex informer. Readed articles are not visible. Favourable external background increases the risk of the precious metal's breakthrough in the upper boundary of the At the same time, it played Forex analysis 3 Oct , Close Expand on this page Go to article. UK services slows growth. Moving averages The pair is stuck between the 30 and day average, which indicates some confusion with the further direction of the market. Bollinger Bands The Bollinger Bands indicator continues to indicate low market volatility, which is beneficial for sellers who can resume pressure on the pound after a small correction.

Jerome Powell is pleased, so should investors prepare for more hikes in the US? Forex analysis 4 Oct , Yesterday, the pair dropped from the Consequently, the market is likely When the European market opens, some economic data will be released such as French y Bond Auction, and Spanish However there is a chance we see a Green lines - long-term bearish channel Red lines - trading range Gold price still inside the trading range trying to break above the green bearish long-term channel.

Fake breakout of the yesterday's low at he price of 1. Forecast for October 4: Analytical review of H1-scale currency pairs: The main trend is the local structure for the bottom of October 3. The main trend is the downward structure of September The main trend is the rising structure of September The main trend is the downward structure of September 27, the stage of correction.

The main trend is the equilibrium situation. Selling pressures are expected to soon stop and prices to reverse to the upside Seven billionaires owning media companies. Words are known to have tremendous power, and can even become weapons in a political or other confrontation.

Ten signs of possible financial crisis in Analyzing the causes of the global financial crisis that occurred in , experts come to the conclusion that the next global recession is approaching. They notice a number of signs signaling a financial collapse in two years.

Smart home technology of the future. Fantastic smart technologies are already being applied in reality, complementing the functionality of many houses. According to experts, in the future such technological assistants will become essential elements of every house. In our photo gallery, you Ten world currencies sunk against the US dollar in At present, currencies of a number of countries have fallen sharply in price against the US dollar.

Experts find it difficult to predict their future course, but they suggest observing the development of the situation in the global financial market. Countries where the wealthy live. According to the report, the proportion of The dollar is appreciating across the board again mainly due to the jump in yields on US government bonds. The Brexit agreement will be finalized soon? News continues to pull the pound down. Descending wave takes an elongated appearance. The pound is falling amid certainty with Brexit.

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If you continue browsing, you consent to our Cookie Policy. Log in Register Register. Diversify your portfolio with copy trading. COM offers swap-free accounts to investors of Islamic belief. COM is that it offers commission-free trading. Of course, this means that the company gets remuneration for its services by a mark-up. Nonetheless, you get access to a selection of trading platforms with fast execution average execution speed is 0. Spreads on this account type can be as low as 0.

In comparison, FXCM offers variable spreads, averaged 1. COM is up to 1: Of course, the maximum leverage provided to US clients is 1: If you need higher leverage ratios, many FX brokers provide such. FXCM offers leverage up to 1: You should keep in mind, however, that higher leverage involves greater risk of losses. Set up in , Gain Capital now has a global reach. US regulation is one of the strictest, which is a good thing in terms of investor protection, however some of the rules imposed are considered too restrictive.

Besides, hedging is not allowed and leverage is limited to 1: As a global publicly traded company, regulated in 7 jurisdictions, Gain Capital meets high standards of corporate governance, financial reporting and disclosure.

Generally speaking, if you choose to invest in forex. The Strategy Center includes the ability to back test strategies against historical data and then activate them to generate buy and sell signals in real time. The comprehensive research and analysis includes round-the-clock updates from our expert in-house research team, real-time concise headlines from Reuters News, and professional technical analysis from industry-leading Trading Central. With this platform, users are able to choose between instant and market execution through the Execution Mode drop-down.

It offers competitive pricing on over 45 currencies, superior market execution and EA optimized environment. According to us, MT4, offered by forex. US clients may also make deposits and withdrawals via Check and eCheck U.

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