Gold and Silver Buyer’s Guide – United Arab Emirates

Gold Rally To Continue. From the links, it seems that it sometimes happens to coins and bars due to the minting process, but its not something to worry about.

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Secondly, a dealer was selling 1kg Emirate silver bar at rate of Saudi Riyals. When I checked on Internet the price of 1gm is approx 3. Which means they are charging riyals as premium. Do you think that is normal on 1kg silver bar? Salams Fahad, Well you wont find american eagle or canadian maple leaf silver coins in Dubai, so dont feel bad that its also not available in Riyadh.

You cant even find any government minted silver coins here, so if saudi is minting their own, buy it, but its sad that they are only 22k silver. I personally feel that people should stick with silver bars, if they can afford it, ideally ones that are grams or more, but also having some silver coins, as silver coins will always have higher premiums.

If you are buying the 22k coins, make sure you are paying Please post some pictures of the coins back and front , so we can see them. Thanks for your reply. I get this information from following links: The gold souk I visited is located in famous shopping area of Riyadh called Batha.

There are few more souks like Deira gold souk or Tayeba souk also called as Kuwaiti market. I might visit them in future. Normally I check prices of gold and silver on kitco but for quick reference I check on following website which provides rates on local currency. Dear Fahad, I would stay away from older coins which are more geared towards coin collectors as they were uncirculated coins, so they are not like junk silver and will likely sell for a higher premium to spot compared to other coins.

Well the price on goldpricedata was off by a few dirhams from the official published price, but its not that bad of an indicator. I also believe that the gold price should be published in some of the daily saudi newspapers, so I encourage you to find out which ones have it.

You must remove it from this list otherwise you are endorsing transactions with a RIBBA bank under http: The bank has another gold related service that I did not list in the guide as it deals in interest. I will check with some of the sheikhs I trust about this issue and will decide about it. Just for clarify, the friend I mentioned above who used the service is a non-muslim.

It is unfortunate that islamic banks dont offer such a service. In rereading my comment, i feel that the way I wrote it is very harsh and not in the manner I intended. You doubtlessly put in a lot of effort into helping us, jazak allah 5ayr. I will continue to frequent your blog and hopefully add my own information as I learn more. However may I ask that you please consider removing NBD from your page.

Look forward to reading the information you add in the future. I hesitated before making the point below but I wanted to share it with you in total humility and looking for knowledge and not for polemic.

I know everyone has a diffent approach to religion and Islam, so I wanted to know more about Sheikh Imran Hussein by watching some of his videos on Youtube. I understand the statment he is making on Sunna money. But some of his opinions, like the Dajjal, are a bit strange. He is saying that the Dajjal is already on Earth.

Seeking knowledge is what makes the internet such a wonderful tool and has brought us together today. Well Sheikh Imran is a knowledgeable man like any other scholar and deserves atleast the opportunity to be heard by those of less knowledge and for them to decide whether what he says makes sense or not, as they continue their journey of knowledge.

His interpretation of things is based on the knowledge he has gained, which may be different to the interpretation of those same things by other scholars, but as we know only Allaah is all knowing. I think you can find more individuals on the dinar and dirham page , as well as at websites like islamicfinance. I want to sell my TT Gold bar having weight The jewellers in abu dhabi are asking for dirhams per gram when buying back.

Can you advise me where I can sell the gold bar in the best possible price. Whatever they are giving you is a rip off and you should try to find someone ready to buy it from you for around dirhams below the market value. I want to buy 24k Saudi Gold necklace, when is best time to buy?

No one knows the future of the gold price, but it is possible that the price will be going down in this month or next. Personally, I think the price has fallen enough for you to go straight a head and buy it without any concerns of the price. Hi ro Yusuf, Thank you very much for putting together this blog.

I need your adivice please.. Yesterday, I visited Abyad in Sharjah central market.. I thought that for 1Kg silver, they should sell at spot!! My last question is related to local vs. I plan to invest in the long terms and maybe taking my silver to my country.. This is whay I am planning to but Swiss only.. I this the right approach?

I visited Abyad recently and they had swiss silver bars Credit Suisse for dirhams over the AED kilo price, but I personally dont see any benefit in getting it.

I have only found swiss silver bars in Abyad, which likely means that they are not in heavy demand in the Emirates. I would assume that if there was a high demand for swiss silver, then you would find it in Dubai and the premiums would be alot lower. I believe silver is silver no matter where you go, but it always easier to sell bars in other countries, if the mint is more popular in that country.

