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Geldprämie anstatt Gutschein European Commission - European Commission. The European Union is the second largest economy in the world in nominal terms and according to purchasing power parity PPP. Rostov Arena , Rostov-on-Don. Retrieved 7 March

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Bank11direkt aufgegangen in der Bank11, vorher: Bank 1 Saar Kunden-werben-Freunde-Prämie: Für 12 Monate und Anlagesummen bis Berliner Bank Ende aufgegangen in die Deutsche Bank. BW extend orange Kunden-werben-Freunde-Prämie: Citibank seit dem Extraprämie zusätzlich zur normalen Prämie: Dresdner-Cetelem Kreditbank umbenannt in Consors Finanz. The following table shows the history of the unemployment rate for all European Union member states:. The European Union is the largest exporter in the world [63] and as of the largest importer of goods and services.

In the eurozone , trade is helped by not having any currency differences to deal with amongst most members. The European Union Association Agreement does something similar for a much larger range of countries, partly as a so-called soft approach 'a carrot instead of a stick' to influence the politics in those countries. When the EU negotiates trade related agreement outside the WTO framework, the subsequent agreement must be approved by each individual EU member.

Comparing the richest areas of the EU can be a difficult task. An extreme example is Finland, which is divided for historical reasons into mainland Finland with 5.

One problem with this data is that some areas, including Greater London , are subject to a large number of commuters coming into the area, thereby artificially inflating the figures. It has the effect of raising GDP but not altering the number of people living in the area, inflating the GDP per capita figure. Similar problems can be produced by a large number of tourists visiting the area.

The data is used to define regions that are supported with financial aid in programs such as the European Regional Development Fund. Regions of the European Union. Prague and Bratislava are the only ones in the 13 new member states that joined in May , January and July Figures for these three regions, however, are artificially inflated by the commuters who do not reside in these regions "Net commuter inflows in these regions push up production to a level that could not be achieved by the resident active population on its own.

The result is that GDP per inhabitant appears to be overestimated in these regions and underestimated in regions with commuter outflows. Another example of artificial inflation is Groningen. The calculated GDP per capita is very high because of the large natural gas reserves in this region, but Groningen is one of the poorest parts in the Netherlands.

Among the ten lowest regions in the ranking in most were in Bulgaria, with the lowest figure recorded in Severozapaden. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Population below poverty line. Ferrous non-ferrous metal metal products petroleum coal cement chemicals pharmaceuticals aerospace railway equipment automobile construction equipment industrial equipment shipbuilding electrical equipment machine tools automated systems electronics telecommunications equipment fishing food and beverages furniture paper textiles [4].

Net international investment position. Budget of the European Union. Energy policy of the European Union. Renewable energy in the European Union and Category: Energy in the European Union. List of companies of the European Union. List of largest companies by revenue. List of the largest trading partners of the European Union. Retrieved 22 December Retrieved 28 July Retrieved 13 October Retrieved 2 December Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 15 October Retrieved 12 October Retrieved 25 July Retrieved 27 December Retrieved 8 December Retrieved 14 October Europa, EU information website.

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