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Protocol. Sheikh Mohammed issues decision to promote officers of Dubai's Directorate General Of Civil Defence. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President, Prime.

OSA Presense 1st prize in startup pitch competition. Watching the two little lion cubs boisterously play with each other at a conservation centre outside of South Africa's.

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Anna has three higher educations. She is also the author of several articles for professional media. Vlad is an effective leader with 20 years of global professional experience. His functional expertise combines know-how in sales, marketing, business development and consulting. Elena has over 15 years of experience in the FMCG sector with hands-on knowledge in purchasing and sales.

She also has experience in both emerging Russia and CIS and developed markets Nordic coutries, Europe , as well as extensive experience in large-scale change management, indluding mergers and acquisitions. Her career started in in purchasing at Mars Russia. Within 5 years, she became a Purchasing Director of Danone Russia. She spent another 5 years in this role, and starting in , she was put in charge of a business purchased in a company merger. During the past 10 years has been immersed in East Asian culture while living and working in China and Asia.

Anton's professional background includes business development within the Chinese-Russian business and a successful career in finance. He has mastered Chinese language Mandarin and developed a deep understanding of Asian values, ethics, and business culture. As an administrative and communications director, Evgenia ensures that CEO and business negotiations run efficiently and that the CEO's strategies and agreements are implemented successfully.

Starting her successful career in the music industry as a songwriter and producer, she became interested in Israeli startups and innovation, working as a community, PR, and content manager.

There are plenty of other engaging media through which people can spread information and promote new ideas. During her years as a designer, Annette has created more than 40 logos, drafted several thousand pages of promotional leaflets, and crafted more than 20 unique web designs for companies like Caparol and Alpina.

Because to Annette, one eye-catching, enticing design is worth a thousand words. Denis is a successful executive with experience in setting up and managing business operations, as well as developing effective and efficient distribution systems for FMCG products with a focus on CIS, European, and Asian markets.

He also has extensive experience in general and key account management, supervising marketing activities, and leading winning sales team. Denis has a proven track record of hands-on management. Denis' experience also include industrial and commercial property management as well as fashion design and distribution business. Denis holds University degrees in marketing and International business. Yulia has more than 10 years of experience in human resources with a special focus on the IT industry.

Her strengths lie in recruitment and adaptation strategies, employee motivation, training and development, HR branding, and HR training. Yulia holds a university degree in human resource management.

His key expertise includes strategic transformation, integration, big data architecture, and platform delivery. Andrey's strengths include managing architecture for complex global delivery programs, working to introduce positive delivery momentum, and helping businesses to achieve program goals. Andrey's skills also encompass security, IT strategy, management, trading systems, and project portfolio management.

In the last 5 years, Andrey has successfully introduced and improved DevOps practices at a leading Russian telecommunications company and a global investment bank. He has also been applying himself in investment banking, telecommunications and digital sectors. Andrey has a university degree in IT management and security. Professor Myagkov has over 20 years of teaching experience in the United States.

He is also a professor at Moscow State University and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Skoltech , where he founded a number of its first innovation and academic programs. Leonid is a true believer in the cross-functional team work that aims at achieving the best business results at the optimal cost. His passion is people and collaborative and integrated work beyond functional or company borders. Kikuchi worked for a smartphone maker for eight years, serving as a software design and development manager.

After that, he became fascinated with blockchain technology and began breaking into the industry in Japan. Currently, he is president of an online cryptocurrency community of 18,, an educational sphere that spreads knowledge of cryptocurrencies throughout the world. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science. Nikolay is an applied problems solver with a versatile background that covers pure science, software development, machine learning, and business understanding.

As a research fellow, Nikolay co- authored the following articles: Remarks on mass transportation minimizing expectation of a minimum of affine functions.

Theory of Stochastic Processes, 21 37 , Maximization of functionals depending on the terminal value and the running maximum of a martingale: Theory of Stochastic Processes, 22 38 , In his spare time, Nikolay develops the ReadingBricks project https: The project will likely evolve into a system that automatically compiles personalized tutorials tailored to users needs.

Alexsey is an experienced developer and leader with extensive expertise in telecommunications, medical hardware, retail, and blockchain applications and solutions. Aleksey holds a university degree in computer science.

Yuriy's career is marked by paradigm shifts from traditional products to a digital services, marketing research to industrial forcasting, local business models to global market start-ups, as well as creating new experiences and market designs. The sum of his experince includes 15 years in qualitative and quantitative market research, 10 years in creating product concepts differentiation and positioning , 6 years in IT product management, 6 years in business analysis for retail, FMCG, and education, and 6 years in UX conceptual design.