I am thinking to buy also some Silver Coins like Maple leaf in order to diversify. I compared the prices from Gold. Well I think one should have some smaller denominations of silver in their collection but dont think they should have high premiums like the international silver coins you find here, which is why I encourage individuals to get the 50 and gram turkish silver bars as the premiums are low. According to the price on APMex. We have been saving money for our son and its currently sitting in a bank account earning little interest, we were considering bonds but someone suggested we should invest it in gold, we have 12, AED to invest in it.

I personally only keep the money that I need for my day to day living in paper currency, while the rest I keep in gold and silver and encourage people to do the same. I do this because i believe central banks will continue to prop up this crumbling monetary system by printing more currency, which results in things becoming more and more expensive. Thank you so much for your response. I have been reading this blog and your very helpful responses to other people.

It is my pleasure to help those looking for knowledge, as I was helped by many as I was seeking knowledge. I would like to invest 5, AED,inshallah. What would be a better option,gold or silver bars,at the moment?

Also as I am a complete beginner and have never invested before,if you could tell me,how is the buying and selling process carried on? Well I believe both gold and silver will increase in value in the short term, but believe silver will outperform gold in percentage as the gold to silver ratio is around 1: I dont treat gold and silver as an investment, I treat it as a means of protecting myself from currency inflation, and as such I treat it just like keeping savings in the bank. You can buy simply by visiting any of the shops listed on this page with the necessary cash to purchase what you want, and when you want to sell, go back to the same shop with the invoice and a piece of ID.

Thank you for your valuable advice. Would you suggest opening an account with Dubai Exchange the one in deira and buying from them? And if you could also suggest me a few online sites,where I could check the prices of gold and silver. Thank you very much,once again. Not sure what you mean by Dubai Exchange. Well the sites for checking the gold and silver price are listed in the guide, which includes khaleejtimes.

Where i can get this product? So personally i would stick with the turkish silver bars, which you can get at Beach Jewellers will be cheaper in dubai if you can go there. I recommend staying away from pretty much all silver coins in this market as they are way over priced approx. The local market isnt heavy into non-locally minted bars, so dont expect to find any lunar dragon bars here. I havent found PAMP silver bars anywhere but at abyad. Due to a few reasons,I could not buy the gold and silver bars suggested by you.

I just wanted to confirm,since the prices have gone up,should I wait for some time or buy it today itself? Thank you once again,really appreciate your help. Happy to see your blog is still going well, and continuing to grow. I was thinking of ordering some product from online and couriered to UAE. Do you know if it is applicable on Gold or Silver.

Anyone you know done it? So it is applicable to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. It all comes down to the price quoted on the invoice. I have more than a Million Dhs that I want to trade in precious metals. If you want to buy precious metals i recommend buying bullion and not jewellery, so Pure Gold isnt the place to go. A friend of mind told me the best place to buy bullion from in Abu Dhabi is Sadeeq Jewellery [], so i would recommend that until i heard otherwise.

I dont believe so. The owner is Thani, you can reach him at Salam Yousuf, I recently recieved a UAE 5th anniversary commemorative gold coin can you tell if its worth any more than its face value. I did quite a bit of research but didnt find much. Salams Shaukat, As the coins is 22k gold, of course its worth more than the value written on it. You could possibly get more for it if you sold in online classifieds or auctions. It is not in Madinat Zayed or Hamdan street. If you like to know more let me know.

The store is called GB, Gold Bullion. Can I know the other one pls. Thanks for the info George and i wouldnt mind adding them to the list of possible places to buy bullion if their selection and prices are good. So George and Shuaib, please let me know what you think of them. They have also Emirates Silver Bars upto 1kg. Silver prices are too higher than market price. Thanks for the info Shuaib. Are you sure they had the e-dinar coins, as i saw coins minted by Emirates Gold that had the same e-dinar sign on the back, but had the Emirates Gold logo on the front.

Checked their site and they have a map on it. By the way Shuaib, what is the best priced place for gold and silver in Abu Dhabi in your opinion. Dear Yusuf, See this link for e-dinar picture http: For location click this link http: They even have 5kg Silver Bar.

If you want to sell Silver — Jazira gives good price. Abudhabians, please let us know if you find something better than this. Please advise as to where I can buy 22k 1oz gold coins with Kaabah printed on it. Preferably online from a trustworthy dealer. You can find the 8 dinar gold coin at e-dinar. I have 22k 34 gram, 8 dinar gold coin and 10 dirham silver coin.

If you like to purchase it, you can email at sovereignbeing hotmail. Dear Josefu, Kindly i need your guideline, i have gold nuggets can you get me a market? Hope to hear from you. Dear Kaaya, Do you mean that you are looking to sell your gold nuggets to the local market in the UAE?

Dear yousuf, Am a project coordinator of a certain Ngo which is looking after of orphans, and we have got some one who has raised a donation of gold nuggets to support this ministry. We need the buyer to come and test it and pay at kampala. I dont know of any individuals who would be interested in doing so, but you could possibly check the various mints.

Is it 10 kilos of gold or 10 thousand dirhams of gold. If its kilos, then you should be able to get it at spot and if its 10 thousand dirhams of gold, you should be able to get 50 grams for that price with a premium of about dirhams.

The selling price per gram will likely be around 2 or more dirhams below the gold sale rate. I had replied to your inquiry about gold nuggets saying that i would advise you to check with the local mints to see if they would be interested in them.

Merci de me laisser une information? I am in search of an address grosiste bars silver on dubai or Quatar. Thank you for leaving me an information? Je reste à votre disposition. I remain at your disposal. Salams Mohamed99 The guide on this page has the address information of silver wholesalers in Dubai, like Ceetees and Lakhoos, but there were no silver wholesalers in Qatar that I know of.

I am currently working on a similar guide for france and europe and would appreciate your help in completing it. I checked with two specialised shops as mentioned in the messages above and both are robbbing the customers through the so called system price!!

When I called a number of the shops, they were selling gold at a premium of around dirhams over the spot ask price per kilo bar when gold was around , per kilo, that translated to around 0. Hi Yousuf, I bought three bricks of 5kgs each Silver Instead of selling it is it not ,possible to get loan against the same from Bank or elsewhere. Hi Chandan, Unfortunately, I dont know of any banks or elsewhere that do it.

Sorry to hear that your now facing financial problems and wish that you had also bought some gold along with the silver, so that it could have balanced out the fall of silver since you bought it. Ultimately, the gold and silver we buy is our savings, which we will dip into when times get rough. As the shops will give you below spot for it, try to sell it on souq. If you would like to trade any of the 5kg bars for five 1-kilo bars, you can possibly do that at Ceetees. Pour mille deux cents kilos grammes par an.

I would like to have a link louse a refinery Gold and silver on dubai for purchase of big professional. For one thousand two hundred kilos gram by year. Salam Mohamed99, You can find some of the mints refineries at EmiratesGold. I have igi certified sealed 1. Hi Guys, I will be ordering silver and have it shipped here, so if you want anything, please email me info [at] sunnahmoney [dot] com. Can you give me contacts of local mints in dubai, where i can sell my nuggets. If you click on the names of the mints at the beginning of the page, you will be linked to pages from the yellow pages which provide telephone numbers and websites for the mints.

Hi Neelam, I can arrange the koala perth mint silver coins and they will cost around 55 percent above spot. If your looking for the gold perth mint coins, then you can find them in a number of shops with a premium of around dirhams.

Unfortunately I havent dealt with minting my own coins, so I couldnt tell you which machine to use but believe that if you went to the mints, they could mint the coins for you at a reasonable price. But I will check with a friend and see what he knows about minting machines and let you know. Hello Yosuf, Thanks for Your reply. I want the australlian gold coins and that also in big quantity. I would also like to know what all sizes are available in perth mint coins. And I am looking for laser machine for minting coins on big quanity.

I was talking to emak from istanbul but there machines are manual. Please be alittle bit more specific on what you mean by big quantity. I just compare between gold. And also the price in gold. I have been meaning to try it but still havent yet. The real time to check their prices would be when the market is closed on saturday or sunday, to see the real difference with the premiums they are charging.

I have purchased at spot at GB Jewellers at the gold and diamond park and a bit over the spot at Abyad, for lower denominated bars under TT. As you suggestion to compare them while the market close, today Saturday, 17 March I tried to compare between Anjali and Gold. Well as the dubai fixed price is normally 2 dirhams above the spot price, I think thats where some of the addition 60 dirhams comes from, but would suggest checking Lakhoos and GB Jewellers to see how they compare. I just completed a transaction with gold.

