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So how would you find a successful swing trade? By broad movements, we mean more than just a blip up or down in odds. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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However, a six-goal to one run saw the ascendency disappear in stunning fashion. Thankfully, most of that information is available online. The majority of bookmakers and professional punters use ratings systems.

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Heavily tipped or popular horses Even at short odds, prices can continue to shorten up significantly before a race is run. If a horse is getting a lot of popular press or is heavily tipped, or even hinted at by a trainer or jockey in the media that can be enough to keep the price moving in one direction.

Behaviour in the preliminaries If a horse is sweating up a lot, recalcitrant or refusing to go to post, the market will read these as bad signs. All these things are usually a pre-cursor to a drift. This is probably the safest type of swing trade to execute as it has a definite underlying reason to drift and one that is easy to spot.

It's unlikely that the price will shorten when a horse is displaying this sort of negative behaviour. Swing trading without exposing yourself to underlying risk on the actual race itself is pretty unique to the horse racing market. This is because you can trade in and out of positions with no risk on who wins the race, as it wouldn't have started yet.

Swing trading is an unusual way to profit from your racing knowledge, but thanks to the large pay offs it can produce, it's now a very popular strategy and one you should pursue even if you are traditional gambler. We even run a thread on our forum of big movers of the day.

So if you are interested in giving it a try set up Bet Angel in practice mode and start looking for some potential trades. Download a free trial of Bet Angel today! For a selection of Betting Apps for Betfair.

OK, I get it. Get your swing trades right and you'll be in profit before the field is racing. Download a free copy of Bet Angel today I recently produced a video for Betfair, which you can view above. So how would you find a successful swing trade?

Here are some ideas Peter Webb 24 October The importance of volume matched on the Exchange Trading on Betfair: How to spot a 'steamer' in racing markets.