Vadim is a "deep diver" in the FMCG market with 7 years of industry experience. He boasts expertise in FMCG market research, category management for manufactuers, and category management for retailers. During the course of his career, Vadim has been responsible for auditng retail data at Nielsen, followed by managing market and shopper research teams at Mars.

Vadim is a Moscow State University graduate with a degree in mathematics and economics. By his own estimation, Valentin is a captain of the FMCG industry with over 10 years in retail experience as the head of business improvement at X5 Retail Group. In this position, he had a special focus on promotional strategies, assortment management, pricing, and supply chain. His other experince includes a few years with a systems integration company that specialized in transportation, warehouse, and workforce management systems for Russian retail companies.

He has university degrees in engineering and economics. Oleksii has over 6 years of experience in data mining and predictive analytics. He started his career as data analyst at where he worked on a model for proceeds prediction from overdue consumer debt portfolios. Oleksii has a masters degree in engineering. Darina is an experienced product manager, product developer, and entrepreneur who fast-tracks innovations from their early stages to their market debuts. Following her 15 years of experience as a brand and product manager, marketing executive, business developer, and unit leader, Darina is now focused on emerging technologies AI, machine learning, IoT, blockchain, big data, data science, scientific research as well as cross-disciplinary projects.

Her cross-cultural and open mindset, along with her enthusiastic approach, has allowed businesses operating in various economic sectors to get a better feel for their customers and adjust their business models, as well as produce product features that match the arising market opportunities. Darina is a strong team leader and a seasoned expert in establishing long-term partnerships, building distribution networks for non-conventional products and services, and developing business branches from scratch.

She speaks 5 languages. Andrey has more than 7 years of experience in enterprise project development, and he has successfully implemented more than 15 projects in 5 different countries. Andrey's main areas of expertise are high load and big data. He started his carreer as a systems engineer in Baden, going on later to become the lead developer at OpenInfluence.

His next move took him to OpenInfluence's mobile department where he implemented and improved applications for large-scale news platforms. There, he proved himself as a leader who created and managed a successful technical team of 12 people. Andrey graduated from National Aviation University with master's degree in computer science. Alexey has been developing different web IT solutions for more than 7 years.

In addition, he has holistic experience in engineering, implementing, and optimizing web products, but he mostly focuses on backend and databases. In , Alexey started to develop the first prototype of OSA HP solutions and is now one of the project's leading backend developers. Alexey holds university degrees in economics and finance. Evgeny has 5 years of analytical experience in large companies. He started at Raiffeisenbank Aval as an analyst focucing on process automation and improvement. Afterwards, he joined Volia Group, a leading telecommunications provider in the Ukraine, as a lead analyst and later on as head of the analytical department.

Evgey has a univesity degree in cyber economics. Artem has 8 years of programming and systems analysis experience. The last 3 years of his career were specifically dedicated to data science applications. Prior to this, his experience includes 3 years as a scientist at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, where he developed the Dynamic System Relization Theory, and 2 years at Schlumberger where he acquired and processed geophysical data and improved technical process.

Artem has a university degree with honors in applied mathematics. He has also completed a 2-year Yandex Data School.

Don is an accomplished retail operations and merchandising executive who thrives on the challenge of building successful retail operations by using proven and cutting-edge innovations in multi-cultural environments.

He has indisputable expertise in retail strategy and tactical execution, and has built a skillset for maximizing profitability through building, coaching, and leading management teams to deliver business success.

Don has spent more than 50 years in various roles with Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, developing operating systems, training, working in human resources, and managing store operations.

Rick has developed and led critical security programs at Apple and formerly served as the Chief Information Security Officer at eBay. This approach produces meaningful and proactive results with a measurable return on investments. With a multifaceted background and expertise, Rick aligns security with real business opportunities, creating solutions that enable businesses to achieve their goals and objectives.

Alla is an enthusiastic experimentor with blockchain, all fiat alternatives, cloning, AI, AEI, humanoids. Moe Levin is the Chief Executive Officer of Keynote, an investor in high-tech startups, and an advisor to governments, regulators, banks, and venture-backed companies.

He's a recognized expert in entrepreneurship including entrepreneurial education , startup methods, innovation management, and technology development. Throughout his career, Gary has consulted for numerous international companies and startups, and he also has extensive experience with fund raising through a successful IPO CKSW.

