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Such modifications will become effective upon the earlier of posting to our website or otherwise communicating the changes. You hereby consent and authorize disclosure of such information. You need to have cookies enabled in your browser to access the secure pages of the OFX site.

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You must be capable of forming binding contracts under applicable law. You may not send a transfer on behalf of a third party. Our Services are not available to residents of Nevada and may not be available in whole or in part in other jurisdictions due to local laws and regulations.

We offer two types of accounts: You must register for the type of account that best suits the purpose of your Transactions. Personal accounts are intended only to be used for transactions related to personal, family or household purposes. Personal accounts may not be used for business, commercial or merchant transactions. Some features of our Services may not be available to personal account holders.

Business accounts should be used when you are conducting Transactions for commercial purposes such as the sale of goods and services. In order to establish a business account, your business must be organized or incorporated in the United States or you must be an individual operating as a sole proprietor. OFX and its affiliates may provide our Services to you in other countries or regions under a separate agreement.

To register for a business account, you must provide us with all information requested. We may also collect personal information about the beneficial owners, principals or any employee that will be permitted access to the account. By establishing a business account and accepting the terms outlined in this Agreement, you attest that you will not use the account for personal, family or household purposes. You further agree that you are authorized to bind the business and submit information on its behalf.

OFX reserves the right to request additional documentation, when the account is opened or any time thereafter, that demonstrates the authority of you or any representative that utilizes the account. If OFX determines that you are using a business account for personal or non-commercial purposes, we may suspend or terminate your account.

You are responsible for safeguarding your log-in credentials. You further agree to provide true and accurate information. You must notify OFX promptly with any changes to your personal details such as your e-mail address or telephone number. To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activity, federal law requires that we obtain, verify and record certain information about you. Accordingly, we may request additional non-public personal information about you, your business or your designated Recipient.

We may also ask you to provide documentation including but not limited to government-issued photo identification, business invoices, banking statements or other personal, financial or business information that may reasonably allow us to confirm your identity, validate the purpose of your transaction or authenticate your funding source. By accepting this agreement, you authorize us to make inquires with certain third parties, such as credit reporting agencies or other information providers, that we deem necessary to verify your identity.

We reserve the right to suspend or limit access to our Services if we are unable to sufficiently verify your information.

You can book a Transaction through our website www. You can also access our Service through a mobile device. When initiating a Transaction, you will be asked to provide specific instructions concerning your Transaction, including but not limited to: You should ensure that all information provided is accurate before submittal.

Failure to provide accurate information, may result in delay or mis-delivery of funds. You must promptly notify us if you do not receive a Confirmation. You should carefully review the Confirmation and notify us immediately if you identify any errors or if any information included on the Confirmation is incorrect. Subject to your limited cancelation rights set forth in Section 15, all Transactions are final upon submission and cannot be canceled or amended unless otherwise required by law.

We reserve the right to reject, cancel, delay or block any Transaction for any reason including because: You must ensure that we receive full payment for the Transaction amount within two 2 business days from the date the Transaction was booked. Your Transaction will not be completed and funds will not be delivered until we are in receipt of cleared funds in the full amount of the Transaction. You may fund your Transaction by wire transfer from your bank account or by direct debit through the automated clearinghouse system ACH.

No other payment methods are accepted including without limitation cash, checks, electronic checks, credit cards, payments from third-party payment service providers or pre-paid cards. If you choose to pay for your Transaction by bank wire transfer, you must transfer funds to our specified bank account immediately upon receiving the Confirmation.

The Confirmation includes all the information required to facilitate the transfer from your bank account. In order to fund your transfer by direct debit from your bank account, you must either complete an ACH Authorization Form and return the signed form to us or link your bank account by clicking here. Such authorization shall remain in effect until canceled or revoked in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

You may revoke your authorization by providing written notice to us. You acknowledge that revocation of an ACH Authorization will not terminate or affect any obligations you have under this Agreement. When you select direct debit payment method to fund a Transaction, you are providing authorization for OFX to make electronic withdrawals from your bank account in the amount you specify.

You must notify us immediately if there is any discrepancy between the amount of your Transaction and the amount withdrawn from your bank account. If a direct debit fails due to insufficient funds or is otherwise rejected, we may attempt to re-debit your bank account one or more times.