It took them 6 weeks to fill the order after I transferred the money to their bank account — I think they lost track of the order. However, they offered free delivery of the coin to make up for the long delay and were very apologetic. I received the coin just now. It is minted locally ignore their website saying it has the P for Perth mint mark — it is minted locally as Yousuf says here , and I received a George V coin not a Victoria coin as ordered.

I appreciate that they delivered the coin for free to apologize for the delay and because of that I might give them one more try, but I thought your readers would want to hear from somebody who had bought from them.

Thanks for the notice as i had recently went to their site and saw the pictures and thought it was a uk-minted coin. I have done some sums on Gold. All of this is based on prices on Gold. I have listed the mark-up of Gold. Suisse 24ct Bars — weight and mark-up: If we assume all forms of gold are equal, then the best-value way to buy gold from Gold.

The Islamic Gold Dinar coins in The gold bars are only comparatively low mark-up in high weights — g 5. I do not recommend Gold.

Sorry by mark-up here I mean the percentage of the Gold. They mostly sell jewelry. Does that mean the markup is 25 AED?

The price quoted on Khaleej Times is the local market price including premium, so the supposed AED 25 is an extra cost. You have to take into consideration that when the market goes down, many shops will increase their premiums. I called up Gold Bullion and they said they dont charge any premium over the local market price published in Khaleej Times. They have the famous lady fortuna design on them and come with their own assay certificate, still in hard plastic covers as you get them from the mint.

If anyone is interested in buying please email me at frozenfire99 hotmail. Can meet up either in dubai or abu dhabi. Yousuf, any idea what a decent price is for these?

Great blog by the way. Well each of the bars has a market value of AED 1, today, so if you can someone to purchase it for that price it would be good. As it is a pamp bar, i think you could raise the price a bit more though. I do appreciate if you can update or add a quick reminder or NOTE indicating that we are as a Muslims have to do a Zakat on gold. Salams Rami, Insha allaah i will make a note at the end of the guide about the zakat on gold and silver, with a list of charities that it can be paid to.

Zaka is based of gold. What is 85 Grams 20 Dinar It is the Nesab. I also have various silver coins from Colombia and Venezuela dated from to and some copper wheat pennies from to If interested you can reach me at sovereignbeing hotmail. I am new to this , and did like to get an idea on prices … for these two silver bar for straters. Well the premium will depend on how available the bars are in your market. Yes grams and kilos are common in Dubai.

All sizes are fine for uncertain times, with small sizes used for barter and large sizes for savings. The advantage of larger size bars is that you pay less premium on them and the advantage of small bars is that they are easier to carry and barter with. I am hoping to visit Dubai and interested in buying 22 carat gold jewelery. I want to know current approximate selling rate of a 22 carat gold sovereign in AED. I was just wondering,what could be your possible predictions for gold,in the coming few months?

Hoping for an early reply. As I keep gold as savings and not investment investments you want to make money off of them over time , I dont really pay attention to gold price unless it falls, and when it does, i take it as a good opportunity to buy more. So unfortunately I cant predict its possible price over the next months, but believe that i should continue its rise this year, as it has over the last 11 years.

If you want to invest more, do dollar cost averaging so you dont feel worried about whether you got a good deal buying it any particular day, or else wait for a fall in the price to buy more. I have a 2 x rolls of 20 Australian Koala Silver Coins, mintage, so 40 coins altogether.

They are still in the original plastic wrapping seal, exactly how you get them from the Perth Mint. Asking price is per coin, but you will need to buy either 1 or both rolls 20 coins per roll because I dont want to break the seal.

If anyone is interested please email me dimitrisuae gmail. Thanks Yousuf for the great blog! Australian Koalas are all sold. I have a mint tube of 25 Canadian Silver Cougar coins also if anyone is interested, email dimitrisuae gmail. My asking price is only AED each. Again, one buyer for the whole tube. These are limited edition coins, number 3 in the popular Canadian Mint Wildlife Series. Ok so lets see —i would like to start by buying 5 gms gold bar —can you advise me where to go in dubai???

Well the article lists companies that I recommend to visit depending on where you live in dubai, so find the closest place and get your first gold piece. How much will be the price for Swiss Pamp 24K Hi Akbar, with a gold rate of dirhams a gram, I was quoted AED 4, for a 20g 60 dirham premium and 9, for a 50g 90 dirham premium pamp bars from Abyad.

