Raghee Horner: Trader or System Seller?

Raghee Horner: Forex On 5 Hours A Week For Maximum Profit. In episode 74 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Raghee Horner, a Forex trader who specializes in intraday trading and has helped a lot of people simplify their trading.

Take an in-depth, how-to look at Forex trading using the methods, analysis, and insights of a renowned trader, Raghee Horner. She is an honest, open book. And such good fun to spend time with every day. I am not sure how many times you have to go over some stuff over and over

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/ Raghee Horner In this video, I walk you through my newest indicator, Propulsion. It’s a perfect compliment to the GRaB, Raghee Wave, and Darvas

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