His thorough experience as an entrepeneur, executive, and business advisor has made him one of the most sought-after speakers in the Eastern European region, wherein he has given his own TEDX talk and served as a keynote speaker for numerous international conferences and engagements. His merits have also led him to be one of the most awarded individuals in his area of business.

Kihoon Lee has professional expertise in education, the cryptocurrency industry, and business strategy development. After 18 years of developing and running education businesses, he began working in the blockchain space in after he saw the vast potential the future of the cryptocurrency market promises.

In , he launched an AI-driven trading bot software, and now, he runs one of the largest GPU mining farms in Korea. Founded in , his first education business began as a private language tutoring institute in South Korea, and over the course of 15 years, it scaled to accommodate over 1, franchised institutes nationwide. In , he developed software for an IMT automated language learning system, eventually acquiring three patents for the invention.

He is managing five Chinese language schools in Korea and plans to expand this educational network to overseas countries in the near future. Bruce is a well-known investor in venture capital.

He earned his Master Degree of Economics from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, one of the top academic research institutions in mainland China.

Bruce has been focusing on the blockchain industry since and has successfully invested in more than 30 high-quality projects. In the primary market, he is an equity investor who concentrates on the medical, pet, and blockchain industries. Wei Zijie is an Angel investor who entered the blockchain industry in and has invested in projects in total.

As an early proponent of securities tokens in China, he has a deep understanding of security token offerings and their business models.

Sabir has a strong background in various fields including work in real sector, consulting, blockchain and crypto. He has acquired bachelor's and master's degrees with diplomas summa cum laude in the Lomonosov MSU. Sabir also studied and lived in Madrid for a short period of time.

Barry Leventhal is an eminent marketing statistician who has worked in the information industry for more than 30 years. Barry has consulted on advanced analytics for major companies in telco, retail, financial services, and other industry sectors. Leventhal has a Ph. In a commercial setting, he had to apply this question to business-minded activities such as productivity tools creation, products, and services.

In the s, Dr. Gershman led the designing and implementation of the first production-quality automated Natural Language Processing system, which handled international money transfer telexes for Citibank. When he joined Accenture in , he created a lab that explored the use of multimedia for knowledge management and training.

While as Accenture, he also helped build early, pre-web prototypes of interactive multimedia-based e-commerce applications. More recently, he has realized that the ubiquitous intelligent services will not be achieved without significant advances in Language Technologies. At the end of , Dr.

He received his Ph. His primary research interests are geometric modeling and scientific computing. His research focuses include: Pavel has over 17 years of extensive experience in FMCG-retail.

His role was Operations Director and he was member of the Management Board. He was responsible for management of 6 Manufacturing sites, planning, logistics, customer service and purchasing.

He leaded the team of people. Also Pavel has Master of Sport in Swimming. She loves taking up challenges while developing and growing innovative projects into real-life products.

Currently, Ioana serves as COO of KrowdMentor, a strategic investment and advisory firm empowering blockchain investors, funds, startups, and entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

With an expertise in token design and white paper creation, she has worked on multiple successful Initial Coin Offerings ICOs. Alexander specializes in supporting technological projects. He has extensive experience in financial law and securitization and carries out strategic management of complex litigation projects.

The Legal and Chambers Europe list Alexander among their recommended lawyers each year. Volodymyr holds a Ph. He also has more than 16 years of experience in international financial law and advocacy. Volodymyr is a sharp and experienced blockchain entrepreneur who has a profound background in design, a history of developing, and a penchant for leading wide-scale blockchain projects.

He has outstanding knowledge in such fields as FinTech including ICO and cryptocurrencies , blockchain, and e-commerce. All of this knowledge is coupled with the remarkable management skills that he acquired as a partner at a law firm. For two years, Dmytro was one of the top executives within the Ukraine military defense industry after its large-scale reform had been launched by the government in Hacken aims to provide information security services and improve global cybersecurity standards.

He speaks four languages. Yegor is an experienced startup founder with a proven track record of working in the information services industry. In his most recent endeavor, he co-founded Hacken, a community-driven business organization and specialized software provider that is primarily focused on cybersecurity professionals and projects.

Yegor speaks 4 languages. Anton has a combination of retail and financial advisory experience. In , Anton joined Magnit, the largest Russian grocer, to work as Deputy Commercial Director for food and, later on, for non-food purchasing. In , Anton moved on and is currently assisting with various consulting projects.