Multi Indicator Trading

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MT4 expert (FX_Multi-Meter_III.mq4)

Multi indicator Trading is a forex trading system. It is a swing trading system. The Multi indicator trading system uses different sets of indicators to make trading decision. There are two templates available in this trading system. You can try both of the templates and you should use the one which you feel comfortable to trade with. There is only an indicator in the main chart window.

There are two indicators in the indicator window. When the Multi Indicator Trading system is correctly installed in your trading platform, your chart should look like this:. There are golden and red arrows in the main chart window. These arrows are the main signal generator indicator of this trading system. Av install multi-meter III plus the fonts but it is ovarlapping the charts with very big fonts.

Am using windows 7. Help please but you are doing a great job for what i have experience with the lower version. I noticed there is a website on the face of the meter www. Is it the same meter? I'm not complaining just curious,.

People hope to make money that way. The back ground fonts is programmed to large or needs to be deleted in the program. You can delete it manually but it takes a while to find the object name and then start deleting.

Is there anyway to have them be on the left side instead of the right side? Blocks other background indicators around price action. Any help much appreciated! Why download fonts, and no expert, opens the text. This should solve the problem: Download and Installation note ws perfect. What about Trading note? I mean, I installed it and it set itself beautifully on the right side of the chart. Now million dollar question is - How to trade with it -- there are so many confusing signals and numbers.

Can you please Focus on it and explain how to trade Confidently with this Multimeter.. I couldnt figure out really.