We may deem you in default of this Agreement if you fail to make full payment for any Transaction when due or your payment by ACH direct debit bounces, is returned unpaid or otherwise is dishonored and no alternate form of payment is received by us. Your failure to pay any amount owed to us is a breach of this Agreement. In addition to the amount owed, you will be liable for losses resulting from reversing the Transaction and costs we incur during collection.

We reserve the right to reverse any Transaction that is deemed in default without notice to you. When we reverse a Transaction, we sell back the currency that we purchased at the time you booked the Transaction at the prevailing market rate.

If the value of the purchased currency has strengthened, a loss will be incurred and you will be liable for the amount of that loss. You agree to pay all amounts owed to us on demand. You acknowledge that we may without prior notice to you satisfy or partially offset any loss payable by you by deducting the total amount of such loss together with any fees or expenses from any funds we hold in relation to any Transaction booked by you, including but not limited to an Advance Payment.

If the collateral or funds that we hold is insufficient to cover the loss, you will remain liable to us for the remaining balance of the loss. If you hold a personal account, Forward Contracts must be booked by telephone. If you hold a business account, Forward Contracts can be booked online or by telephone. The Settlement Date must be at least 48 hours, but no more than 12 months, from the date on which you book the Forward Contract.

You must ensure that we receive payment for the full amount of the Forward Contract on or before the Settlement Date. If we do not receive full payment by the Settlement Date, we reserve the right to reverse the Transaction. You agree and acknowledge that you will be responsible for any losses resulting from such reversal.

The amount of any Advance Payment will be determined by us at our sole discretion and generally will be calculated as a percentage of the value of the Forward Contract. If you fail to provide an Advance Payment when requested by us, we reserve the right to reverse the Transaction and you will be responsible for any losses resulting from such reversal.

In the event of losses realized from a reversal, we may exercise our right of set-off. You acknowledge and agree that no interest will be paid to you by OFX in relation to any funds held by us, including an Advance Payment.

Subject to your cancellation rights set forth in Section 15, once you book a Forward Contract, it cannot be canceled. We may grant the request for a new Settlement Date entirely at our discretion.

You acknowledge and agree that if the Settlement Date is changed, the exchange rate initially provided may be adjusted by us. Due to the volatile nature of the foreign currency exchange market, the value of the currency sold by you may be less favorable on the Settlement Date than its value upon booking the Forward Contract due to the strengthening or weakening of the exchange rate during the period covered by the Forward Contract.

You hereby expressly accept and assume such risk. In accordance with U. You hereby consent and authorize disclosure of such information. Once the Target Rate is met, your Transaction is automatically executed. A Limit Order may be amended or cancelled by you as long as it has not been executed or is in the process of being executed.

All Limit Orders are considered final and binding once the Target Rate has been met. You may not under any circumstances cancel a Limit Order once the Target Rate is met, whether or not you received notification from us of such.

You must ensure that we receive full payment for the Limit Order within two 2 days of the date of execution. A Target Rate is met when the rate you nominated has been exceeded by an amount that includes our profit margin and OFX is able to fill the order with its wholesale provider. In some cases, market volatility may cause rapid exchange rate movements that do not allow sufficient time for us to the fill the order with our wholesale providers.

OFX does not guarantee that your nominated exchange rate will be met or that your Limit Order will be executed. If you do not specify a time period, your Limit Order will automatically expire 12 months from the date the order is booked if the Target Rate is not met before such expiration.

For Transactions in which you are converting U. For transfers where you are converting a currency other than U. If an Origination Fee applies to your Transaction, the amount of the Origination Fee will always be disclosed to you prior to your finalizing the Transaction. The amount of the Origination Fee will be deducted from the transfer amount before conversion. You should consult with your bank for information regarding those fees. To cancel a transaction, you must notify us within the minute timeframe by telephone at We will issue a refund within three 3 business days from the receipt of funds from your financial institution.

If your Transaction is cancelled outside of the minute window, the Transaction will be reversed in accordance with Section 10 and you may incur losses. Notwithstanding the above, residents of certain jurisdictions may have additional rights with respect to refunds and should review the following:.

