Kathmandu's Street Markets Tour, Kathmandu

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Kathmandu's Street Markets Tour, Kathmandu Kathmandu is a true heaven for shoppers, especially for the ones who are ready to explore street markets. In this city, markets are the place where you can buy quality products without wasting all your money - Monk's robes, soft silks, woolen garments, artifacts, etc.

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Markets in Nepal There are several markets in Nepal where you can find handmade items like wooden crafts, stone crafts, paper items, jewelries, paintings, pottery and carpets. Top experiences in Nepal. Authentic Nepali Organic Food. Nepali Cuisine with Cultural briefing. A couple of small shops on New Road are dedicated to the traditional musical instruments of Nepal - fiddles, flutes, etc. Another traditional souvenir sold here is the khukri - a traditional There are three preserved Durbar Squares in Kathmandu valley and one unpreserved in Kirtipur.

The Durbar Square of Kathmandu is located in the old city and has heritage buildings representing four kingdoms Kantipur, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Kirtipur , built over the centuries, the earliest dynasty that ruled over the Square being the Licchavi dynasty.

There were further additions and refurbishments during the reign of the Mallas 9th Image by lavenderstreak on Flickr under Creative Commons License. It is a fun place to shop for Tibetan woolen garments, jackets and mittens. Be sure to buy quality textile, else it will fall apart the very next day. Among Nepal's famous bargains are kit bags, caps and clothes made from black felt with rainbow This area is popular among shoppers because here thangka, paubha and other fine arts are sold by numerous dealers.

A thangka is a form of art, widespread in Tibet. It is a piece of silk on which Buddhist deities or mandalas are embroidered. A paubha represents the Nepali version of thangka - a scroll upon which the painting is Its temples and bazaar draw streams of pilgrims and shoppers.

The square is named after Indra, lord of heaven in Hindu mythology. It is considered to be a center for the sale of textiles It is one of the most well-known historical locations in the city and is famed for its bazaar, festival calendar and strategic location.

The bazaar at Asan attracts shoppers from all over Kathmandu because of the tremendous variety of merchandise sold here, ranging from foodstuffs, spices and textiles to electronics and bullion. Asan is also one of the popular tourist Thamel has been the center of the tourist industry in Kathmandu for over two decades, growing up between two of the original hotels, the Kathmandu Guesthouse and Hotel Utse.

Even though Thamel has been referred to as the "ghetto" by some, most low-budget travelers consider it a tourist haven. Its concentration of narrow streets are lined with small shops selling everything from food and provisions to clothes, walking gear, cakes, Walking Tours in Kathmandu, Nepal. The area in which it is located is truly picturesque - surrounded by virgin jungle.

Though you may not be allowed to enter Pashupatinath, you can admire it from the other bank of the river, or you can visit some famous temples situated in this region. We encourage you to take the Pashupatinath temple self-guided tour and explore this beautiful enclave of Kathmandu. City Orientation Walk Kathmandu is the capital and the largest metropolitan city of Nepal. The city is located in Kathmandu Scoop.

It is considered to be among the most beautiful urban locations in the world. The city is encompassed by four picturesque mountains. Kathmandu also attracts a lot of visitors by its original market places, unique architecture and beautiful green spaces.