National Stock Exchange of India

The system of system of ownership was grossly inefficient as every transfer wiki physical movement of paper securities online the issuer for bse, with the change of ownership being evidenced by an endorsement on the security certificate.

Trading many cases the process wiki transfer would take much longer than the two months stipulated in the Companies Act, and a significant proportion of transactions would end up as bad delivery due to faulty compliance system paper work. The futures and options segment of NSE has made a global mark. Organization of Stock Exchanges. National Stock Exchange of India Limited. As the number of brokers increased, they had to shift from place to place, but they always overflowed to the streets.

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Bombay Stock Exchange, commonly referred to as the BSE, (Bombay Śhare Bāzaār) is a stock exchange located on Dalal Street, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is the 11th largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalisation as of 31 December [2].

This system also provides complete market information on-line. The market screens at any point of time provide complete information as to. Total order depth in a security. The best five buys and sells in the market. The quantity traded during the day in that security. The high and the low price for each security. Nifty 50 index was launched in by the NSE. Economic Times estimated that as of April , 60 million 6 crore retail investors had invested their savings in stocks in India, either through direct purchases of equities or through mutual funds.

NSE was mainly set up in the early s to bring in transparency in the markets. Instead of trading membership being confined to a group of brokers, NSE ensured that anyone who was qualified, experienced and met minimum financial requirements was allowed to trade. The price information which could earlier be accessed only by a handful of people could now be seen by a client in a remote location with the same ease.

The paper-based settlement was replaced by electronic depository-based accounts and settlement of trades was always done on time. One of the most critical changes was that a robust risk management system was set in place, so that settlement guarantees could protect investors against broker defaults.

NSE was set up by a group of leading Indian financial institutions at the behest of the government of India to bring transparency to the Indian capital market. Based on the recommendations laid out by the Pherwani committee, NSE has been established with a diversified shareholding comprising domestic and global investors.

The exchange was incorporated in as a tax-paying company and was recognized as a stock exchange in under the Securities Contracts Regulation Act, , when P. The capital market equities segment of the NSE commenced operations in November , while operations in the derivatives segment commenced in June NSE offers trading, clearing and settlement services in equity, equity derivatives, debt and currency derivatives segments.

It was the first exchange in India to introduce electronic trading facility thus connecting together the investor base of the entire country.

It also allows investors to hold and trade in as few as one share or bond. This not only made holding financial instruments convenient but more importantly, eliminated the need for paper certificates and greatly reduced the incidents of forged or fake certificates and fraudulent transactions that had plagued the Indian stock market.

The NSDL's security, combined with the transparency, lower transaction prices and efficiency that NSE offered, greatly increased the attractiveness of the Indian stock market to domestic and international investors. The futures and options segment of NSE has made a global mark.

NSE is the first Indian exchange to launch global indices. This was the first of its kind of an index of the UK equity stock market launched in India.

The index constitutes This is the first time that retail and institutional investors in Japan will be able to take a view on the Indian markets, in addition to current ETFs, in their own currency and in their own time zone. Investors will therefore not face any currency risk, because they will not have to invest in dollar denominated or rupee denominated contracts.

In order to streamline both online stages of bse process, the Act envisages transfer ownership of securities electronically by book entry bse making the securities exchange from person to person. The Act has made the securities of all public limited companies freely transferable, restricting the company's right to use discretion in effecting the transfer of securities, and the transfer deed and other procedural requirements under the System Act have been dispensed with.

This account settlement period, if it is long leads to several price distortions and allows for bombay manipulation. It increases the chances exchange speculation resulting in volatility, which hurts the small investors.

With the application of IT in the securities market - screen-based trading and trading through stock Internet trading it has been possible to reduce this settlement period.

There are many advantages of holding a demat account. A few important ones' are as below. Shorter settlements thereby enhancing liquidity No stamp duty on system of securities held in demat form. No exchange of Market Lots. Change of name, address, dividend mandate, registration of power of attorney, transmission etc. A few features of a Demat system are: Bombay of Securities Settlement of Securities traded on the exchange as well as stock market transactions Pledging and Hypothecation of Dematerialized Securities Electronic credit in public issue Receipt of non-cash benefits online electronic form.

Trading can send in their grievances to:. Online Trading Mechanism NSE provides its customers with a fully automated screen based trading system known as Online system, in which a member can punch into the computer quantities of securities and the prices at which he likes to transact and the system is executed as soon as it stock a matching sale or buy order from system counter bse.

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