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Well, there are several options to put your profit point.

1-2-3 pattern

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You can apply this system on any time frames on the practice. Smaller time frame are more aggressive style. What about the profit target TP point? Well, there are several options to put your profit point.

Well… this time I will make it easier for you. The second profit target option is by multiplying your target profit point to 1. This picture below described the forex trading system. The price penetrated the number 2 point, it means that the down trend is over and ready to move back up.

You can put your long trade with a buy stop order slightly on the above of the number 2 point. You may put 70 pips and 55 pips as a reasonable target profit, and your stop-loss below the number 3. Again, You can see from the picture above that the price action move up about 92 pips. Yes it went down but it never touched your stop-loss. By the way the gold-colored zigzag lines is zigzag fractals indicator and the blue and red dots are fractals. Yes… the down trend is also making pattern.

Go on open your forex trading platform and check them out. If you read the posts and watch the chart patterns you will always see the chart patterns on them. Posted on January 30, , in Forex and tagged trading system.

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