Black Desert Vell Sea Monster Guide

BDO bosses have really bad mechanics. My stats when I got dandelion after 4 tries. Just keep trying to get at least 1 karanda kill a day man.

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Dulfy 4 Comments Jan 24, Vell will be making its first appearance this Sunday in Black Desert Online. Here is what you need to know to defeat it. Every Sunday between Please allow some time for this enormous monster to make its way to the ocean surface. This will give you some time to group together, change servers if necessary, and sail towards Margoria.

When Vell is breaking free, the weather will turn cloudy and rain will fall, and another alert message will appear on all servers. About 10 minutes before Vell finally break free, there will be a giant whirlpool near where it will appear. This whirlpool can cause a lot of damage, so please be cautious. When Vell finally breaks free, it will be surrounded by rocky structures jutting out from the ocean in a rough circle. Breach into its bounds at your own risk. Question Why does everyone act like dande is the easiest thing in the world to get?

Is there something I'm missing? Participated in about 30 karandas spawn window op and only got loot on 4 or 5 because of the sheer amount of people there. Running blue awakening wep, but I'm hesitant to put more into it because dande is just so much better. Do I just keep praying for a drop or is there something else I'm not seeing? You're at a massive disadvantage, if you can't compete in the night times. Most of the people in my guild got their dandelions in the night, because of far less people competing.

So, time to quit that job and leave the family you have. It is very difficult to keep up with those people. Just keep trying to get at least 1 karanda kill a day man. I got lucky on my first karanda a month or so back. If you want boss gear from bosses you gotta show up to a ridiculous number of them if you want an actual drop. Sure there's people who get lucky, randomly decide to show up, get a box or get multiple boxes in same run but your average person you just gotta throw as many attempts as it as you can.

Took me 70 auras before I got a drop, and then I was at 92 auras by second drop. Now I'm close to 3rd with Auras for Dande. But that was attending most of the Karanda spawns since she came out with the Warrior Awakening. Otherwise it's all about throwing large, large sums of money at your problem. Night Vendor you can buy them up to m.

Market will vary in price but expect to pay a lot more in general. My stats when I got dandelion after 4 tries. I got pretty lucky with mine. Set up pre order mil and went to sleep. Woke up went to work, came home, got one in mailbox. I also had Item Drop Increase Scroll used don't know if that had an effect.

Those who commited heavily into World Bosses are fighting up to 6 Karandas per day 3 channels, twice a day. Dandes and Kzarkas are really easy for someone who already dropped one. But until then it seems like it's never gonna drop for you. Karanda never rarely lasts 15min on NA servers or is there some type of channel change skip I don't know about? Also twice a day is exaggerated, she is what? Some times it takes her over 20 hours to respawn. But once you do get one you stop caring about a second one and after a week or more of having one it just seems soo easy without the stress of hoping one would drop.

Moreover i never get loot on the 2nd one because there is literally a gazillion people on the channels that are still alive. Unless you wake up at am to kill it of course, but who's got time for that.

I agree, he's full of shit. Karanda doesn't spawn twice per day, and you are only getting 3 Karanda's per spawn if she happens to spawn in off-peak hours. Even during off peak she can die quick if it is toward the end of her window. The trick is to play on a crowded channel, to kill first spawn ASAP this is usually why big guilds on EU have their "main channels" , swap to a second channel, and then after 15 min you might be ready to tag the 3rd Karanda.

I'm talking about extreme situations "up to 6 Karandas". In your original post you are talking about how easy it is to get Dandes and making the point that people are doing up to 6 Karanda's per day. Now you are saying that it is an "extreme situation" to be able to get 6 Karanda's in a day.

I agree that it is extremely rare to get get 6 per day, so rare that it shouldn't have even been mentioned in your first post. I'll say that during peak times the start on a crowded channel approach is bad.

Heard some ppl have been using an exploit to switch channels without a cooldown. Didn't look into it though. Wow didn't realize I'm missing out on so many; karanda never seems to spawn when I play. Guess I just have to play longer then lol.

Are you using http: You're playing a numbers game, engage more karandas, during 1 spawn u should be hitting 2 to 3 of them.