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Wörterbuch der Säugetiernamen - Dictionary of Mammal Names. Grzimek's Encyclopedia, edition Taxonomy database of the U. National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Encyclopedia of Life ID. Global Biodiversity Information Facility. The vacuum level of the HMDS prime chamber has the most significant effect on contact angle for used wafers. It is considered that the used wafers are severely hydrated with water molecular and its surface condition is changed with physical damages.

High vacuum level helps removing absorbed water molecular and depositing HMDS vapor on the wafers efficiently. Three major factors were chosen to perform further evaluation with full factorial design of experiment. This experiment was done with nitride wafers on 90 S system. Test result tables bellow shows that the effect of prime time is significant among factors as expected.

The response of contact angle for vapor priming temperature is not probably linear in nature. With two level factorial design of experiment, a curvature in response surface can not be detected easily. It is the limit of the 2 level factorial DOE. It is known that there are negligible interactions between factors from previous two level factorial designs.

But it is not sure whether the response of a dependent variable for a certain factor is linear or curvilinear in nature. Latin Square design is an easy way to detect a peak or a curvature in response with less test runs. Prime time has again a significant effect on contact angle. Another interesting result is that increasing canister pressure decreases contact angles. Higher canister pressure reduces HMDS concentration in the vaporized canister. As a result, 3 psi of the HMDS canister is recommended in stead of higher pressure.

Greater than 5 psi should never be used because of safety and process reason. Two major factors, prime time and temperature were selected for central composite DOE to analyze curvature behavior of the responses in detail. The levels of factor settings were chosen to be the full ranges of possible process limits.

Vacuum level and canister pressure were set at 18 psi and 3 psi respectively based on previous screening test results. As shown in test 5 result table, main effect of prime time is significant compared to the curvature and the interaction effect.