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Season 3, Episode 20 Original Airdate: Beginning of the End. An Air Force pilot attempts to gain the respect of his father. Beware the dolphins, after Mike and the crew of the Satellite of Love decide to mock their intelligence! Season 9, Episode 2 Original Airdate:

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Investment Policy. The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing at least 80% of assets in equity securities of undervalued companies having a market capitalization of more than 2.

A hero and his loser friend are transplanted to the planet of Gor and are soon caught up in an evil sorcerer's plot in Outlaw. Mike and the Bots are inspired to perform the song "Tubular Boobular Joy" because of the amount of skin shown by characters in the movie. Only this year, the Devil is charging the impish demon Pitch with the nefarious task of preventing Santa from completing his mission. With the aid of three naughty brothers, can Pitch actually succeed?

Or will the power of Christmas prevail? When some rebellious teenagers led by Beau Bridges steal and consume his concoction, they take over the town, and the generation gap takes a turn for the worse.

Not to worry, though — Mike, Tom and Crow bring them down to size with a barrage of funny riffs for our viewing pleasure. Counterintelligence takes on a new meaning in this barely coherent tale of Hawaiian espionage that takes place on movie sets meant to look like Hawaii. Diamond Head before this deadly pilot from legendary TV producer Quinn Martin was unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

Lives could have been saved — at least from boredom. Fortunately for us, Mike, Crow and Tom manage to sneak some really funny wisecracks into the script, not only neutralizing its odor but actually converting this TV movie into a work of art.

While Mike and the Bots wrestle with Santo vs. In the immortal Ed Wood Jr. Riff in the hole! Science fiction horror erupts after a manned rocket crashes back down to Earth, killing the astronaut inside. But when the astronaut returns to life, controlled by mysterious alien embryos, the mother creature will do anything to protect her spawn! A second helping from Producer Robert L. Lippert is probably more than most can keep down. During his downtime, he falls for a blind woman and engages in some light felony by stealing to pay for an operation to restore her sight.

She may regret that. Includes the short film The Chicken Of Tomorrow. Remember the stylish sequence in Casino that takes us through the mechanics of the operation?

After a lifetime of constant abuse--both emotional and physical--by those around him, young Billy Duncan stumbles across an abandoned alien weapon that provides him with the ultimate method of revenge. But the weapon's power source begins to mutate Billy's mind and body, and soon no one can stop the deadly creature's terrifying rampage. Robot celebrate the end of seven hysterical seasons by watching one of the worst films ever made.

Real-life female wrestlers Peaches Page, world champion Clara Mortensen and Mexican champion Rita Martinez—as you've never seen them before—star in this sinister tale of deceit, drugs, prostitution and smackdowns! In this hysterical episode from MST3K's sixth season, Mike Nelson, Crow and Tom Servo challenge the "gorgeous gals of the ring" for the comedy championship of the galaxy! The riffs onboard the Satellite of Love—or the Racket Girls themselves?

A couple of slackers stumble across a cult of monsters at a carnival and becomes a killing zombie. An escaped convict and his two pals take part in the Bay of Pigs invasion, then return home with a plan to get rich. Death Ray features a slick secret agent investigating an evil organization that stole a top secret death ray.

Tom makes his own death ray for peaceful use but caves in to the pressure to use it on Crow. Later, the Bots stage an episode of "This is your life" for Mike and Crow shows off his sunglasses designs. The doll walks on his own. It talks on his own. And even threatens the audience on his own. But is Hugo the real villain? Or could it be his ventriloquist owner? Party it up with the S. After a devastating atomic test, Joseph Javorsky, a defecting Russian scientist, is transformed into a murderous radioactive beast.

Can desert patrolmen Jim Archer and Joe Dobson stop the creature before it kills again? Party the afternoon away with the SOL crew and their white trash neighbors as they celebrate the arrival of yet another riff-worthy movie from Deep 13! Starring none other than Ed Wood veteran Tor Johnson as the beast himself. How could Marvel have missed this character?

Where is the J. This little sci-fi miracle follows the discovery by a young paleontologist that he is actually a flying man-god, endowed with the powers of a puma. Our hero is the latest in a line of Pumamen, descended from aliens and destined to protect a really important mask. As happens to all powerful, mind-controlling masks, it eventually falls into the hands of Donald Pleasence.

But first he must eliminate its guardian. Our guardians, Mike and the bots, are not only on watch but on fire. Their relentless riffs may not control our minds, but they definitely control our funny bones. While on an archaeological dig in Arizona, a workman is accidentally injured on the skeletal remains of what is believed to be a werewolf. Within hours, he begins showing the deadly signs of lycanthropy, prompting his foreman to begin conspiring to create his own live werewolf.

And you can be sure the crew of the Satellite of Love will take advantage of every single one. Opportunistic English salvage divers Joe Ryan and Sam Slade are searching for treasure from a ship near the small island of Nara, which is off the west coast of Ireland. After an underwater eruption in which their ship is damaged, they go ashore where they meet McCartin, a secretive Government employee who discourages them from staying.

Their interest in the area is reinforced when one of their divers surfaces with gold coins in his hand. However, they become alarmed when he dies from what seems to be fright. After further undersea disturbances a foot-tall monster emerges from the sea and unleashes its wrath.

