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How to become a Binary Option Millionaire. Any serious and successful trader will want to one day become a millionaire through trading binary options. Making millions of dollars trading the financial markets is something that is achievable and in fact many of the world’s self-made millionaires have made millions trading for themselves, people.

When he picked up trading, he initially did a lot of reading about trading in general and always had the TV tuned to a financial news report of some kind.


The online stock option classes are easy to understand and will greatly increase your stock option knowledge. If you are a beginner in options this is an excellent place to start. If you are intermediate or advance this is a must need tool for the tool belt.

Jimmybob - Scott view complete profile blog posts: Scott has been trading equities for over 17 years, a majority of which were OTC micro-cap stocks. As one of the Co-Founders of optionmillionaires. XBigshot - Mikey view complete profile. This outspoken Cajun has been a leading member or admin in 12 different chatrooms.

With a vast knowledge of trading and the market since and an approachable manner, Mikey keeps the room moving, current, and exciting. This Southern gentlemen has a way of helping the newbies quickly get up to speed with no bs or spin. LeeMalone2k3 - Lee view complete profile. Lee began trading large cap stocks in before online trading was even popular.

Without an effective trading strategy, there is no way you can make money in this business. Learning a profitable trading strategy is possible, You should watch this presentation video https: As long as you're making profitable trades over the long-term and practicing strict money management, your account will keep growing and eventually hit a million.

Of course, the two BIG factors here are: Do you have what it takes to be a winning trader? How long will it take? I can't answer either of those questions, but to reiterate - yes, it is theoretically possible to turn 1, into 1,, There are also many more strategies than just buying a put or call outright.

The main problem of almost every trader is the thoughts that trading is game or it's easy money. Before profitable trading you should learn a lot about this field. So, even don't try to trade with real money.

You can learn how to make real money from this course http: There are some brokers that plays against their own clients. So, your main goal - find good broker. Third, yo can generate more profits with automated trading software. As you maybe know, there is a lot of different scammers on trading market so it will be hard to find really profitable trading system.

That strategy brings me a lot of money every month, all thanks to the course that I posted above. Hope you will follow my recommendations, bye! Are you planning to live from your daily training or this will be your hobby or second job and you will have a primary job to live, pay bills, rent and take the girlfriend to dinner?

You are asking the question could you become? That is at then of your first year you end with , at the end of the second year, you end with , then and so on until you reach 1M. That is 30 years of hard work and becoming a successful investor. Probably on the first years you will become an expert on picking stocks and waiting for the corrent entry exit times. May be in the middle of the investment process you will learn to manage portfolios and do diversification.

See his profit chart. Many new people want to make the money but they do not want to put in the work and discipline to be successful. Those that do are obvious and they catch on quick and compound their wealth. The number one stock market rule I have used to make millions is having a trade plan. This involves researching a stock and having a plan on how to take profits when it works or what to do if it does not work. The biggest mistake I see traders make is dollar signs in their eyes and thinking that a few hundred bucks profit isn't a good trade and they need more, more, more.

And in the end they turn a winning trade into a losing one. You need to start somewhere and you're not going to hit a home run every time. Second mistake is disconnecting from the reason of the trade, ie: Trading is like baseball -- consistency is the name of the game, base hits win games. You may be a home run leader but more often than not if you swing for a home run you're likely to strike out. Never underestimate the power of taking profits along the way, always adapt and evolve; the moment you think you know best the market will humble you time and time again.

I like to add to winners and use the house's money unrealized gains as risk for bigger profits. This concept seems so simple to do -- adding to winners, but contrary to what we are accustomed to doing -- adding to losers. Try it, you may be surprised! They delude themselves into believing the stock will come back their way for fundamental reasons, or simply are too proud to admit they were wrong and take a loss.