Naked Warrant

Because many warrants have a long time prior to expiration, they can offer an interesting way to bet on the underlying stock.

BREAKING DOWN 'Naked Warrant'

It has a duration of 69 minutes. The very forceful nature of the electronic music required a technical solution in order that the instrumentalists, who perform at the same time, can always be heard. Stockhausen solved this problem by providing each player with a microphone and a transmitter for amplification, which allows them to move freely throughout the auditiorium.

Oktophonie was realised in the Studio for Electronic Music of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk , Cologne, in two phases of work: Production was made using a single track tape recorder. A track recorder would have been preferable, or alternatively three synchronisable track recorders, but the WDR studio had only the one machine.

It was developed by Stockhausen in collaboration with Peter Zinovieff , owner of the firm at that time. Despite having only four outputs, the QUEG could still be used to produce an octophonic output, by manually switching to four outputs, not only between the square on the floor and the one on the ceiling, but between all six squares forming the sides of the cube Stockhausen , 68— The music of Oktophonie is developed, like everything in Licht , from the basic superformula , and consists of eight musical layers, each provided with different spatial distributions and sound movement patterns Misch , For technical reasons of playback the music had to be produced in two segments, with the second tape beginning at 36'23" and a "bridge" tape used only for performances of the second act of Dienstag Stockhausen , O IX, O XIX; Stockhausen , Compositions by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

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Normal warrants are issued with an accompanying bond a warrant-linked bond , giving the investor holding the warrant the right to exercise it and acquire shares of the company that issued the underlying bond. The company writing the bond is typically the same company issuing the underlying bond. Naked warrants, on the other hand, can be backed by a variety of underlying securities, including stocks, and are considered more flexible. They are sometimes called "covered" warrants because when an issuer sells a warrant to an investor, it will usually hedge cover its exposure by buying the underlying asset in the market.

Stock warrants provide investors with extra leverage , but that makes them risky investments. When the price of the underlying security rises, the percentage increase in the value of the warrant is greater than the percentage increase in the value of the underlying security.

This is fine when the stock market is rising — when they are a less risky investment than options because they take longer to expire. Conversely, when the share price falls below the strike price, the shareholder can lose some or all of their money. A derivative that gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, Warrant coverage is an agreement between company and shareholders A warrant is similar to option, except it's issued by a company. Learn all about these warrants and how to trade and value them.

Because many warrants have a long time prior to expiration, they can offer an interesting way to bet on the underlying stock. In this short instructional video Anton Theunissen explains what a warrant is and how it works. WFT is raising some funds the old-fashioned way -- by issuing a fresh batch of securities: The company will float