GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER! On behalf of International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ, we would like to thank you for planting your seeds of faith in our organization. God loves a cheerful giver and H is promises according to 2 Corinthians

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Just a taste of the medicine in return. But at what potential cost: Good choice, no argument here. Tyler just jumped out at me as a choice that I would consider because of age, being a winner, but to be honest he also has baggage. You, along with others have to admit this kid is an elite player of which we have zero of at the present time. This is the reason you, as opposed to me ought to be our GM, I need two cups of coffee in the morning before I should start posting!!!!!!

The man has been concussed too many times, and when the time comes for UFA signings, I would avoid Rick at all costs. I hope he has a speedy recovery, and wish him good health going forward, but we should stay away from him, and just pull for him as a person, and former Ranger!!!!!!!!!

I saw that, Walt—Rangers should stay away from Nash at all costs. Rangers must avoid resigning Grabner as well. I was one of the first to speak out about the short comings of AV right after the cup series where Girarid was exposed for his immobility, and the insistence of doing things the AV way, or the highway.

He should have been let go at least two years ago, but at least the organization has finally seen the light, and the guy is history. I suspect that there were few tears, if any, shed at the firing of AV!!!!!!

Rangers fans again clamoring for nice shiny toys in the form of UFAs. This is a failed strategy for decades. It has been a failed strategy, indeed…but a huge part of that is the Rangers somehow managed to whiff on what seems like an exceptionally high percentage of their free-agents, especially the big-name ones, to varying degrees. In fairness, they also have had some decent signings that turned out better than most would have expected Grabner being the most recent example, of course , even if that is not the majority.

However, the Rangers are in a position of possibly being able to build both ways in a hurry — they have some legitimate prospects, both early-round and a high quantity of picks, and a good amount of financial flexibility. Rare combo for them.

Since the Rangers likely will not have multiple years of top-ten picks such as last draft and hopefully this upcoming draft in a row, for a more traditional and long-term rebuild approach that especially smaller market teams may take, I fully expect a big free agent signing within the next two years, personally.

If not, a truly-blockbuster big-name trade. Rangers whiff on a large number of marquee free agents because most marquee free agents are bad business. I want to see us operate in the UFA market for the next two years from a position of strength, i. He is a proven winner, and at 27 years of age, young enough to play a number of years before he starts his decline.

I guarantee you this though, if we bought out Staal he would be signed as a UFA in a heartbeat by another team — kind of like Girardi. The less mistakes a team makes the less a team needs an elite player to bail them out. Maybe he can bring Hitch with him? I know Walt — he is retiring, and Ruff is a Ranger coach.

Please no on Ruff, we need new ideas, and Ruff is toooooooooo much like AV. And that is no laughing matter……….. One signing or trade of getting a great defenseman to replace Ryan McD and continue with rebuild strategy. Also, there are 6 or 7 high rated defenseman in the draft and we should nab one of them in the top Diese Woche neu im Handel 1. Odyssey - So schaltet ihr Evie Frye für eure Crew frei 0. Performance und Grafik im Video gezeigt 0.

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