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Hi, I'm choosing parts for a new machine to hook up to my TV for watching media files on my computer. The motherboard I'm purchasing has an 8x AGP.I want to install an Ati x700 256MB AGP 4x/8x video card. Will this slot. Posts: 89; Loc: Australia; 3. and keep taking photos. Looks like you do nice work.Experts Exchange > Questions > What to put in my AGP 4x slot. Are there some 8x AGP cards the absolutely WILL not work in a 4x. followed by a hard lock.

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hey I'm going to buy a new pc and i just wondered-does a 4X AGP slot support a 8X AGP compatible video card? And does any PSU fit in any pc?.How do I know if a AGP Graphic Card will work with my Dell 4100 System?. DDR AGP 4X/8X Graphics Card ($70) Will these work in my. I mount on an AGP 8x slot? 2.I only have 1 agp slot 1.0 it has a 2x 32mb agp tnt2 card in it right now. Should work fine. I've used my Radeon 8500 (AGP 4x) in a 2x slot before.

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I put a 6200 into an older athlon 1.4ghz machine without any problems. Most games work without problems 1024x768 full max settings. AGP 8x card in 4x slot?.A quick question.Would a AGP x8 be compatible with a AGP 4x slot? Would this work?.

Looking to buy an AGP graphics card and they are all pretty much 8x. My current card is 2x so am assuming it's a 2x slot? So question is, will an 8x AGP.

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AGP 4x slots accept AGP 8x cards and vice versa (they are both 1.5 volts). Also you won't see any loss in performance (running 8x card in a 4x slot) unless you use a Nvidia Quadro card which benefit using 8x slot.

Does my AGP 4X slot limit me to a 4X video card? Will a video card with a 4X/8X AGP description work? Is it a waste of money to get a video card ra. 491404.

Will a 8x AGP card work in a 4x slot? Can I put an NVIDIA FX 5200 AGP 8x card (from my G5) into an older G4 with AGP 4x slot? My guess is NO (keyed differntly maybe?).The AGP card should work no problem. As to it being a 8X or 4X I have no idea. When I build a system for someone or update it 9 times out of 10 I use the parts they.

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Another feature of this Motherboard is the lock near the top of the AGP slot as. card into an AGP 4x or AGP 8x slot,. Installing Video Cards in AGP Slots.My mobo is Soyo SY845PE ISA, which only has 4x AGP slot (1.5v). Will GeForce 6800 AGP work on my mobo? From what I read, an XFX 6800 has AGP 4x / 8x interface, which.Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for 512MB Memory DDR2 AGP 4x/8x Computer Graphics Cards. 4X/8X AGP slot available on the. WORK WITH AGP.Just wondering if a 8X AGP video card will work in a 2/4X AGP slot? Thanks @!.Basically as long as your motherboard has an AGP 2.0 slot, any FX series card should work with it, but only run up to the maximum 4x speed. If you've got a 1.0 slot though, your choices will be limited to 3.3v cards with 2 notches.Will 8X AGP work in 4X slot? Just wondering, Because im planning on buying a "VisionTek Radeon HD 2600 Pro 512MB AGP Graphics Card" And it says AGP.

8x in a 4x agp slot - Page 3. Please register or login. There are 0 registered and 1112 anonymous users currently online. Current bandwidth usage: 326.30 kbit/s.. [Problem] Will an AGP 8X card function in an AGP 4X slot? New. motherboard with an AGP 4X slot and let all. only other AGP board I have left. Will it work?.Using an 8X agp card in a 4X slot. Why or why not? Is there a way to lower the voltage to the AGP slot down to.8 to make it work(or another way),.AGP 8x/4x work on pci slot. if a ATI Radeon 9550 Graphics 256MB AGP 8x/4x would fit in a dell 2400. An AGP card will not work in a PCI slot.

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hi all,i have some questions about AGP graphics slot. 1. what is the diference between AGP 4x and AGP 8x? 2. can i put AGP 8x graphics card in AGP 4x slot?.

Radeon 9600XT in 4x AGP. OWC and others have modified 8x 9600 pro cards to work in 4x AGP G4's. otherwise you'll need to take it out of the AGP slot one way or.My mobo supports agp 4x, I can use a video card that is 4x/8x right?. Loc: Maryland; 3+ Months. If I have a 2x/4x agp slot, a 4x/8x Radeon 9600 Pro will work.The AGP 3.0 specification defined 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x speeds with the 1.5v keyed connector or a 1.5v AGP Universal / Pro connector. Each up-grade is a supper-set of the 1x mode, so 4x will also support the 1x speed. The base clock rate is 66MHz, but to achieve to 2x, 4x, and 8x speeds the clock is doubled each time.

Will an AGP 8X graphics card work in an AGP 4X slot? Answer / Solution: NVIDIA based graphic cards which support AGP 8x mode (Accelerated Graphics Port).8x in a 4x agp slot - Page 2. Please register or login. There are 0 registered and 1306 anonymous users currently online. Current bandwidth usage: 326.30 kbit/s.Forum discussion: MB - Gigabyte GA6VTXD (VIA Chipset) (4x AGP Support) Old Vid Card - ATI 4x Rage Fury Pro VIVO 32 MB New Vid Card - XFX 8x GF4Ti4200 VIVO 128MB DDR.Comment It will work, if it is compatible with the signalling voltage on the motherboard (1.5v for AGP 1x, 2x and 4x), but it will only work at up to the 4x that your motherboard is capable of. You may need to change your BIOS settings for AGP= 4x to obtain maximum performance from your motherboard and graphics card.

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