Teradata Parallel Transporter #1 – Basics

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The scale can range from 0 to 38 but it must be less than or equal to the precision. Double Represents a bit double-precision number. Number Represents a fixed or floating point decimal. SmallInt Represents a bit 2-Byte signed integer.

Decimal can only support a decimal that has a precision up to 29 and scale up to The Teradata Database can support a decimal that has a precision up to 38 and scale up to SByte is not CLS-compliant. Byte is an unsigned 8-bit integer. This includes the following types of operations: Arithmetic add, subtract, divide, etc Comparison equal, less than, greater than, etc See these links for more information on multiple systems architecture:.

Markhay - thanks for getting back. Works like a charm and are aware of your 'issues'. At partners, we tried to find anyone that has done or are doing this with no luck - but doesn't mean that some one is. Thanks again for confirming this. Keep me informed of your progress. This seems like a good presentation for the Teradata Partners Conference. Will keep you posted and if we have issues, can we get with you?

We'll start working on our 'roll out' of the strategy in Jan. The current situation is good for this approach as we'll be loading two different copies of STAGE data for Production eventually on two different systems and if one fails, we want both to fail - need to keep them in 'sync', etc.!

Also, we plan on submitting an abstratct for Partners and this will be part of it. Yes, feel free to contact me if you have issues. Filter the communication through your Teradata account team. This looks like a pretty cool application of Parallel Transporter. Not sure if anyone will see this posting after such a long time. I am new to TPT scripting although have used the 'old-school' tools for many years. You made a comment about using mutliple readers for a very large file:.

Do you have any examples of this? I took a class a while back, but this type of file read was not discussed, and I can find no examples in the manual. Anyone know this issue with Teradata So far i have only used SQL assistant. Community Downloads Forums Blogs. Teradata Studio Express Getting row counts Wolfgang, Studio Sorry for the delay.

I am not aware of any problems with loading a volatile table. New opportunities for statistics collection in Teradata It explores the product ca After watching this presen The whole data mining process, e. Teradata began to market with the term " big data " in CTO Stephen Brobst attributed the rise of big data to "new media sources, such as social media.

The rise of big data resulted in many traditional data warehousing companies updating their products and technology. Media related to Teradata at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved March 11, Retrieved December 7, The San Diego Union-Tribune. Archived from the original on October 18, New strategy to mean 'double digit' growth".

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