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Mais quelques-uns sont devenus célèbres … [Lire l'article Si vous avez lu tous less articles de formation à disposition sur notre site, vous aurez compris que le trading sur le forex est assez … [Lire l'article I love love d Affirmations Faith Affirmations as I would also like to call them. I have to work on no.

What a great article. Nothing is greater than positive self talk. These affirmations are just what most of us need to overcome the other voice that aims to make us fail repeatedly. These affirmations are very powerful, and relevant.

I am definitely adding some of them to my Trading Plan, I just cannot afford to ignore these. Thank you Nial once again. Thanks for this Nial. I am one of many who always violates these affirmations. Will do my best effort to read this on a daily basis. I will someday be a successful trader. I am a good price action trader. I will practice positive trading habits daily. I will observe these simple disciplines and turn them into huge success. You MUST be mentally prepared for the challenge above everything else.

As simple as repeating to yourself some of these daily affirmations will make a big difference in one trading approach. Hi Nial, great advice. Think and grow rich is an excellent book I agree completely with all you comments on it. Thanks so much Nial. I have live trades under my belt with a Your articles have helped me greatly the last 2 weeks. You explain things very clearly. I am going to purchase your trading course I am sure there will be information in it that I can use to trade the futures market.

I just took a couple of screenshots of this article. Your articles have helped me to improve my trading psychology. Thank you so much for this! Nice timing, Nial…I am a relative newbie and am using this summer to develop and practice a routine.

I believe this has made the cut! Another very valuable article. Thanks MR Niel i m highly impressed with your article,i will read it frequently,i will apply in my daily trading and daily life also ,keep posting more valuable article ,i m so interested to read your article.

Thanks for being so selfless by sharing your strategies with us. I plan to enrol in the course with 3 months, I plan to stick to price action trading strategy, I plan to action a clamp down on the emotion-fueled trading demon, I choose to be a price action trading success story. Daily positive affirmations are true in life, I am sure they will be true in trading I am a begginer and will follow your lessons as much as I can Up to now, I enjoy them very much Thank you: All of these affirmations have now been incorporated into my trading plan.

Your article has inspired me to add a couple of others. Thanks nial, I plan to use it to improve my trading and guide myself into becoming a successful trader in the future. Very good article, I am going to read every day!!! Nial as always your thoughts and actions give that extra in my our thought and actions.. One by one all the points are going straight to the point what ever is that point..

Personally i just change the direction and the numbersof that affirmations according to my character and results.. The less is always better,no use is dissaster……. So what i get for your article is the way…. Thanks again for the coaching. Nial, I have always struggled with a positive mental attitude.

I tend toward pessimism, even despair. Your course has been a real game-changer! I have read these affirmations out loud over and over, and I have been listening to Napolean Hill on youtube. Thank you so much for this excellent school. My goal is to become a professional coffee shop trader — happy, successful, and free!

Slow ahead together is the only tenet. Use a Filter Checklist on every trade. I think this article act as the summary of all your lessons. I actualy have broke my account twice by this year. Every time I read this article, and trading plan, I realize every day more and more the power of these. Those affirmation are splendid and i intend rehearsing as a song in other to achieve my forex dreams. I will apply all these, until beomes a habit. When you loose an account after racing back to recover losses and make stupid emotional decisions you will quickly understand how valuable it is to have daily affirmations before you trade.

Never say you will not repeat your mistakes. Rather affirm why you should not. Your affirmations list is perfect 4 my belief system and needs.

I am an NLP practitioner. May I have permission to use your list with my clients. I would use only with proper attribution citation. Sound simple but difficult to follow especially when you are in front of chart and your trade is losing. But no other options to take but to follow your commandments if one want to succeed in trading.

I come from poland in europe, I learned a lot of from you today especially point 1 and 2 to never give up and believe in self i will repeat that every day thanks. Thanks Nial, great post! In my mind, it does already feel real!

Thanks for the great trading advice, as well! Believing in your goal and working for it is the key. I will read this again and again. I like this positiv way of thinking and i will implement it in life and in my trading strategy. Thank you for this Artikel…. Thanks Nial, I have bookmarked this lesson to read it even more than 2 times, because I often forget some of those affirmations.

