Iraqi Dinar (IQD) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator

The initial basis for suggesting an Iraqi Dinar RV was the fact that Kuwait's currency also dropped in value during the first Gulf War, but then quickly rose back to its previous value.

Doing so will lead to multiple problems for Iraq: Yes I've also purchase Iraqi Dinars while here in Iraq still here.

Top IQD Exchange Rates

For example, let's say the Iraqi dinar forex rate is 1 US$ = IQD (as is the case, approximately, in August ). If you invest US$ in Iraqi dinars with that rate, you will get IQD

I went in with several people at work and bought a couple million. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I think Andrew from Australia best summed it up for the sceptics! Me personally, I wouldn't invest in anything without doing my homework! This isn't the first time that this opportunity presented itself!

Anyone unwilling or unable to wait for this investment to bloom, save your money because the recontruction of Iraq is going to be a time consuming process. The fact that the international community continues to billions into Iraq is a dead give away that something very tasting is brewing over there Oil, natural gas soup anyone?

It's surely not out of the kindness of their hearts. You may not like GWB as a president, as wealthy as he is, he can buy new friends. I'll see all you positive minded investors at the bank!!

I am nervous about my investment in the Dinar. But i too will stick around to see the results. And plan on purchasing even more. Just in case it does go up. I, too, invested in the Iraqi Dinar. I'm not someone who invests a lot. I don't have the cash to do that.

But, I see something that totally makes sense to me. Iraq will come back. I've bought 1,, over the last year and a half. I may buy another million in January. Then, it's a waiting game. It could take a year, five, or I'm willing to wait. Like a previous post said, what's if you get a million out of it? If it turns into nothing, then whatever. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Here's to the waiting game! I am trying to find info on the Kuwait dinar, the price during the conflict,and the history of its exchange.

The info is hard to come by. Anyone out there who hs this info.? This could be a good indicator as to what to expect from the Iraqi dinar I just arrived to iraq and keep hearing people talk about this topic.

I'm a gambling man and i believe good things will come out of this. It's hard to go down from this price. Live life on the edge and go for it. I'm getting 2 or 3 million. Rolling the dice, my blood is already flowing. Just be patient and let the good times roll. With all the news I think this one has the most suport! This site never reply my question. This worse thing is I have paid some money for them via credit card to buy Iraq dinar and never get the it.

Don't do the same mistakes. Take a chance, I spend more than when Im in Vegas. Its not like I will be out big money if nothing ever happens. And well there is nothing but oil in that country so I take the chance, you could be able to make a little something IT'S going to pay up. Smart investing takes patience,some time it takes nerve.

From banks to governments to we the people are going to see a positive out come here. Check the central Bank of Iraq and the numbers dont jive form this site. Need to get on top of the game.. Does anyone know what is the total amount of dinars in circulation today as compared with pre-war levels? I have 6 million dinars and will purchase 4 million more for a total of 10 million.

I feel it will be 5 to 7 years before it takes off. If you bought a lottery ticket and a lotto ticket twice a week and a quick pick lottery every day, are you better off?

It is a gamble, building a nation. We did it plus years ago and it was not overnight. I know that If I would have done this after we liberated Kuwait I would be rich today.

An investment is a chance, if you buy iraqi dinar, you are taking a chance. Question is can you invest your money for that long and wait for your investment to pay off. I have over a million also No banks or exchange companies take them. Hey im new to this site and dont know really whats goin on here I've spent more in one weekend on hookers and nose candy! However, if the exchange rate skyrockets then you are literally a Millionaire! Sure it's a long-term investment, 5 to 10 years maybe longer, big deal.

Our government is the result of years of hard work and dedication all dawning from an idea that inspired several individuals long before the signing of our "Decloration of Independance" in over years ago. You would have to be a fool to think Iraq would be able establish the same result in only a few months or years. However, with the US playing a key role in that development it isn't unrealistic to believe that we could see that change in the not-so-distant future of Iraq.

Our US government is directly involved in helping Iraq establish a democarcy. There's absolutely only one reason why our country would have any interest in some shit hole country in the m. In the case of the Iraqi dinar investment scheme, there might be additional red flags:. First, here's a very rudimentary explanation of what it means to invest in a currency. But what happens if the dinar takes the opposite direction?

Now your invested holding of IQD1. Iraq has also embarked on an ambitious structural reform program, in order to make the transition to a more market-based economy. First, the Central Bank of Iraq raised its policy interest rates sharply and allowed a gradual appreciation of the dinar. These measures aimed to de-dollarize the economy in order to enhance the central bank's control over monetary conditions, and also to reduce imported inflation.

No big significant price moves have been observed since then, considering the long duration. If that happens, the payday may as well never come for investors holding Iraqi dinar and waiting for value appreciation. Backed by the oil reserves , Iraq has the potential to spring back and establish itself as a stable economy. It managed to do so after the eight-year long Iran-Iraq war. But that will need a peaceful, promising business atmosphere to establish investor confidence, which will in turn help revive its economy and bring back the IQD forex rate to realistic levels.

Additionally, the following incorrect statements are heavily publicized by the propagators of Iraqi dinar Investment schemes:. Revaluation is the actual calculated adjustment made to a country's official exchange rate relative to a chosen baseline gold or USD. Revaluation results in that currency becoming expensive to the base currency by the factor of adjustment and hence changes the purchasing power of that currency. It simply drops off the zeroes keeping the purchasing power the same as before.

There are confirmed news items that Iraq did plan to redenominate its currency, but not revaluate. In the absence of any revaluation, there is going to be no change in the forex exchange rate of Iraqi dinar IQD with or without redenomination. Economists also point out that it would not be beneficial to the Iraqi economy to allow any such value appreciation by the authorities even by means of revaluation. Doing so will lead to multiple problems for Iraq:. However, this is misleading. The new release was to prevent use of stolen and looted old Kuwaiti dinars.

Examples of European countries like the Netherlands, UK, etc. These other countries managed to make a rapid comeback from the effects of World War II, and are today considered among the developed countries. One important fact missed here is that these countries were able to progress faster because the war situation was completely different from the Iraq War. It was then a case of world war where the European countries in question were on the winning side and got maximum support in the post-war aftermath.

The case of Iraq, by contrast, is more of a civil war, where there exists a possibility of the country being split into multiple fragments. Even if it stays as one nation, it will still take a good long time for the economy to recover.