Pamp is a swiss brand recognized worldwide, while emirates gold is a local brand that is not as recognized worldwide. I believe the prices of bars from the two brands will be the same, which is why more people simply buy the swiss brand. Thanks alot and also i appreciate your good work and sharing your knoweldge and thoughts for all of us. It gives an interest and gudies new comers like me. But not found it as they tell me there is no demand.

Can you please guide me to the right direction? Where is the best place I can buy and still be able to sell it back in the future. I am glad that the site has been beneficial to you. When we ask they said these are PAMP certification charges.. What is the fact. Why do I need to pay this additional amount. How much is standard premium for The premium is the price charged for the fabricating shaping the gold into bar form as well as the certificate plastic packaging.

The premium prices will vary from city to city and will also vary between jewellery shops and bullion dealers. The premium prices you gave for the 1 oz and gram bars seemed very reasonable. I see Gold rate fluctuation in recent days. Currently trading at AED , what you think how much it will be lowered. Will it be stable or further fall. First time in last 2 yrs gold reach to In dec it went again it is coming down. Kishor Bhai, Once you have a good quantity of metal, the best thing to do is to save up for them to pull back and then buy.

Yousuf, What is the official policy for carrying exporting gold and silver bars purchased in Dubai out of Dubai through the airport? Can one just carry them in their carry-on through security and onto the plane with the purchase receipts? Will the security personnel even care? Are any forms required? US law only requires that the import of bullion be reported to the Customs Officials — no taxes, duties, etc, when bringing bullion into the country.

Yes you can carry it with you in your carry-on, as you thats where you would be carrying it if you had purchased it from the airport terminal. I had a run in with Dubai airport customs in October when i was bringing in silver I purchased in canada and I didnt have the receipt.

The main thing for them is that they want proof that its yours and not stolen, so a receipt clarifies that. No forms will be required.

If you had 5 hours transit, I think it would be safe to do it. You have to weigh whether its cheaper to buy it here and take it into india with possible import tax or to simply buy it in india. I have 3hrs Time. I want to Buy some gold. Can you please provide me information, where I can find ATM. If you give directions or Map That will be fine for me. The prices are a bit more expensive then if you came into the city though.

Thank you very much for your Response. Can you please mention which Terminal I can find an outlet to purchase gold. Can I see gold shops in every terminal? Do you know any name of Particular shop. I appreciate your help. Thanks and regards Priya. I have personally see the outlet in terminal 1 and I have read other people saying they saw it in terminal 2 as well. Which ever you go through, please do check what they have and let us know. Hi Yousuf, Thanks for all the wonderful info.

Per your suggestion, I went to al Abyad in Sharjah, which was very convenient, since we live in Ajman and did tell him that you sent us. My question is, every one talks about buying gold. But how about selling it back?

The few shops I spoke to seemed reluctant in buying the gold back. Al Abyad said that they would buy their own gold back. But at the end, I will need to sell them and get money for them. Any idea what the solution is? Is selling back really a big problem? Hi Saeid, I have bought and sold gold and silver multiple times without any problems. Abyad has said they would only buy back what they sold to me, but I have sold it to other shops in Sharjah, if I didnt like their buy back price.

In Dubai, Lakhoo acts the same way, but I could easily go to other shops and sell it. You will always have buyers to buy your gold when your ready to sell it, whether it be stores or individuals.

Dont feel bad about it, just go out and buy as many people have in the last few months paid more than the price you can buy it for today, so feel happy about that. I personally havent seen them in any shops in Dubai. I had seen the gold dinar with the Emirates Gold logo on its front instead of the madinah masjid at Abyad in Sharjah and had seen the official coin at the Gold Bullion shop in Abu Dhabi.

I have a gold dinar and a silver dirham, for sale if you are interested. You can contact me at sovereignbeing hotmail. I am venturing into buying gold for the first time. Damas quoted the lowest. Now, I was also watching gold. In short, if I opt for pick-up myself from gold. And more over, their prices fluctuates every second, so that one can watch for the best deal at any time of the day. I would request your opinion on buying from gold.

Dear Kumar, Quite hard to believe that Damas quoted the lowest price for the 1oz pamp bar, as jewellery shops normally charge more than bullions shops.

Well if you went to bullion shops, they would be quoting similar prices to gold. As it is your first time buying gold, you shouldnt be worrying about the fluctuation in the market, you should just go out and get it from the closest convenient place which has a reasonable price. You should always put the time consumption and transportation cost into the calculation.