Stella Dickens concludes the recent string of grisly deaths and demolished boats can't be the result of any known marine creature, she sets out to capture the beast, a genetically created bioweapon that must be kept secret Beware the dolphins, after Mike and the crew of the Satellite of Love decide to mock their intelligence!

Mike and the 'bots learn the 80s were worse than they thought as they endure the putrid sci-fi epic, Space Mutiny. A grandfather tells his grandson several horrifying stories involving the wizard Merlin and a stolen monkey doll in Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders. Their dinosaurs were trained as trackers.

Their humans were bred as slaves. Now one of those slaves has escaped and a master race of cyborgs from the future has come to Earth's present to find him, triggering a war against a group of vigilantes, street gangs and drug lords.

Released only two years prior to MST3K's episode, Future War was the most recent film ridiculed by the Satellite of Love crew, proving once and for all that movies aren't always turned bad by age. Some are simply born that way. Seeking revenge against those responsible for stripping him of his tenure and the denial of human research subjects, Dr.

Z mutates himself into a hideous — and murderous — half-human-half-fish-like creature! A dour production of Shakespeare's play produced for German TV. A prince returns home for his father's funeral and doesn't like what he finds.

A group of showgirls and their manager wash up on a deserted island after their plane crashes in the ocean. Season 1, Episode 1 Original Airdate: Season 1, Episode 5 Original Airdate: Season 1, Episode 7 Original Airdate: Season 1, Episode 8 Original Airdate: Season 1, Episode 10 Original Airdate: Season 1, Episode 11 Original Airdate: Season 1, Episode 12 Original Airdate: Season 1, Episode 13 Original Airdate: Season 2, Episode 2 Original Airdate: Season 2, Episode 3 Original Airdate: Season 2, Episode 5 Original Airdate: Season 2, Episode 6 Original Airdate: Season 2, Episode 7 Original Airdate: Season 2, Episode 9 Original Airdate: Season 2, Episode 10 Original Airdate: Season 3, Episode 13 Original Airdate: Season 3, Episode 10 Original Airdate: Time of the Apes.

Season 3, Episode 6 Original Airdate: First Spaceship on Venus. Season 2, Episode 11 Original Airdate: Season 3, Episode 7 Original Airdate: Season 3, Episode 14 Original Airdate: Season 3, Episode 3 Original Airdate: Season 3, Episode 18 Original Airdate: A mad scientist creates havock when an experiment to stop the aging process goes awry. Season 3, Episode 20 Original Airdate: The Castle of Fu Manchu. The Castle of Fu Manchu tries to conquer the world by turning all water into ice.

Season 3, Episode 23 Original Airdate: The Giant Gila Monster. A "Giant Gila Monster" wreaks havoc. Season 4, Episode 2 Original Airdate: Teenagers from Outer Space. Season 4, Episode 4 Original Airdate: Attack of the Giant Leeches.

Season 4, Episode 6 Original Airdate: Season 4, Episode 9 Original Airdate: Hercules Against the Moon Men. Season 4, Episode 10 Original Airdate: Season 4, Episode 11 Original Airdate: Season 4, Episode 13 Original Airdate: Warrior of the Lost World.

Season 5, Episode 1 Original Airdate: Season 4, Episode 14 Original Airdate: Season 5, Episode 2 Original Airdate: Season 4, Episode 15 Original Airdate: Season 5, Episode 3 Original Airdate: Crash of the Moons. Secret Agent Super Dragon. Season 5, Episode 4 Original Airdate: Three coffee shop customers help an owner rob an armored car.

Season 4, Episode 19 Original Airdate: Season 5, Episode 6 Original Airdate: The search for an astronaut on an alien planet. Season 4, Episode 21 Original Airdate: I Accuse My Parents. Season 5, Episode 7 Original Airdate: The Day The Earth Froze. Season 4, Episode 22 Original Airdate: Season 5, Episode 8 Original Airdate: Bride of the Monster.

Season 4, Episode 23 Original Airdate: Season 5, Episode 10 Original Airdate: Season 5, Episode 12 Original Airdate: The Wild Wild World of Batwoman. Season 5, Episode 15 Original Airdate: Beginning of the End.

Season 5, Episode 17 Original Airdate: Season 5, Episode 18 Original Airdate: Season 5, Episode 19 Original Airdate: Season 5, Episode 20 Original Airdate: Season 5, Episode 21 Original Airdate: Allowing flexibility into nearly any type of vehicle, these 5.

Gauge housings machined from aluminum, finished in flawless chrome plating. Completely engineered and manufactured at our facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the VHX Series has completely revolutionized the instrumentation industry! Dakota Digital instrument systems are designed to utilize a stock or aftermarket fuel level sensor. If a universal or replacement sensor is desired, the SEN is a great choice. Older control boxes with metal housings are not compatible with the BIM modules.

Wiring and Setup Manual. CST request a technician dakotasupport dakotadigital. If you don't already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files, you can download it for free from the Acrobat Download Page or by clicking the icon below.

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Each number, tick mark, annunciator, needle, indicator and digital message center is lit by a series of LEDs behind the gauge face.