How To Select The Best Strike Price Option for Intraday

Subra , Nice one,but how to avoid false and spurious signals,please suggest some solution. Shikah verma March 12, at 2: If so, I will buy an at-the-money, or first strike out-of-the-money, call if heading higher, or put if heading lower.


Intraday trading gives you lot of flexibility in your money allocation. Brokers offers attractive margin trade facilities using which you can trade times of your capital. For example, you can execute trade worth Rs , with Rs. Your focus should be to minimize your losses. Everybody makes profit in the market but the main difference between a professional traders and a novice trade is that a professional trader is able to retain significant portion of his profits by implementing better risk management and portfolio allocation strategies.

It is important that you book your profits. We have seen what can happen to popular stocks remember real-estate stocks? Let the markets settle down and find its levels. It is believed that mostly novice traders open trades during early minutes of the market open and hence the price level at that time is not reliable Trade only in stocks which has good volumes preferably above 1 lac Be patient with your trade.

Thanks for sharing this strategy for a novice trader like me.. Its easy to understand.. Please note- do not risk your actual money without practicing the strategy. Thanks for sharing your valuable inputs. There is one more method to trade for intra day. I will share this in detail showing Nifty and Bank Nifty Futures. Basically one need to watch the movement till 10 am as the price movement will be highly volatile due to BTST, STB, bottom fishing or intra day positional during beginning hours.

Real trading starts from 10 am, where one need to see the high low between 9: Mark the high price and low price. If the market starts moving above the high price, then go for Buy with stop loss near 9: Similarly, one can sell if the price below the high price after 10 am and make stop loss slightly higher then the day's high price and buy near day's low 9.

The above trend will not work if the price is volatile, choppy, etc. Stock Market Advisory news update: Multibagger stock ideas for Wealth Creation by stallion asset.

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Trader's Library Advertise with Partners. Subscribe to get Recommendation link on your email ID. Please read strategy rules carefully mentioned below first before doing anything and if you have any query or doubt then let us know through our contact us form or email us at sales elitekoders. Applicable to Intraday Future Trading only. After market opening time for traders 9: Recommended time for entry: Recommended lot size is one lot for each recommended future 1,50, INR.

Intraday Futures Trading Strategy: For Short Sell, enter only if opening price of stock's future is above level mentioned in respective reports. We have two criteria stock selection criteria I and stock selection criteria II on the basis of which we recommend stock's futures, which form base for our intraday future trading strategy.

Basic rules for stock's futures selection from recommended stock's futures. Select Stock's future on the rank basis i. Remember you have to select only one stock's future from one category.

Depends upon risk taking ability of the individual trader, however, exit from all positions at the end of the day. We have two criteria stock selection criteria III and stock selection criteria IV on the basis of which we recommend stock's futures which form base for our Intraday Individual Stock's future intraday trading.

Depends upon risk taking ability of the individual trader. Before market closing time for traders 3: Recommended time for exit: Applicable to Intraday Option Trading only. As per your risk taking ability. Recommended lot size is one lot for each option per 1,00, INR. Selecting most appropriate Strike Price of recommended stock's options: To buy call option: Suppose Stock XYZ previous day's closing price is Strike prices have difference of 20 at each level.

Please do not buy call option or stock, if stock XYZ gives opening above previous day's closing price. To buy put option: Please do not buy put option or short sell stock, if stock XYZ gives opening below previous day's closing price. Always fix some amount as max. Recommended level is Rs. For Stock always follow Rule 3. If XYZ goes above in case if you have bought a put option with an strike price of or If XYZ goes above in case if you have bought a put option with an strike price of Things to remind you: Those acting in the market on the basis of our views are themselves responsible for any profits or losses that might occur, without recourse to us.

Trading markets are inherently risky and it is assumed that those who trade these markets are fully aware of the risk of real loss involved. Foreign Exchange Trading October 15, at 5: Anonymous November 7, at 5: Anonymous November 9, at 1: Money world indore January 22, at 5: Neha Sharma March 26, at 5: Alekya reddy April 4, at Arpita Gupta June 4, at 4: Pratiksha Jadhav July 4, at Anushka Soni July 17, at 5: Imran Khan August 8, at 3: Epic research August 19, at 3: Riya Verma September 18, at 2: Imran Khan September 19, at Share tipsinfo October 9, at 1: Share tipsinfo November 27, at 4: Commodity Trading January 29, at 6: Intraday Tips February 26, at 5: Shikah verma February 27, at 4: Shruti Gupta March 5, at Shikah verma March 12, at 2: Alisha Singh March 30, at 5: Stock Future Tips April 8, at 3: Bhoomi Desai April 8, at 4: Ncdex tips April 21, at 1: Shikah verma April 29, at 5: Ways2 Capital May 1, at Vini Garg May 4, at 1: Ways2 Capital May 4, at 6: Suhani Varma May 12, at 5: Alisha Singh May 13, at 6: Priyanka Mishra May 19, at 1: Ways2 Capital May 27, at 6: Sharemarket Calls May 30, at 2: Ravi chowkse June 6, at 4: Anonymous June 25, at Raj Solanki June 25, at 5: Priyanka Mishra June 26, at 1: Neha Porwal July 6, at 3: Mahek Tiwari July 27, at 3: Riya Gupta August 8, at 7: Equity Research Lab August 10, at 1: Anonymous September 15, at 3: Akash Jayant October 5, at 5: Rahul verma October 24, at 7: Aditi Vyas October 27, at 6: Ellen Connel December 10, at 7: Anand Agrawal January 1, at 6: Arsh Bharti January 23, at Pawan Jain February 15, at 4: Tejas April 1, at 3: Naveen Gowda February 25, at 8: Wealth Research March 2, at 2: Bhoomi Desai March 9, at 4: Aditi Vyas March 21, at 3: Wealth Research March 22, at Aditi Vyas March 29, at 3: Wealth Research April 12, at Wealth Research April 20, at 5: Trade Bizz April 21, at 6: Sharemarket Calls April 21, at 6: Deepak Sahu April 25, at Ruchika Patel April 25, at 6: Sharemarket Calls April 26, at 3: Wealth Research May 5, at 4: Seo Tech May 23, at 3: Pune Seo June 6, at Stock future trading calls June 9, at 1: