Multi-Channel RSI Scalper

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You can choose your trading time yourself. Forex Ultra Scalper begins to operate the very second you loaded it into a chart.

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Forex Ultra Scalper has “only” 3 indicators. Moreover, our programming team is slaving away, trying to squeeze the entire powerhouse of this system into a single indicator. Moreover, our programming team is slaving away, trying to squeeze the entire powerhouse of this system into a single indicator.

I really watch when I use scalping indicators. Always use bigger timeframes and scalp on smaller. Originally Posted by Nicat Veli. Bro I used them but in very very different sytem. You also can try it. But this indicators are latecomers because they mostly indicate the general trend changings and sharp terns of the price can cause very big problems.

I already have them in my MT4 and I know them very well. I haven't try the system, but me my self use 15 minutes time-frame for day-trading and filter my trades with smaller time-frame 5 minutes and I have success. I think that, if you are not scalping and only day-trading then 1 hour and smaller time-frames are the best. Also the use of non lagging tools is the best option.

I am sorrow to say I am not a scalper at all ,but at the first time I also did the scalping for learn g the business very fast ,but I think scalping is not the perfect trading method ,if you really want to be gaining success from the trade then you must be do the long term trade. I have download all the files. I have real the user guide of it. I have install all the three indicators in my trading terminal.

But it shows some problem. I think this a nice indicator. And anyone can make profit by using it. Please give me the new version of it. Originally Posted by MisterTickle. This is not my indicator set. If a trader opened his order in the beginning of the day and closed it at the end of the day, he made almost no money. However, the fluctuations throughout the day are quite substantial. Naturally, this is a diagram of an ideal trading.

However, it gives you an idea that a scalper can earn a lot, whereas a regular trader can make almost nothing. Why scalping is so complicated? However, a trader usually has time for technological and fundamental analysis. He rationally thinks, estimates and eventually makes a decision. Main qualities of the product: M1 only Currency Pairs: Any, except ECN Income: Up to 50 Daily Profit: And if a trader starts making mistakes, this kind of mental pressure increases exponentially and could lead to an exhaustion and even depression and, as a result, to financial losses.

How to make scalping simple and even more profitable? Just imagine yourself crossing the street with a street light turned off. And now imagine that they turned it on. How much easier did it get to make decisions with a working light? And this is pretty much just how it is to make decisions with Forex Ultra Scalper.

And then, again, analyze. But is there anything special about our Ultra Forex Scalper? Forex Ultra Scalper begins to operate at the moment you loaded it into a chart. Minute by minute, new computations are being made. The more you trade with it, the more precise these calculations are. Any signals that are determined by the Ultra Scalper are not just passed to you, they are carefully filtered to make trading more reliable. Though, please note that there are NO arrows, alerts or sound alarms, you need to analyze the real time data on the screen.

Yes, you need to watch the graphics, but believe me Ultra Scalper does a lot more! In more details, what is being analyzed by Ultra Scalper 2. Once you try it, you will stop searching for any other systems. Forex Ultra Scalper 2. Besides , Forex Ultra Scalper 2.

How much one can earn with Forex Ultra Scalper? Our Forex Ultra Scalper sends out anywhere from 10 to 50 signals a day. If you trade 24 hours a day, without any coffee breaks or sleep, you could earn up to profitable pips daily. However, this type of trading is quite tiresome.

The Pluses of Forex Ultra Scalper: Please answer the following questions: Have you read a lot of unflattering things about scalping and, as a result, are afraid to try?

Feeling bored at Forex and not happy as used to be? How to trade using Forex Ultra Scalper? Open any pair, timeframe M1. Install 2 Indicators that are included into Forex Ultra Scalper. Make sure you first try to trade using a Demo Account. It will allow you to see and evaluate the signals, to open and close orders correctly, while preparing you to trade on a real account. Moreover, our programming team is slaving away, trying to squeeze the entire powerhouse of this system into a single indicator.

Scalping is a trade that requires instantaneous decision-making. And that is exactly why we strive to minimize the graphic reflection of the signals, meaning we try to make the visualization as much user-friendly as possible and simple. At the same time we managed to implement innovative filters to block almost all false signals.

Our goal was to make a system that would be super powerful on the inside and quite neat on the outside. And once again, we did just that! The system, built, so that each and every trader could fully enjoy the active scalping, while receiving accurate and timely signals. Spread is the money that broker makes from each of your orders.

With rapid price fluctuations, your broker may not allow you to open orders, every time stating that: This is a very common occurrence, belonging to Expert Advisors. The simple example is the unexpected, sudden sec. If you check the quotations on another broker terminals, you may not see such activity there. Given that thousands of traders receive a signal simultaneously, not all of them open orders at the same time.

And because each trader is unique, a broker is helpless to do anything. Advices on choosing a broker to work with Forex Ultra Scalper are very simple: Choose only a broker with a good reputation. Many forums have entire sections exclusively dedicated to brokers. Choose a broker with a minimal spread. An excessive spread may make your scalping gainless.

A large spread is, simply, a chunk out of your pie that goes to somebody else. ECN brokers take disproportionately large commission from each order and this commission is much larger than any spread by non-ECN brokers.

Their main idea is as follows: We agree, oftentimes indicators send signals a bit later. However, try to choose which is better of the two: We think the choice is obvious. You can use any pairs for your trade. Just calculate your strength accordingly. Having recognized it, you could achieve much higher results. Your heart beats faster, your senses intensify, your pupils dilate. Your blood rushes through your veins even faster, your muscles contract and get tense.

I'm not going to explain it because the instructions can be downloaded in a PDF format so you can read it on your own time. This is the instructions: Signature removed by Passionate Pisces. The following 3 users say Thank You to MisterTickle for this useful post. Originally Posted by MisterTickle. This is not my indicator set.

Attachment Hope this helps. Thank you very much for this indicator. I am searching this kind of indicator. I apply this indicator in my demo account. If if get profit form this indicator then I use this in my real account. We must use all indicator in our demo account. Imran Hossain Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Originally Posted by datuoya. Thank you for sharing with us.