This is the hardest part for me now, i will try to overcome it with my max effort! Thanks Nial, great stuff! I am using similar affirmations in my daily life and I feel so much happier and more successful since I started doing it, it definitely works! I am going to add this to my trading plan. Hi Nial, The affirmations are full of good inspirational advice and I will try my best to have the discipline to act on this information.

Many thanks for putting them together. At the beginning of last year, i was reading THINK AND GROW RICH and around the same time a mother to a child i was nursing introduced me to forex trading and i was attracted to it as a magnet,what the mind of a man can concieve and believe, it achieves, today am a forex trader, on a journey of becoming a forex trader.

A good tip for setting up a daily affirmation: That message should contain all 17 headers. So everyday at a certain, you can get a popup on your computer displaying the affirmations. If you read it everyday, soon it will be hardwired into you. I will try sincerely and religiously to obey and practice it on a regular basis.

Fantastic, I started My affirmation Dec Relaxing with deep breathing 10 times and then thinking im a good trader and make 3 orders. This thinking take bad thaught out from me. I have to use this until I feel comfortablle with my thinking and get rid of bad thinking!

This is a great article. Success is only achievable if you believe. I personally think affirmation 17 is of paramount importance.. After which, all we need is to believe and execute the strategies with confidence. Lose and win with confidence that the edge of our strategy will ring true in the long run.

All of the affirmations mentioned by Nial I have used successfully. Over and over again. I knew there was something that attracted me to this site, very powerful principles outlined here.

Just repeating these affirmations is not enough — in fact repeating that you are a successful trader when you are clearly not is counterproductive because you feel a fraud. However take affirmations a stage further and you can score tremendous benefits. Just my 10 cents. Nial, Napoleon Hill is one of my all time heroes. What an amazing book Think and Grow Rich is. I will check out the videos with eager anticipation! Just saying something over and over again is meaningless. Visualising the results of your affirmation as you embed them in your soul, works.

All your acticles are the best. Every day from now I try to use them in my efforts to become a successful trader, to avoid my emotions from trading, this would be the key in the case of mine. Thank you so much Thang. Cards and notes are fine and they work to remind us but I also like my little tape recorder about the size of a pack of smokes.

I want to also tell you what helps me in becoming better trader and human being. So instead of concentrating on markets and on trades winners or losers I concentrate only on doing exactly what is in my trading plan as that is the only thing that is fully under my control. Myself — Present — Effort ….

Thank you Nial for your knowledge. As a beginning trader and bonafide trading addict I have found your articles and advice illuminating and will implement them into my trading immediately. Thank you for your efforts to repair traders like me. Thank you and God grant you more wisdom. I appreciate the affirmations and I have incorporated them, thanks for sharing. Earlier I used to watch the charts all the time.

Now I have shifted to daily charts and checking few minutes only. Hi Nial thank you very much for this info and for all the things you are doing on your site.

I owe Nial so much that it is my duty to post here. Yes, affirmations are important and one will find success in trading if we can visualise, and affirm, everyday. That has already influenced my live the possitive way. I knew by then that I will achive something in my life one day but did not know what.

Today I do know!! Having said that to achive that I have to work on points 8,9,10 and expecially no. The rest I am ok with. Nial,thanks for all your wisdom,and hard work. Yes nial you are write about daily affirmations and how powerful they are. I was falling into the technical indicators limbo and I was getting extremely emotional on my trades.

Yeap, winning trades turned losers. These would be good to read at least once a week. Number four is my favorite. Once I started a forex trading journal my trading success took off. Thank for shear your experiences. Hope to here you soon. I think this should be on the top. I believe that decipline starts from that point. The list makes a lot of sense and I must agree with others, a good reminder for all of us as well.

Positive affirmations and repeating it daily will make a huge difference and it will surely contribute to the way we view ourselves and how we can do for success. Thanks for a great reminder, Nial. I had been using a few affirmations but I just said them from memory, I had not written them down. Of course, I gradually ceased to say them and my trading lapsed as well.

I will now print these out and have them on my wall to remind myself to say them out loud everyday. Thanks again for all your lessons. Then today I came across this artical again today…and im glad I did.

But im scared ill forget…and go back to my ways. Daily affirmations and a journal will keep me on track, this artical has really drilled it in. This lesson inspires me to be as successful as you. Still the best affirmation is: You are absolutely right, I have read the napoleon hill book about three years ago, and it has been very helpfull, it change the way I see things in life, but as you put it on trading it makes a lot of sense too, I want to thank you for taking the time to write this kind of articles.

