What is the maximum of cash that I can have legally at home under the mattress? Sure, there are players out there hedging for commercial reasons and central banks intervening for their own reasons, but by in large markets move on collective psychology. Even some of the biggest most highly regulated brokers have been caught cheating clients and going completely bankrupt leaving their clients with nothing, at the same time trading with a small, undercapitalized broker is obviously not advisable. Nothing in trading is concrete, this is just my way of dong my best to get an edge on the market. Others like myself love anything that presents a challenge.

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I started out in the industry as a typical retail trader, introduced by a friend I became confident that like so many things before, this was something I would master. I realized that it would take work. I opened a few small accounts at several brokers and made some money at some and lost money at others, but overall I lost a small amount of money. I came to realize that forex was an efficient market and a negative sums game that essentially required predicting the future more accurately than not.

Surely it could be overcome but I realized the gains I wanted to achieve based on my available risk capital were not realistic unless I was willing to continually employ tactics that exploited broker anomalies, latency etc. These methods would go against my own personal beliefs and faith, and I realized I must travel another route to achieve my goals.

I was forced to focus on other things where my talents could make a bigger difference than in retail trading, as I had no interest trading other people's money. After a few years had gone by and I had experienced some business success, I opened a much larger account than the small ones I had initially opened. All the money I put into the larger accounts was risk capital, meaning while I was not exactly looking to lose it, it would not impact me psychologically in the slightest.

The small account I had previously opened I was looking for very large gains relative to my trading capital, and my first motivation was certainly not protecting my equity. The second time around, with my much larger account I was much more serious. My primary motive was protecting my equity against loss. My trading was very infrequent, and it was only during certain times where I felt there was almost no way to lose that I would place a trade.

I also didn't have the time to constantly pay attention to the market, so I'm sure I missed plenty of opportunities but in contrast I was not glued to my computer looking for opportunities and instead seeing mirages. Over the 2 years or so I traded my larger accounts I did well, making a lot more than I had lost the first time around.

With so much work and projects at hand I eventually had to once again give up trading temporarily, but I do plan to return, and maybe even when I have enough time code some EA's based on ideas I have been documenting for years.

Below, I want to offer some of my own trading guidelines, but first I want to tell a story regarding retail traders I have encountered over the years. Many traders first enter the market believing this is their way to make it big, to fulfill their dreams. If you have significant risk capital and uncanny trading skills then your performance in the forex market may well trump your performance in other markets like equities and futures.

Others like myself love anything that presents a challenge. Trading forex can be a very fun and rewarding activity when done responsibly, but then there is the times it is done irresponsibly. A few years ago when we had a live chat room, my partner and I had several phone discussions with a gentlemen that wanted to quit his job and trade forex full time.

He lived in the US, so while the potential winnings from 5K might go a little farther than say, Europe, they wouldn't likely be enough to live on. Here is the worst part - the man had a wife and kids. I told him absolutely not, this is the worst idea he could possibly think of and he needed lots more practice, a long record of success, and either more risk capital or people willing to invest with him.

Needless to say, he did not listen and went ahead with his plan. He lost his home and has struggled ever since. To this day I do not know what became of him, but I have talked to many others just like this gentlemen, and everytime I do I feel terrible if they have a spouse and children.

It is just downright irresponsible and unacceptable and I hope that anyone reading this will think twice before making such a radical decision. You have been warned: Now, onto some of the things that personally are important to me as a trader. These may differ from trader to trader and there is not always a right answer, but if you are new, or what you are doing isn't working, it is worth considering the points I make.

Forex Is a Particularly Risky Form of Investment Forex is indeed a risky investment and risk varies to a large degree depending on how much leverage is employed. The availability of high leverage is common in forex. There is market demand for high leverage and perhaps a few traders can successfully exploit the availability of high leverage, however we recommend that traders use no greater than 1: Even if your account has 1: The huge losses that can occur as a result of high leverage are very likely to negatively affect your trading psychology.

Besides the availability of high leverage and the massive loss of capital that can result from over-leveraging, forex is risky because the market has a very high probability of moving both ways, both up and down on any given currency pair.

While this can certainly be considered a good thing at times, like when you are on the right side of a trade, it makes speculating on the direction of currency pairs a complex affair relative to markets like equities where there tends to be upward momentum with occassional crashes.

The Odds are against You You pay your dealer or broker a cost for every transaction, whether that be in the form of a spread on the amount you can sell and buy at, a commission, or both. Similar to how in a casino the house has only a very slight edge, so it is true in forex and this is referred to as a negative sums game.