Is insulin Haram??

But we always assume holier than thou attitude without contributing anything positive to the society.

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Every act is based on its intention so if the kid goes out with the intention that he is following a pagan ritual, than thats his intention but most kids dont go for intention, now do they? To avoid the problems you state, a family must start living Islamic values from the time their child is born. You cannot tell your 13 yr old not to dress up on Halloween when that is all they have been doing for the last 13 yrs.

You have already lost the battle at that point. Deal with it or change it. As for adults and Christmas - let me assure that while we may not go on holidays there is a lot of pressure to participate in off-site parties and especially drinking. Again the same principle of knowing the aqeedah applies.

Deal with it or change. This child is under presssure within himself then among the peers. Again pressure on the child and no fun for him. He doesn't say I want to work today as I don't want to associate with other belief. But never challenges to think should he even work for companies with such policy -is this shirk or hypocrisy? Well, I'm not a scholar. Is it not better to let certain things go and adopt our own middle way.

In the halloween stay away from 'bloody' costumes and go to school with a turban and if a girl with some Islamic modest dress? Is it not a easier option to educate the kid that we don't do it for the same reason, but just to have fun?!

You talk about correcting big problems and say that discussing Halloween celebration should not be a big deal. Unless our aqeedah is not proper and grounded in authentic teachings of the prophet pbuh there is no point in solving issues. Have you ever wondered why the West which claims itself to be the most superior ever and most learned has not been able to solve the problems of poverty, hunger, prostitution etc I attribute to lack of aqeedah.

I thought the right to declare anything halal and haram belongs to God Almighty. I hope what we would not play God in areas that we have no knowledge of. Things that have not been specified as haram by Allah may fall into categories such as likes and dislikes. These days Halloween is celeberated as a social event supporting the entertainment and candy industry. It is no longer a religious event. Rather than rejecting it altogether, we can use this day to highlght the plight of those young children who have been abused and who have been forced to live in abject humliation of poverty and homelessness.

But we always assume holier than thou attitude without contributing anything positive to the society. We would criticize everything without giving an alternative. Again we as Muslims fail to see the big picture.

There are more important issues in todays world than figuring if halloween is allowed or not. When Muslims were in power during the ottoman period, everyone would imitate the muslims. Yet now Muslims are fighting each other. So the article said why dont we try to end world hunger, when there are billionare muslims living in super mansions in saudia arabia, uae etc Not to mention building the tallest buildings in the world.

The muslim leaders are millionaire crooks who disolve the money of the people yet somehow. This is just another opinion but there are much more bigger issues. Like praying 5 times a day with good character which many Muslims dont even do. The agree is correct about halloween but we should try to correct tge big picture in todays world.

A brilliant and informative article Mash'Allah. Muslim's should be aware of such events and this article perfectly illustrates why this event is Haraam. I will be sure to pass on the article to fellow Mu slims and non-Muslims insh'Allah. Thank you for putting out this great article. I did not know where Halloween really originated from or why it was celebrated.

Thank you for bringing this to my and other reader's attention by providing such great details about this Holiday's history. I will be sharing it with our friends and family members.

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Welcome to the world's oldest and most recognized Islamic Web site. Have a blessed Ramadan! The opinions expressed herein, through this post or comments, contain positions and viewpoints that are not necessarily those of IslamiCity. Batool from United States September 10th, Salamu-alaikum, While I certainly understand what you are saying, I can't help but wonder about this statement: Does this apply in the modern day when a majority of people in the Western world do not view Halloween in the way that you have just described it?

The meaning of Halloween now has completely changed from what it once meant, and I feel like this should be taken into account when discussing this topic. It states amongst many things " As far as I know Islam, associating a partner with Allah is shirk. Fahad from Usa November 2nd, Asif, well i think you are incorrect stating that Halloween is associated with shirk. Mufiydah Cheatham from usa November 2nd, I thank you for writing this article and i have found it very informative. Abdul from Nigeria November 2nd, I thank the author for his fore sight.

Muslim tradition will thus become a 'No to all' tradition. God alone knows the best. The social enthusiasm this festival generates can be used to achieve some highter goals. Yes,there is Halal Insulin. Jun 23, Messages: Sacramento CA Ratings Received: This is a very good question; as a diabetic myself I had to find this out also. You are correct there are some insulins that come from swine. All my insulin bottles say "human" on them, so I know they're OK. But then my doctor knows I am Muslim so I am sure the prescription specified that.

DanyalSAC , Apr 15, Jan 6, Messages: Yes as weekslave has mentioned I had asked my friend who is a doctor he said the same that these days we get Human Insulin which is ok to use so no problem with it. Abu Talib , Apr 15, You must log in or sign up to reply here.