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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ronin Katana - Dojo Pro Tanto 2. Further, the study concluded that the cheetahs originated in the Old World , not the New World as previously believed.

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Seminar took place in Banja Luka on 19th and 20th of March. It brought together 40 actuaries from whole region where besides Bosnia and Herzegovina, we had our colleagues from Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro. Seminar - Life table calculation posted Nov 18, , 9: Formiranje tablica smrtnosti posted Oct 11, , 1: Razumijevanje procesa kreiranja tarifa u cilju stvaranja komparativne prednosti nije samo za aktuare posted Aug 28, , 2: Foto galerija - Radionica - Carlos Arocha posted Oct 10, , 4: Foto galerija - Seminar The scientific name was assigned for the skull that was originally described to be that of an extinct species of cheetah, endemic to Asia during the Late Pliocene sub-epoch.

It was estimated to have lived around 2. The fossil discovery was reported in , and was claimed to be the most primitive Acinonyx lineage so far discovered. Further, the study concluded that the cheetahs originated in the Old World , not the New World as previously believed. After a long suspicion of the authenticity of the fossil, it was finally accepted as a forgery in The species name was given in honour of Björn Kurtén , the late professor of paleontology at the University of Helsinki.

The skull was almost complete except for the occipital condyles , basioccipital region and upper canines. It resembles the true cheetahs in having a tall skull with a domed structure, a very wide braincase relative to skull length, enlarged frontal sinuses, a large nasal aperture , and a well-developed occipital crest.

But the upper premolars are very primitive, like those of some extinct felines. It is older than earlier described species, such as the European Acinonyx pardinensis dated to about 2. Even at the time of pre-publication of the research paper in , there were already strong doubts about the veracity of the fossil.

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