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And FS Multi-Trend on the same bar. Jika anda rasa down sebab selalu loss. Easily create horizontal lines by 1 key stroke, choose the color of the resistance line and the support line, the indicator automatically changes the color when a line is crossed, you can be alerted when a line is crossed. Auf ein paar der Roboter auf filetram.

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Also, the clock shows you how much time has passed since the beginning of the candle being formed. This indicator uses the algorithm of tracking price movement on several time ranges and determining the strength and direction of the current trend of the pair. Thick red and green bars signal a strong trend, while thin light green and light red bars signal a weakening of the trend and a possible change in direction.

These indicators are based on the algorithm for combining so-called oscillators such as RSI, Momentum and Stochastic in order to show the conditions of overbought and oversold over time bands larger than the one on which we trade. When you change the time range on the chart, you need to reload the template so that it matches the new time ranges, otherwise the chart will display incorrect oscillators. Forex Trading Oscillators always show from top to bottom the current time range and the next three higher time ranges.

On the left, in the indicator window, the time range is visible. This indicator allows you to select certain time zones of the day. I highlight the European London and New York sessions, since it is during these sessions that the largest volume of trades is registered. You can adjust this indicator at your discretion by changing the beginning and end of the time interval. You can also trade on 5-minute charts, but you should remember the fact that there is a lot of noise on this time range, which will lead to an increase in the number of losing trades.

You can also trade other currency pairs, but the major currency pairs seem to give the best combination of volume and stability for this system. Open positions than using minute and hourly charts, however on them you will receive much more false signals. You need to determine your predisposition to risk and then choose a time range. Personally, I prefer to trade on minute charts. Since this system is an intraday system, it is better for you to choose the watch with the largest volume for trading.

It is about the European and the first hours of the New York sessions approximately from If you can not trade at this time, you can try to trade in pairs, which include the Japanese yen during the Tokyo session starting at 2: You can find out how the currency pair behaves and how it reacts to economic reports, having worked with it for a certain time.

If you have learned how to trade a currency pair, choose another one. Practice, therefore, until you learn how to trade several currency pairs simultaneously. However, the limitations of your processor can limit the number of traded currency pairs, since FOREX Trading requires a lot of "brains" for constant calculations. If you see that the computer "slows down" or "hangs", then you will have to close some of the graphs. There is only one simple login in this system. FS Oscillator can be bright red or dark red.

The opposite is true for a purchase transaction. It is worth noting that not necessarily all four conditions must be observed at the same time. You need to wait until all indicators turn red or green. The faster the indicators are the same, the higher the probability that you will enter into a lucrative deal with a large price move.

Indicators are designed in such a way as to filter false movements and protect the trader from losing trades. It is better to lose a few pips at the very beginning of the movement than to open a losing trade. So, after the arrow of the indicator FS Entry Arrows with Alerts appeared, we should check the indications of other indicators.

If all the indicators are consistent, then we accept the signal to the input. In the first case, after the appearance of the red arrow, none of the indicators confirmed the signal.

In this case, you can not open a sell order. Then a green arrow appeared. All the indicators quickly turned green. We open this position. As a result of several hours, it could bring you about 60 pips, and at the end of the day more than pips. A few thoughts about the entrances. You can trade on the FOREX Trading system at any time, however the probability of success increases or decreases depending on the time of day when you trade.

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GO von Liteforex verwenden, kann ich sagen, dass es ein Super-Bonus ist, weil ich. Thread starter Invitation to the discussion Start date May 28, Tags download indicator trend ultra. Invitation to the discussion New Member May 28, I propose to discuss it! Click to post on this thread Possible pre-conditions for start the discussion: Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed Free download Indicator i Trend mq4 for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5.

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