Like for me, I wouldnt travel to the deira gold souk to save 50 dirhams from the price I can get in the sharjah souk, as the gas i would consume, time wasted in traffic, and worrying about parking is definitely worth more. If the overall price of getting it from gold. I personally havent bought through them, so I cant give my opinion of their service, but if you do, please do let us know how the experience goes.

Thank you so much for contributing your knowledge to us. I am planning to purchase gold from small mines in West Africa and bring it to Dubai for selling. Is there any taxes for importing gold into UAE personally, or in the name of a company? Also, as the gold I am able to purchase are not minted comes straight from the mines , should I find a local refineries such as Emirates to mint the gold before selling? Please be careful about buying gold in that region as many people get scammed.

If you have a gold company here in the UAE, then there would be no taxes to bring it in. If you dont have a company and your bringing in gold to sell here, then the UAE government would like there cut of the profits. Yes you would ideally want to get the gold minted into bars, ideally in africa before bring it here, or else minting it here before selling it. I doubt there would be any companies here wanting to buy unminted gold, as they would want the gold tested for purity.

Yes there would be many companies here interested in buying large quantities of gold, if it is real gold. Thank you for your reply. Dear Yang, We have a gold company here in Dubai, looking for parners. If interested send me a message on diamond gmail. Where to sell it is a big question? Need your advice on urgent basis. Will be in UAE from 13th July till 19th. Hi Chandan Bhai, Sorry to hear that your selling but hope that your not selling it at a loss. Well I just came across the best place to buy and sell silver in the UAE last week.

Its at the branch office of the Nadir Mint turkish located at the Gold Centre building on the 6th floor of the Zone 2 you have to head up to the mezzanine floor near Vijaya to get there.

You can contact them at and if you head down there, tell Atamer that I sent you. Hi Amar, Many Thanks for the keen interest shown. I am willing to sell but I possess 3 bars of fine Silver— You can buy one bar i. Is This the Big One? Tech Metals Showing Signs of a Turnaround. This Time It Is Different. How High Can Gold Go. Strikes Syria Foolishness of the Momo Crowd.

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Coeur Mining Revises Production Guidance. Weekly Jobless Claims Rise 2, To , Gold Remains Weak Despite 1. Durable-Goods Orders In May. Retail Sales Decrease 0.

No Bears In Market: Weekly Jobless Claims Rise 13, To , Gold Production Nearing Cycle Peak. High Palladium Price Not Justified. Bet on Higher Gold Next Week. Weekly Jobless Claims Fall 4, To , Consumer Price Index Rises 0.

Sandstorm, Mariana Announce Planner Merger. Timmins Gold Announces Management Changes. Gold Technical Picture 'Constructive'. Kumtor Mine Receives Discharge Permit. Weekly Jobless Claims Fall 1, To , Geopolitical Uncertainty To Underpin Gold. Uncertainties Keeping Gold Underpinned.

First-Quarter Output Tops Guidance. Announces Updates On Reserves. Weekly Jobless Claims Fall 3, To , Randgold Proposes Increased Dividend For Gold Near Day Moving Average. Strike Ends At Kusasalethu Mine. See Continuation Of Gold Rally. Gold Steady As U. Weekly Jobless Claims Up 15, To , Weekly Jobless Claims Fall 2, To , Gold Slips After U.

Retail Sales Increase 0. Gold Extends Loss After U. Private-Sector Jobs Rise By , Gold-Investment Outlook Remains Positive. Gold Through the Eyes of Swiss Cheese.

Gold - Protected, Suppressed, Depressed! Gold and Money, Honey. Gold Down -- But Never Out. Gold - The Immovable Object. Gold and the Whole Enchilada. Gold's - It's Now or Never. Gold's Support Dear at Mid-Year. Gold Burrows to Year's Lows. Gold Seeking Its Year's Low. Chicago , United States. Grains, Ethanol, Treasuries, equity index , Metals. Jersey City , United States. California , United States. New Hampshire , United States. Atlanta , United States.

Kansas City Board of Trade. Kansas City , United States. Memphis , United States. Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires , Argentina. Mercado a Término de Rosario. Minneapolis , United States. Virginia , United States. New York , United States. International Commodity Exchange Kazakhstan. Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand [8]. Central Japan Commodity Exchange. Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange.

Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange. Jakarta Futures Exchange [9]. National Spot Exchange Limited. Nepal Derivative Exchange Limited.