SystemVerilog Datatype: Class (Part 1)

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Most of day 2 is devoted to SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA), with practical lab exercises to reinforce the material. The optional pre-cursor day is a Verilog for Design review. It is appropriate for either VHDL RTL engineers who will be using SystemVerilog for design or Verilog engineers who want or need a review of Verilog for design.

Arithmetic , logical and shift microoperations. Binary to Gray code conversion Readmemh , Readmemb. Random numbers Memory Implementation - sync Ram and Testbench. Resources Verilog RTL code examples for front- end chip design. Reading text in specified format from opened file. Supported in Verilog- Read the data in specified format hexadecimal, binary or octal and store it in a register. How to Open a file to append text.

Other similar option ab. How to Open a file to both read and write text. How to Close or release an open file. Write to file starting at a new line. It is developed by the Marketing team and upper management. Architecture Specification The architect based on the MRD specification, develops the overall architecture of the chip. This is a very high level plan. Architecture Specification includes functional descriptions of each module, Properties and weights. Design Specification The designers and architects sit together to come up with detailed design documents.

Design strategies, design partitions, type of memories to use, etc. The verification engineer goes through all the above documents and prepares verification plan to verify the design. Functional Verification The verification engineers starts developing TestBench and verifies whether the DUT works according to specification or not.

Synthesis Synthesis is the process of taking a design written in a hardware description language, compiling it into a net list of interconnected gates which are selected from a user-provided library of various gates. The design after synthesis is a gate-level design.