You are a great man indeed. Hi Nial, as always great advise. There is one part of trading that I have not seen you talk about, That is matching a strong currency with a weak currency, example right now the JPY is very strong and the NZD and EUR are very weak, Using your advise in the use of Price Action trading a long with matching the strongest currency to the weekest has turned my account positive.

Would love to here your take on this subject. I already know how we attracted each other. We have something in common — thinking. Congratulations, Nial, my admires! Thank you, Nial, once again, very, very much! Really good stuff there. Broke a few of my own trading plans and paid the price big time.

Might write you a PM for confidence, the email has made me realise. All so very true and history tells us that this is not something new but something that has been around since the beginning of time, and all great people from athletes to leaders use. Nial thank you for this article, I have been down recently in my trading and very unmotivated, but your article has inspired me once more!

Thank you for reminding me of these valuable principles and helping me to put them back into real practice with my trading. Thanks Nial for the great article. I plan to make positive affirmations part of my daily trading routine too. Thank you so much for providing such an insightful and informative article.

A real eye opener. Lately I have been having difficulty deciding whether to set risk reward at 1: This article helped me decide which of the strategies works best for me. Thank you Nial, I still have a ways to go but every day it looks better and better.

I am a better trader today but not as much as tomorrow. Thanks Nial…good practice to follow.. I have been practising this before but not for the trading purpose.. Many traders are aware of it but few follow it. I will start following daily trend only.

Many thanks for your good information. Thank you for showing exactly what affirmations are relevant for trading success. Every programme talks about affirmation but does little to show what particular affirmations to use.

What you have done is given us a true to life example of affirmations to follow. Yes you have shown how to do it. Thanks for that motivation, Will post it on my wall and read it each time before analyzing any trades each day. Above all, I will trade what I see on my daily chart and not what I think should happen. Buying ur course was one of the best decision I did for myself. I always look forward to your articles, they are good to read and very informative, great content as usual.

I will be referring to this content frequently, well done Nial! Hi Nial, Great article again. I will print and paste these daily affirmations on the wall in front of me so that I will re-affirm them daily. Hi Nial Once again great stuff…Awsome to remind ones self of All of these things on a regular basis Thanks again Kevin.

For the last comment; it would be even better to state; I only take trades… in present tens. Have a good weekend. Another excellent article, this is very important to trading and like you Napoleon Hill is one of my favourite authors, and his book and teachings are amazing, just like your course.

Most trading advisors are failed traders, not to mention analysts. But Nial, you are different, because you show us day after day how to do it in a real market conditions realtime. Thank you very much I have it in front of my desk all the time to read it when i get before the pc. This one is absolutely fantastic.

In many listed points I see parts of my list of affirmations. Also absolutely agree that Napoleon Hill is the biggest person on the field of motivation. I have read books from him. I know I am on the right path to my succes and financila freedom. Thank You very much Nial and I believe I will be part of your life time forex course.

This article could not have come at a better time Nial!! I have been practising point number 2 for the past week. I look forward to seeing amazing results after applying these principles. Nial this is a Fantastic article. I will write these in my trading journal and will endeavor to live by them coz that exactly how one should go about trading. NIAL Thank you so much. Your sincere efforts to make our life easier and to put us on road to success…. May GOD bless you with abundance.

All of the 17 affirmations could truely change both my FX trading and my life. Excellent article as usual. Perhaps this should be included as part of the course. Todays Article is extremely different. But as u said we attract things , events and whatever we want will attract to wards us. It happened , i got your latest and different affirmation article now. It is simply great!! I am grateful to you master for the wonderful and quality sessions you provide. I will use affirmations daily and i am a good trader and fund manager — Mithun Girishan.

Nial, I am getting stronger and stronger while I am reading your pages. Nikos, from the sunny Athens, Greece. This is the gist of trading and life, you have put it precisely, there is no doubt of whatsoever, if this is followed deligently success is guaranteed. Hope many traders life would be changing by your articles.

Knowing is different from doing, let me pledge to do it.. Great job, well done. I just printed these out and posted on my wall. I will read these aloud at the start and end of each trading day. Once again, your timing is impeccable Nial! As a novice I aspire to learn from the masters as much as possible. This in my opinion should be the commandments of trading. An incisive and helpful article as always.