The following applies to transactions that are initiated by senders residing in California. You, the customer, are entitled to a refund of the money to be transmitted as the result of this agreement if OFX does not forward the money received from you within 10 days of the date of its receipt, or does not give instructions committing an equivalent amount of money to the person designated by you within 10 days of the date of the receipt of funds from you unless otherwise instructed by you.

If your instructions as to when the moneys shall be forwarded or transmitted are not complied with and the money has not yet been forwarded or transmitted, you have a right to a refund of your money. The following applies only to transaction that are initiated by senders residing in the State of Washington:.

You, the customer, are entitled to a refund of all moneys received for transmittal within ten days of receipt of a written request for refund unless any of the following occurs:. The moneys have been transmitted and delivered to the person designated by the customer prior to receipt of the written request for a refund;. Instructions have been given committing an equivalent amount of money to the person designated by the customer prior to receipt of a written request for a refund;.

OFX or its authorized delegate has reason to believe that a crime has occurred, is occurring, or may potentially occur as a result of transmitting the money as requested by the customer or refunding the money as requested by the customer; or.

You must take care to ensure that the Instructions you provide for your Transaction are correct. If we process a Transaction in accordance with your Instructions, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for any mistake caused by your failure to provide accurate Instructions including delivery to the wrong account or delivery of the wrong amount.

You further acknowledge that we have no obligation to recover, reimburse or resend funds that are delivered to the wrong account as a result of your providing incorrect Instructions. Notwithstanding the above, OFX will make reasonable efforts to assist you in recovering funds sent in error. If you think there has been an error or problem with your remittance transfer:. You must contact us within days of the date we promised to you that funds would be made available to the recipient.

When you do, please tell us:. We will determine whether an error occurred within 90 days after you contact us and we will correct any error promptly. We will tell you the results within three business days after completing our investigation. If we decide that there was no error, we will send you a written explanation. You may ask for copies of any documents we used in our investigation. We may, without notice or warning, monitor or record telephone conversations you or anyone acting on your behalf conducts with OFX for quality control and training purposes or for our protection.

You acknowledge that we have no obligation to retain or make available to you such recordings. OFX is a money transfer service and does not offer any form of margin or trading services or products. Our Services are not intended to be used for speculative purposes. We will not enter into any type of set-off arrangement which would require settlement in the form of a payment of losses to us or pay out of profit to you as the result of an exchange rate movement.

We will not take into account your specific financial circumstances or needs when you enter into a Transaction with us and we will not disperse any advice as to the suitability of any Transaction for you.

To the extent that we provide any information, it will relate only to the mechanics of your Transaction or to publicly available information which should not be construed as financial or investment advice. You should obtain independent financial advice with respect to whether a particular Transaction is appropriate for your particular circumstances.

You are solely responsible for determining the type and timing of all Transactions you conduct. You may not use this Service in connection with any illegal conduct or for certain activities which we deem inappropriate or unsuitable. You may not act as an aggregator or intermediary on behalf of any third party for the transfer or processing of funds for a third party.

For a complete list of prohibited services, please review our Acceptable Use Policy. We may delay, suspend or reject a transaction or may refuse to provide our Services to you in the future for any reason, including without limitation if we suspect the transaction would subject us to financial or security risk or is unauthorized, fraudulent or would constitute a violation of this Agreement.

We may offer software applications that are intended to be operated in connection with products made commercially available by Apple Inc. We may terminate this Agreement and close your account for any reason at any time upon notice to you. We will not be liable to you for compensation, reimbursement of damages of any kind that arise out of termination or suspension of the Service. As an online service, most of our communications with you including but not limited to transaction receipts or confirmations, annual or periodic notices, updates to agreements and disclosures will be provided to you in electronic format, unless otherwise required by applicable law.

We will provide these communications to you by posting them on the OFX website or by emailing them to you at the address listed in your profile. You agree and consent to receive such communications in electronic format. You further agree that such electronic communications have the same meaning and effect as if we had provided you with a paper copy.

You may withdrawal your consent to receive all communications in electronically, but if you do so you will no longer be able to use our Services. For full details on electronic receipt of communications, including system requirements please see our e-Sign Consent Agreement.

You further acknowledge that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature. Convenience Options of multiple payment methods and free delivery to your doorstep.

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