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A new home construction checklist can keep you on track during planning and construction to assure quality. This home construction checklist provides many items. A new home construction checklist can keep you on track during planning and construction to assure quality. This home construction checklist provides many items.

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Used Car Inspection Checklist Use this point checklist as a guide to buying a used car Print it and take it with you as you shop Wheels and Tires Are tires worn to .

What is the monthly rate for housing and care? What services does that rate include? Are rooms private or semi-private? How do prices vary for each? What level of personal assistance can residents expect? What is the policy for handling medical emergencies? How is the community secured? What meals are provided? Are special dietary requests, such as kosher meals , accommodated? How often are housekeeping and laundry service provided? What programs exercise, physical therapy, social and other activities does the facility offer?

Does the facility accommodate special care needs, such as diabetic care , mobility issues, physical aggressiveness or wandering? Are residents grouped by cognitive level? What is the discharge policy? Thank you for this additional information. Jennifer Wegerer is a writer and editor living in the Pacific Northwest. She's worked as a writer in the technical communications and marketing fields for over 15 years, taking a short break along the way to have twins.

Along with writing, she enjoys movies, yoga, beach trips, wine tasting, and the chance to relax with friends and family. Please fill out the form to get Alzheimer's and dementia care information: Sorry there was an error: Comparing costs Step 5: Other fuel saving options Guide and Checklist About Want to know more? A checklist for effective truck specification Buying a new truck is usually a long term decision, and even for small trucks involves a considerable investment.

Think about your needs Understand the type of load you need to carry Think about how much you need to carry—average, high and low weights.

Think about the types of roads will you drive on Understand how much fuel you currently use 2. Look at purchasing options Understand which purchasing option is best for you outright purchase or leasing, new or used 3. Choosing your truck Have a general understanding of the options available for key vehicle components and how they will affect your vehicle and its operation Chassis Engine Fuel type Transmission Body Cab Tyres Build up the vehicle to match your delivery needs 4.

Instant Hot Water - Will your new home have a simple return loop so you can have a gravity hot-water recirculation system? Are you being pressured to buy a tankless water heater? This pipe creates a loop so you can have hot water in two seconds each time you need it. They burn at this rate for however long you have a hot water faucet open.

Many people who have tankless water heaters see higher fuel bills. I hope it won't cost me that much. I think I'll just leave all these things to my architect. I'm sure he already know all of those you outlined in the list. I was trying to get the list of things needed to be done to build a new home but with all the adds I cant find it they keep sending me to their ad space.

Can you send me the list or the link to where itis. Sign up to my newsletter to receive expert advice for your home! Complete the form below and each week you'll get:.

You can access the tips just below. Must-Have Tips I've tried to collect as many of the tricks and tips I've discovered from building new homes and fixing defects in those that weren't build so well by other builders.

Peace Of Mind See how that one tip could save you vast amounts of money? Here are four more checklist items: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You have to agree to the comment policy.