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Forex analytics is a collection of key events of financial markets, analyses of these events, as well as estimates of experts, analysts, economists and experienced successful traders. Simply put, market analysis is overview and analysis of significant news and events, which influence Forex dynamics, and forecasts based on the data.

On Tuesday, the foreign exchange market did not demonstrate an unambiguous dynamics. Valuation of EUR and other currencies from Europe are improving.

What is analytics?

Forex Analytics. decoding the markets. This website is in

The ability of self-realization is the cornerstone here. When an economist gets satisfaction from his work, that means he is going in the right direction.

It is very important to distinguish thrill from motivation. Some people confuse those characteristics. And naturally, forex trading punishes them for that. If the trader is motivated, works with joy, and is positive, his activity will produce good results. However, thrill represents a completely different aspect. The person who is prone to this vice begins to work at random, starts and ends transactions, tries to "win back" losses instead of learning from his mistakes and avoiding them in the future.

It is not possible to work on the market for a long time without understanding its fundamental principles. It is impossible to achieve great results in currency operations without studying complex elements of the global financial system. An effective tool for timely analysis of the current market conditions as well as tendencies can potentially affect the change of trend. Among such tools, the following can be shortlisted: The calculator can be especially helpful to those traders who have not yet gained enough knowledge and experience in the process of making deals with financial tools, and have difficulties in carrying out necessary calculations in short periods of time.

Once the JavaScript on the page is rendered in the browser, all the ecommerce data will be sent to Google Analytics. The default currency type can be configured through the Management Interface. When you send currency values using analytics. A decimal point can be used as a delimiter between the whole and fractional portion of the currency. The precision is up to 6 decimal places. The following is valid for a currency field:. Once the value is sent to Google Analytics, all text is removed up until the first digit, the - character or the.

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3. For details, see our Site Policies. Last updated April 26, Guides Reference Support All Products. This guide describes how to collect ecommerce data using analytics. Overview Ecommerce tracking allows you to measure the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates.

Transaction Data A transaction represents the entire transaction that occurs on your site, and contains the following values: This value may include shipping, tax costs, or other adjustments to total revenue that you want to include as part of your revenue calculations.

This ID is what links items to the transactions to which they belong. SKU47 category text No The category to which the item belongs e. Party Toys price currency No The individual, unit, price for each item. If a non-integer value is passed into this field e. Implementation You typically implement ecommerce tracking once the user has completed the checkout process. Once you have, and are ready to send ecommerce data to Google Analytics, there are a couple of steps you need to go through: Adding a Transaction Once the plugin has been loaded, it creates a transparent shopping cart object.

Clearing Data If you need to manually clear the shopping cart of all transactions and items, you use the following command: To set the local currency of a particular transaction and all its items, you only need to specify the currency for the transaction: Financial markets are still focusing on Italy, although today the reports are positive.

Valuation of EUR and other currencies from Europe are improving. The stock market, however, maintains declines. Crude oil is holding fast. In the morning the EUR jumped after information from Corriere della Sera, according to which Italy will commit to lowering the deficit to 2.

The decision is dictated by criticism from the EU. View full-scale analytics on MT5 portal. Bitcoin analysis for October 03, Broken bearish flag pattern in the background. My advice is to watch for selling opportunities. The Reserve Bank of India denies the creation of the "Blockchain unit". Go to analytics page. See more on MT5 portal. View full version of economic calendar on MT5 portal.

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