As a warning to other traders, I violated item 14 above and got burned! Only good thing is it was for a small amount. I have already downloaded it and plan to study it.

Hi Nial, Thanks for this! I will put this in my day planner and read this every day before I review the markets. Thanks Nial, We spend too much time trying to work on the trading side of our edge that we forget the mental side…. Nial, I see in you what I desire to become in trading in the first instance. I have come to know by experience that trading forex reveals your true self to you. You are a success coach not just a successful trader. Good Job as always.

I knew I needed to utilize declarations as a trader and Nial you have made it easier then ever to do that so thank you. Also thanks for your motivational litarature recommendation. Hi Nial, I have been reading all of your articles up to now and will say today you compressed all of them in one. Every word here is truth. As a beginner, I had to suffer a lot when I have been violating the rules you defined like trading on low frames, catching bad defined setups and so on , and it was reflecting my account.

Now I follow only the daily chart and I do it better. Hi Nail, Thank you for making your mentoring a lifetime access because sometimes it takes more than 5 years to get it. Some people throw a trading strategy out at you with outragious prices and they are gone leaving you to figure it out yourself but you are there always answering all questions and coming up with updates and all ways possible to help your students get it.

I have been with you so long but still not able to put it together yet. I hope this helps me move beyond loosing to profiting. This lesson is just another reason why you are so good at what you do. This and lessons like it should be the first ones that traders take.

Not the last when everything else fails. Thank a lot for reminding me what i was suppose to be doing all this period, more power to your elbows. Another excellent article Nial! Hey Nial, thank you so much for your great articles! I will print these affirmations and have them on my wall too. Finding your website and joining your coure is the best thing that could have happend to me.

I especially like the first quote from Napoleon Hill. And you, Nial, are such a positive and encouraging person and make us really understand, that if you just try hard enough and long enough for what you really want, you will be succesfull.

You are doing a great work. However, u re the best i have met. Akemu Efe Napoleon from Nigeria. Hello Nial, Excellent information. The challenge seems to be, to get into the daily habit of repeating these so they become part of me. This is great, thank you for them. Nail, you will not believe this, but i have been studying the Think and grow Rich book, and the law of attraction to help me with my trading and personal goals etc… I totally agree with you.

Hi Nial,It is pretty a complete check list to follow. In fact we have something in common,the Nap. Hill,caption has formed part of my life in that when loosing life I still always believe that I will succeed very soon. I added that nothing is lost when there is will to succeed. If now that I had blown many acct. My plan is to incorporate this to my trading plan which is working now and cross examine it this this expert view.

Excellent motivational article, will definitely read this more often to strengthen my trading abilities. Keep up the good work Nial. Thanks Nial,you are simple very great SVG. Printing this out and putting this above my screen; thanks Nial, you are truly helping me with trading and being a better person in life.

Thanks Nial for the very professional articles you allways post. Being a member of your trading community it was one of my wise decisions ever. This article highlights the importance of having the right mindset, following rules and being disciplined, all of which are key to successful trading. Thanks for putting it together and keep up the good work! Just having kind of a traders-dip, reading your article gives me confidence again.. Man, you know how to motivate people! Excellent list there Nial, thanks.

Indeed, Napolean Hill is one of the greats for me too. His book is littered with marvellous statements. It is also useful to understand his personal story in that it took many, many years and countless disappointments until he became successful himself.

Your articles are always refreshing to my soul. Yes it works, I will apply these with my others. Thank you Nial, I use affirmations all the time. I am a better trader 2day cos of ur mentorship. God bless u dear. Very nice article, I like it very much. I have added all the affirmations to my trading plan, because it is nicely formulated. Excellent material Nial, will be using these on a daily basis for sure!

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Thank you, Nial, great lesson!! Liva August 12, at 7: Will follow your instruction, write them down and read them every single day no matter what Reply. Aris Rimpas June 16, at Elijah April 13, at 8: Nial, you are the best. Bogdan April 9, at 8: Tendayi December 31, at 5: Samuel November 28, at 3: Imran Pathan October 11, at 5: Elvin October 8, at 8: Beatrice September 12, at 9: Ajayi September 3, at 1: Chamberlain April 16, at 5: Keith May 9, at 1: Failure to act and to wait for success guarantees failure.

Izaac Ntlebi April 3, at Rogelio March 4, at 2: Hi Nail, Will certainly add these to my list of affirmations and read them!