Hackers infested...

This was my mistake. Copied my key into a notepad document and hid it with random text files on a non system partition. Somehow the hacker got my network password and .

Share This Page Tweet. I don't usualy use Cheats cause i like to play and i feel cheats damage the fun of playing. Someone had logged in there to hit the confirm link?

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Dec 22,  · Hackers infested Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ardor, Dec 19, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Ardor Ensign. Joined: Dec 14, Messages: 10 Likes Received: 7. More than that though, 80% of people cant tell a hack from a glitch or ping latency.

Theres simply not enough information in the OP post to know if it was really a hacker or some sort of glitch. Maybe he spawned out there due to a bug ,right near the OP, in radar sight, , then he flew over and maybe he had a plus ping, now what the OP said means very little and the whole hacking thing is just an assumption. First I said something like Punkbusters. It's been 10 or so years since I have 1st used it. So tell us what is the point of having a Multiplayer server?

Other than password it down and hope you aprove players that you can trust. What do you do? Dec 13, Messages: I love this thread and all the crying about cheaters.

Yes, I do sound like a space S-Hole. Anyway, just wanted to point out that everything is hackable if the hacker is skilled and dedicated enough. Most won't bother with gaming tho. Which brings us to my next point: Don't use any 3rd party programs as anti-cheats, everything you will achieve is annoyance of players who play this game for the Single Player Mode, like myself. I hate installing useless tools on my PC, they bring nothing.

You can fix it all using other means. Like additional server protection, packet analyzers, etc Grobyd , Dec 21, Aug 22, Messages: Dotalot and upsetkiller like this. I agree with ALO here , with me being one of the faction members on the same server and id also like to add this is a pre-Alpha , Not even alpha , This is a TEST to find out bugs , implement game play and get feedback , hacking isnt the issue right now , the game is in early access so that you play , find and report bugs ,exploits, suggest features and give valuable feedback , so id argue its not a game right now but rather a prototype with us being its testers be patient guys and treat it like a prototype.

Theres a lot of things that can be done to prevent cheating by the developers, nothing will ever be perfect with online games, expecting that is slightly naïve, the game is slowly progressing to most vital stuff being server side, which itself cuts out a lot of would be hackers, its progressing in a manner that would tempt one to predict its going to end up with an MMO version of the game, yet to be seen, the way the instancing has been implemented is pretty clever and in the future may allow for hundreds of servers to be interconnected as one huge universe, theres even the remote chance the developers themselves could make enough money from Empyrion to run there own MMO server if it evolves into that in a few years from now.

Aug 31, Messages: I realized he was using Cheat engine , so I got it and loged in again but this time whith the same cheats he was using ,but with a slight diference in the health. He showed up on Akua after a wille but desapered and never come back that night again. Perhaps your google account was compromised. Also at the bottom of binanxe account page, there is a log of past logins. Yup there was one login from UK which is clearly not me, also I was notified on gmail about some suspicious login on Binance.

Unfortunately too late for freezing account as it was already empty. Switch to authy app man. A few months ago, my friend uploaded his authy token to his phone again and he got credentials from another user. Reply from authy was that this is known issue for them The goal here is to figure out where you were compromised. How about your google login history and google auth history I assume auth history is available somewhere on google, like a new device added.

I have logged to Binance from Chrome and Firefox with gmail account. More then 10 days passed from my last login to hacker's login. Was notified that someone has logged to my account, but was to slow to intervene. I am using 2FA on phone for numerous exchanges. I have reset all my 2fa didn't have sms 2fa , computer, phone, both browsers. Now I am even thinking about offline 2FA because I don't know where was my security breached.

You login email address, your password and full access to your authenticator code. My guess is you used your gmail email address as the login for your binance account, maybe you also had the same password for both your binance and Gmail accounts. My other guess is that your gmail itself did not have 2FA enabled.

There are many layers of security you should consider. I recommend using a dedicated secure email account for your crypto logins. Use strong random pw and have 2fa enabled on that email account. And then go from there with security measures- authenticator, strong random pw that is not used anywhere else. I have increased my security everywhere.

But the question still remains, if someone gained access to my 2fa and email. Why did he only hacked into my Binance account? I have used a few exchanges with the same email That really sucks and I hope it wasn't a large balance. We should all remember that money on exchanges is not safe. Not your keys, not your bitcoin. Anyone doing any kind of moderate to substantial quantity should have a hardware wallet like a ledger nano or trezor and regularly transfer to those.

The latter is vulnerable generally speaking, not just on Binance. On 20th of December. I took me more than 20 days to get back into my account as I have waited for an appropriate response from Binance. Did binance help at all?? I don't know what to do or how it could have happened!??

After one month they have escalated this issue further. I will probably have to wait another month for reply Real question is why would he turn it into BTC before withdrawing , he must love paying high fees They dont know what happened.

I think someone hacked thier google account and gained access to all stored information. I have to say I've seen this issue with Binance before, people saying they got hacked although they were using 2FA and Binance refuses to answer how it was possible to have their balance transfered since an email confirmation is needed. Unfortunately my account was just hacked as well. How is that possible? How can someone hack my account and send out Bitcoin without me receiving a email from Binance about the withdraw?

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