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James Stanley is an Active Trader, and Trading Instructor at DailyFX. James began trading equities and options in during one of the greatest bull markets of all-time.

The trading system used by the VerifiedFX team has got 5 years of research and development backing it. Whether you are using an automated trading system or your own trading plan, you have to be disciplined about it.

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jason stapleton forex What are the compensation tax) effective technical analysis and low has created very versatile as the forex mini accounts and normally operated and products. Forex market is open twenty-four hour clock.

The British Pound is pulling back again, but the headline-driven sell-off from last week appears to have found support. The big question remains as to whether bulls can hold the line. FX Setups for the Week of September 24, It's been a busy Q3 of volatility and the quarter is almost finished.

Will USD bears be able to push into the Q4 open? We look at four FX Setups as we close out the third quarter. A busy calendar is ahead as we near the Q4 open. Volatility was added back to the market this past week, but it was in pursuit of reviving waylaid medium-term trends.

US equity indices like the Dow returned to their broader bullish course while the It was a big week for global stocks as risk-on came back in a big way. With the end of Q3 nearing, might bulls be able to stage a ramp of continuation? A big week across the FX space is looking to finish in a big way after an outsized reversal has shown in the British Pound.

A busy economic calendar awaits for the final week of Q3. The big question, at this point, is the prospect of continuation. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has just gapped-up to another fresh high. Can bulls muster the strength to continue the move, or might a pullback first be in order?

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James Stanley Currency Strategist. Please enter valid email. Please fill out this field. In addition to these two unique indicators, 3 standard indicators are used as filters. The rest of the information is proprietary. However, you can copy the trades being made by this team of experts using a high quality trade duplication software. This zero latency VFX Trade Copier Software guarantees that the exact same trades that are being made by the Verified FX Investment Group team on their real money live accounts get copied onto your trading account without any latency.

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